so my sister got me a pack of 48 terrible bootleg pokemon figures for my birthday bc she knows I live for this shit and ok we start with tier 1, the ones that could possibly be marketed as genuine merch

nice! look at that zangoose! wow!

then we have ones that are… okay

like ok so chansey is holding up some sort of strange Flesh Egg that it probably tore from an enemy bc it has its egg right there and yeah mienfoo is FUcking Pissed but ok

then we have ones where shit starts to go awry ok

we have here nightmare ludicolo, emboar who looks like he was in a blender, oddly semi-transparent darumaka, tiny eyes articuno And More!! and look at that snivy

please help him

finally though

we have the ultimate tier

from disembodied rayquazass to crucifixion hands mr mime to soul-sucking frostbitten dewgong to whatever even happened to that mudkip… this is it my friends this is the ultimate in shit-tier bootlegs and I could not be happier



James Bond AU! Here’s Bond!Beka and ofc BondBoy!Yura

Idea from best enabler okw_tr. It was only supposed to be Beka but @yanumii won’t let it pass without Yurio HAHAHA

The Italian Flub

As most casual WWII historians and enthusiasts know, the Allied campaign in Italy was one of the more poorly conducted operations. In fact no other theater of war saw more casualties for the Western Allies than Italy. But had the British and Americans properly used their air and naval superiority early on, the entire campaign would have been considerably shortened and the final disaster of the Third Reich may have taken place a year earlier than it did. 

The first mistake was poor containment of Sicily. The Germans were able to extricate a great bulk of their forces from the island, which would later be used to great effect in Italy (above). Though to be fair to the Allies, the straits of Messina were covered by some significant coastal artillery that would have made naval interdiction difficult. But perhaps the casualties suffered in a more intense naval operation against the evacuating forces would have been worth the lives saved on Italy, lost to the surviving forces of Sicily. 

The second mistake came from poor utilization of the full extent of Allied naval and air power. The Allied invasion of Italy came earlier than the Germans had expected. Which wouldn’t have been too terrible had not the Italians declared an armistice with the Allies the same day. This created a critical situation for the Germans. If the Italians were to blow the Alpine tunnels and passes, the Germans would have no way of reinforcement or supply. But the Italians failed to act. 

For a day or two following the invasion, the situation for the German forces in central and southern Italy was extremely perilous. Five Italian divisions faced two German divisions in the vicinity of Rome. If the powerful Allied invasion fleet, which appeared off Naples on September 8, moved north and landed near the capital along with a simultaneous reinforcement by parachute troops seizing the airfields, as General Kesselring (above, second from right) had expected, an almost untenable situation would have arisen. Kesselring later contended that on the evening of the eighth, Hitler and the OKW had “wrote off” Kesselring’s entire force of eight divisions as irretrievably lost. Two days later, Hitler told Goebbels that southern Italy was lost and that a new line of defense would be established north of Rome on the Apennines.  

But the Allies bungled. Allied Command did not take advantage of its complete command of the seas, which allowed them to land all along Italy’s substantial coast line. Nor did the Allied Command exploit its overwhelming air superiority as the Germans had feared. Moreover, no effort seems to have been made by Eisenhower’s command to try and utilize the five Italian divisions near Rome in conjunction with his own. Had Eisenhower done so - as least such was the contention of Kesselring and his chief of staff, General Siegfried Westphal, later - the predicament of the Germans would have become hopeless. It was simply beyond their powers, they declared, to fight off Montgomery’s army up the peninsula from the “boot,” throw back General Mark Clark’s invasion force, wherever it landed and deal with large Italian formations in their midst and in their rear (German tactical situation, above).* 

Thus, both generals breathed a sigh of relief when the American Fifth Army landed not near Rome but south of Naples, at Salerno (above), and when the anticipated parachutist failed to appear over Rome’s airfields. Their relief was all the greater when the Italian divisions surrendered almost completely without a shot being fired and were disarmed. It meant the Germans could easily hold Rome and, for the time being, even Naples. This gave Kesselring possession of nearly two-thirds of Italy, including the industrial north, whose factories were put to work churning out German arms. Almost miraculously, Hitler and his regime had received a new lease on life. The fighting in Italy would be slow and grinding, sometimes devolving into trench warfare. Italy’s terrain overwhelmingly favored the defender, and impeded the movement of Allied vehicles. It would be one hard slog to Rome (below, bombing of the town of Cassino).

