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Wentworth Miller: Recently, I did a Q&A at a college campus… the only thing they wanted to talk about was Prison Break. And everyone in the room was 17, 18 years old, so they were just coming to it. For them, the show is present tense. And that hammered home for me that, because of technology and social media, this stuff has a second life.’

What are you looking to do next?

Dominic Purcell: We want to work together again. We want to come up with a TV concept [where] we can work together. If we can come up with something brilliant, we’ll make it happen.

Wentworth Miller: I’m looking to do a bit of both. Maybe I’m working on a show as an actor and I’m writing the odd episode. I’ve had the experience of working in Hollywood as a feature film writer. Unfortunately, I did not encounter a lot of respect there, but in TV, the writer is king. That’s the fountainhead, that’s the source.

DP: And I’ve said to Wentworth, “You’re a fucking brilliant writer, so why not be the executive producer, the guy that writes the fucking pilot, and the guy that chooses to act in five episodes rather than 15?” We’re also exploring the possibility of doing a Prison Break reunion, end of chapter or whatever it is.

WM: A hidden chapter, a limited series, something. That model of [24: Live Another Day] and either flash back, like, This is what you didn’t see, or Where are they now? in a reunion set-up.

What excites you about the idea of playing these men again?

DP: Just to discover what’s happened to them, how far they’ve journeyed. I don’t see it being another series; I see it being a standalone movie or a miniseries. But, again, I want to work with Wentworth on something completely separate from all that and make that work.

WM: I’m also excited by the possibility, or the potential of going back and taking a look at Michael Scofield as a man who is now 43, as opposed to when I was starting out at 33, because I will come at it from a different angle. I have a different set of skills and experiences to bring to the table.

Is a reunion movie something you’re exploring in a legitimate way with Fox or is it just an idea for now?

DP: Legitimate.

WM: We were shooting the breeze on set of The Flash and having a good time being back together and reminiscing and out of that came this, “Wouldn’t it be cool…” The wheels are in motion, but things take time.

DP: That’s the other thing about Prison Break: It never stops. That’s the thing about new media. It’s like we have a new generation of Prison Break fans, thanks to Netflix.


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Mollyhall! Maybe you answered this before, but why can't Goalies be captains?

i may have? i’m not sure. whatever, i’ve had a buuunch of wine tonight so i’ll just answer it anyway!! 

unofficially, goalies can be captain. roberto luongo was captain for the vancouver canucks for a while, which is hilarious given, like, roberto luongo’s current relationship with the vancouver canucks. though the caveat here is that he wasn’t allowed to be “on-ice” captain, so they made willie mitchell (now REGULAR NORMAL CAPDAD down in florida) do it. 

also i’m not sure whether the league … agreed?? with this?? i went to try to hunt down whether the nhl ever sat the vancouver canucks down to be like “PLEASE STOP” but i couldn’t find evidence in either direction. anyway, lu wore a C on his helmet since he wasn’t allowed to wear it on his jersey.

what was i saying? OH RIGHT. 

so the reason why goalies can’t be captain is because of bill durnan. back when ol’ bill was playing (the….forties???? the fifties???? i could look this up but i’m not going to) he was the captain of the habs, and he used to talk shit to the refs on so many calls that people started to think he was doing it on purpose to give the habs players extra timeouts. (i mean. it’s not like jacques plante didn’t used to do that shit all the time with “equipment error.”


(“what?! me?! how dare you impugn my honor in this way. i would NEVER,” he said, cutting off his laces with a pair of scissors.)

(goalies have a long and storied history of being hilarious, dirty rotten cheaters.) 

so bill durnan!!! he used to argue calls all the time, which meant he had to leave his crease, which meant extra time for everyone to hang around. since captains are the only players technically allowed to talk to the refs, it was eventually deemed too annoying to everybody for the goalie to come out of his crease every 10 seconds. which is why it’s sometimes called the “durnan rule.” THANKS, BILL. YOU RUINED IT FOR EVERYBODY.

ps. also, goalies are allowed to talk to the refs whenever they want, so they don’t really need a letter. they just can’t leave their crease to do it.

Welcome to the main event, ladies and gents (and victims)

I had debated drawing boomsheika‘s Bill for some time, and when she indirectly challenged me to do it via text post I knew in my heart of hearts I had to…