It wasn’t until June 4, 1944 that the Allies entered Rome, while the German Tenth Army was allowed to get away (Mark Clark had an almost obsession to be the first in Rome, enough for him to make poor tactical decisions so he’d get there faster) and therefore in the next few weeks, were responsible for doubling the Allied casualties in the next few months. Clark was hailed as a hero in the United States. But General Clark was soon eclipsed by more momentous events in Europe; Operation Overlord. As one Allied soldier in Italy complained, “They wouldn’t even let us have the front page for a day.” (below)

*According to Captain Harry C. Butcher, Eisenhower’s naval aide, both the British and American chiefs of staff complained that Eisenhower was not showing sufficient initiative in pressing forward in Italy. Butcher points out, in defense of a his chief that insufficient landing craft limited Eisenhower’s plans and that to have launched a seaborne invasion as far north as Rome would have put the operation beyond the range of Allied air power. Eisenhower himself points out they after the capture of Sicily, he was ordered to return seven divisions, four American and three British, to England in preparation for Overlord. This left Eisenhower woefully short on troops. Butcher also states that a paradrop on Rome’s airfields had been considered and even planned, but at the last moment, Marshal Badoglio begged this operation to be “suspended temporarily.” General Maxwell Taylor, who at great personal risk has secretly gone to Rome to confer with Badoglio, ruefully reported that the Italians were in no moral or emotional state to fight.

Der letzte Wehrmachtsbericht (The last Armed Forces Report)

During the Second World War the German high command, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW), instituted a daily mass-media report of the status of the German armed forces. The commentary was mostly aimed at the civilian population on the German home-front, being written by a professional army officer in layman’s terms so that the former could easily understand the reports.

All broadcasts had to go through the Reich Ministry of Propaganda however, ensuring that they would become a key component for control of information the war effort. The first broadcast was September 1st, 1939, giving coverage of the Invasion of Poland, the start of the Second World War.

The Wehrmachtsbericht continued on throughout the war into Operation Barbarossa, the reports of which helped craft the image of the Wehrmacht’s continual success deep into Russian territory. Even after the Red Armies Yelnya Offensive, which was the first reverse for the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front, the Wehrmachtsbericht was keen to word the setbacks in a positive manner portraying them as “front corrections” or “planned withdrawals” while pushing the narrative of massive enemy causalities.

This trend of continuing to avoid publishing bad news on the air continued even after the Red Army offensive Operation Uranus, which encircled 300,000 Axis soldiers. The report mentioned a Red Army attack in the east, but didn’t address the extent of the disaster.

Post Battle of Stalingrad the communiqués were more factual and steady, with Joseph Goebbels issuing specific instructions to use “cautious optimism” as to not set expectations too high at the home-front. Even as the apparent victories were getting closer to Germany itself, the Wehrmachtsberichts maintained giving a positive light to the situation.  

The final Wehrmachtsbericht aired on May 19th, 1945. Here is the English translation:

“The High Command of the Wehrmacht announces: 8 p.m. and 3 minutes. Reichssender Flensburg and connected stations. We bring today the last Werhrmachtsreport of this war.

In East Prussia yesterday German divisions were still defending the mouth of the River Vistula and the western sector of the Frische Nehrung. The 7th Division in particular distinguished itself. General der Panzertruppe, was awarded the Diamonds to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross in recognition of the exemplary behavior of his soldiers.

Forming an advance bulwark, Generaloberst Hilpert’s armies in Courland covered themselves with untarnished honor throughout the months of bitter fighting against vastly superior Soviet infantry and tank forces. They rejected a premature surrender. Aircraft first transported wounded and then children were evacuated to the west. Commanders and officers remained with their men. At midnight all movement and fighting ceased on the German side in accordance with the conditions laid down. The defenders of Breslau, having resisted the attacks of the Soviets for two months, bowed to the enemy superiority.

On the southeastern and eastern Fronts, from Bruenn to the Elbe near Dresden, the orders to cease fighting were obeyed. A Czech uprising covering the whole of Bohemia and Moravia may affect the implementing of the capitulation in that area. To date no reports have been received by OKW from the Löhr, Rendulic or Schörner Army Groups.

The garrisons of the Atlantic fortresses, our troops in northern Norway and the occupation forces in the Aegean islands, through their obedience and discipline have demonstrated German military honor.

From midnight the guns have been silent on all Fronts. The Grand Admiral has ordered the armed forces to cease a struggle which was hopeless.

The honorable struggle which has lasted almost six years is, therefore, at an end. It has brought us not only great victories but also heavy defeats. The German armed forces have been overcome, finally, by superior force. The German soldier, loyal to the oath he had sworn, has achieved imperishable things in this struggle for his people.

To the end the homeland supported him with all its strength, despite its own suffering. History will one day judge objectively this unique effort of the front and of the homeland. The achievements and sacrifices of German soldiers at sea, on the land and in the air cannot be denied by our opponents.

Every soldier can, therefore, lay down his weapon with pride and in this, the bitterest hour of our history, begin to work bravely and honorably for our people.

In this bitter hour the armed forces remember those comrades who fell facing the enemy. Those dead compel us to work loyally, obediently and with discipline on behalf of our fatherland which is bleeding from innumerable wounds.

We brought the words of the last Wehrmacht report of this war. It follows a radio silence of 3 minutes.“


What happens when he grows tired of her? We both know he will. He always does. She’ll be the girl who gave up her dreams and can’t get them back. Because by then it will be too late.

About 2TallTales (TOS)


UPDATED as of 1/22/17

2TallTales is an AU based off Undertale. While we do not claim any rights over anything Undertale related in the story, we still claim right to the designs themselves.

Character designs and story are something personal to an artist, and so we ask that these rules be kept in mind as you are enjoying this AU.

About (Will Update with New Releases)
2TallTales is about 2 sets of brothers that live in separate dimensions that are so far apart, yet so similar.
As a human you choose which path you take first and follow the adventure that lies ahead. There are different twists and rules in this world, as saving and resetting are not yours to control. You befriend one of the younger skeleton brothers who help you on your journey, but be careful, one wrong move and GAME OVER.

We will be writing a Pacifist run first, and Genocide after, with some extras in between.

Drawing Art and Writing Fan Fictions: OK
We love to see people express themselves, and if this AU helps you do that, then by all means have fun. We only ask that you keep your audience in mind, and don’t claim the characters as your own.
Also, we’d love to see what you create!

I mean… can we REALLY stop you? ;)
Be sure you tag the rating appropriately. 

Roleplaying/Headcannons: OK
Again, as long as you don’t claim the characters as your own, and be safe, we see no harm.

Commissions: OK
Do realize we will probably be saving any fan art we see.
In truth this is a little odd to us. People buying art of characters we created for themselves? But we don’t want to discourage anyone since it is obviously a common thing. Realize if we see it, it may be seen as fan art and saved it to our files. Of course credit to the artist and we’ll try our best to tell the difference.

Merch: Maybe/No
This is sort of a gray zone right now. Please notify us first so that we can talk about it.
As of right now, since we are just starting out, the answer will most likely be no.

Cosplaying: OK
Coming from being cosplayers ourselves, who would we be if we didn’t allow that!

Tags for AU
-2TallTails (NSFW)
Tags for Characters
-TT!(Charater Name)
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Subject to change/edit as time goes on.

School OTP prompts i think about a lot

We like never talk but you came to school with a new haircut and holy shit how come you didn’t tell me you were hot?

I wore a youtube/fandom shirt today and when you first saw it you fell to the ground and screamed are you ok

We were running late and you just fell down like 3 flights of stairs holy shit are you ok

We’re changing in the locker room next to each other and holy fuck stop being so hot

You set up a huge fake spider on the door to scare our teacher but I walked in instead and i screamed so loud that security came

‘hey if i eat this whole bag of skittles in one go you have to go out with me. deal?’

Alternatively: You just ate an entire bag of skittles to get me to go out with you and you started choking what the hell man you could’ve just asked

You just referenced my favorite show in class and hoLY SHIT we have to talk about this right now. ‘no teACHER THIS IS IMPORTANT’ 

I got a haircut that looks a lot like your best friend’s and you keep accidently talking to me instead of them but i’m not complaining


We’re rehearsing for our school play and you fell of the stage and since i’m your understudy i actually have to do something now thanks asshole.

It’s the middle of summer and our gym teacher made us go outside and you’re actually running and exercising how are you not dead yet 

You came to school in full cosplay and what the fuck are you wearing

You’re super awkward and you don’t really like people but why won’t yoU BE MY FRIEND ALREADY

We don’t really know each other but we got paired for a project and it was super awkward at first but you’re actually really cool wtf how were we not friends before this

You’re the leader of the cheerleading squad and i’m a football player and during one of our games you tried to flip and failed dramatically so I fell over laughing in the middle of our game and we lost because of it

anonymous asked:

can I have a /sexy/ Hongbin spam please please please ??

I’m sorry it took so long, I wanted to make a deeper research for the stage that saved my life, stage I saw live(I won’t ever stop bragging) and I don’t know how am I still alive, we all know: HEX SIGN. If you haven’t seen it then we cannot be friends. Sorry (jk i love you but WATCH IT)

So where do I start, hm ok

hmm maybe not here ok let him sleep, ok what’s next

now he is just casually bathing in our tears, ok

don’t give me that look ok

we were all baekhyun that day, and baekhyun is us, bless

they all look so good here like?? oh?? my god??

oh I’m sorry.. were you..? like busy..stripping..? oh ok don’t worry bout me, I’m just…gonna…watch…no? Ok

If you don’t think that this stage, from the last day fo my life aka last day of 2014 was everything…

…then you’re wrong.


those three are my personal faves


just walking his slaves, pshh nothing

bless that slow motion


prepare some towels, you might cry/nosebleed or both at the same time

I’m not even gonna comment this but


photos are not mine~

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Nessian+ crying, my dear. Though you could add crying to any of your HCs, they all work. Have a lovely day!


we saw that nesta cries when her emotions are so strong that she basically cant contain them and cassians very chill reaction was to promise her to die to protect her(hella smooth and very calm my bat winged bro). He wipes away her tear, like he cant bear to see her cry. And that’s when they barely know each other so I think that when he is properly in love with her he can’t even bear the thought of her crying unless they are tears of happiness. But it happens, after the transformation and months and months of her hiding behind her walls she shatters, falls on the ground and cries and cries in his arms and he cant help the tears that form his eyes and he tries to soothe her, to pull her back together with his arms and his love and his body and his soul. He promises himself he will do anything to prevent her from crying, to save her from that sadness, to never see that look on her beautiful face, when her lower lips starts to tremble and she bites on it so hard her lips are red with blood. The only tears he wants to see on her beautiful face are the ones from laughter or the ones when he loves her so hard and good she’s shaken to her very core.

Cassian crying is another matter. 

There are the times when he laughs so hard that tears fall down his eyes-and Nesta can’t help but smile when this happens, to go to him and hide her face in the crook of his neck, to feel the waves of his laughter on her skin- but when the tears are of other emotions, shit goes down. It happens after a battle, it’s always after a battle, and her mate is looking at the battlefield, at the blood and smoke of it. He is completely still, something so strange for the Illyrian commander. Her Cassian is always moving, always doing something, but now he seems incapable of even the tiniest movement. The first time, Nesta doesn’t know what to do: the battle shaken her to her bones, her first battle and she can’t imagine how he might feel with 500 years of wars on his shoulders, the responsability of hte lives and deaths on his shoulders. She stalls, not knowing if he wants to be alone but she feels a tug on the bond and she nearly runs to him, but calms herself down-this is about him, this is not a display of affection, this is her helping her mate bc she will put a smile on his face. She moves as quietly as she can and wraps her arms around him, her forehead resting on his collarbone(tol&smolotp5evah). She moves only when his breath becomes even and his heart stopped breathing frantically and there are still tears wetting his cheeks so she raises herself up on her tiptoes and kisses them away, just a peck of her lips and she could sing with happiness when his arms go around her, his hand on the back of her neck, keeping her close, not letting her go. Cassian is also one to cry from happiness(which isn’t nesta strong point at all and when she does she is at first embarassed and then she’s in his arms nd he is so happy he made her cry bc he makes her so happy that he may just cry too, lil emotional bat that he is) and ofc it happens the first tiem she says she loves him: his wings had healed some days before and they were still sore beyond belief and even flying the shortest distance was a torture and only the thought that flying, of all things, would hurt him so much made his angry and sad and- and he had to go to the camp. Rhys had said that it wasn’t time, that he should wait but Cassian knew that those pricks needed to see the Commander before the little repect they had for him vanished completely. So he made to go with a heavy heart-Nesta ignored him from the moment he said he was going to check on the Illyrians, a snarli leaving her face before a mask of indifference covered her emotions. He knew there was something between them, something stronger than a promise and deeper than love. SO he made to move, even if his instict told him that it was a bad idea, that he couldn’t possibly fly all the way to the camp and there was something, something deep inside his chest begging him not to go. But he does, he reaches the door only to be stopped by Nesta “You’re not going.” she says, her voice wrapped in ice and steel. “oh?” it’s the only thing he manages to say bc his minds his screaming yes, if you ask me too, I’ll stay.

But he can’t give in so easily.

“Nesta, I have a duty. If you could move away I would be ever so grateful” he says, his tone flat and a smirk appears on his lips when she snarls at him, her face furious “Your duty is to stay alive, you idiot!” she walks-marches-to him until they only a handful of inches away from each other and Cassian wants to shatters that distance with all his might.

Why?” he asks, his eyes locked in the  grey skies of hers, and everything in him begs her say something, please, say the only I want to hear from you, please Nesta, please

Cassian sees her hands opening and closing in little fists and she knows her self control is slipping and even if she hates it he can’t help but love it.

Why?” he repeats and he doesn’t even have the time to blink before she grips his fighting leathers and pulls him down and growls “Because I love you” he doesn’t think, throws the bag he had on the ground an takes her face between his hands, kissing her with all he has, swallowing the startled sound that comes out of her lips, gets drunk of the motions of her tongue on his.

And he is crying, crying for a joy so big and wide and encompassing he can barely breath but when he does breath, her scent fills his lungs.

And in that moment, mate is the only word he knows.

Alfred Josef Ferdinand Jodl was born on the 10th of May 1890 in Würzburg. He attended a Cadet School in Munich, which he graduated in 1910. Then he became an artillery officer and, during World War I, he served as a battery officer on the Western Front from 1914 to 1916, twice being wounded. In 1917 he served briefly on the Eastern Front before returning to the west as a staff officer. After the war he briefly considered becoming a doctor but opted to remain in the Reichswehr.

    In the build-up to World War II, he was  assigned as a Artilleriekommandeur of the 44th Division from October 1938 to August 1939 during the Anschluss, but from then until the end of the war, in May 1945, he was Chef des Wehrmachtsführungsstabes (Chief of Operation Staff OKW).

    He was arrested in May 1945 and then tried in the Nuremberg Trial. In October 1946 he was hanged.

one hundred pieces of me

(aka one hundred texts dan didn’t send phil)

you know when something happens to you and you start typing out a text to someone and then you realize it’s hella stupid and you probably shouldn’t send it? yeah. this sucks so much i’m deeply sorry i just really wanted to write something about the idea of all the unsent texts dan probably has, as a person who said they suck at replying.

summary: one hundred times dan didn’t press send, and the one time he did.

hey here’s a note for you if you didn’t know: when you start to type a text but then close the texts app without manually deleting what you typed, it saves the text to the drafts.





(draft 21:43)

your room’s so far away i can’t be bothered to get up but

(draft 21:44)

i know it’s only one wall but you probably wouldn’t hear if i’d yell you’re so deaf and

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