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Have you some good Haikyuu fanfic? But the way I really love your blog, its really cute😊 ♡

thank u anon u are too sweet :,)))) this message made my day TT-TT

if you’re asking if I wrote any, the answer is no, not yet.

but if you’re asking for recs, my answer is iNDEED I DO MY DUDE HERE WE GO;;

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campfire in your chest - Tsukkiyama

this fic is one of my absolute favourites, it’s written beautifully and there’s side kagehina!!! I’ve read it several times and it never fails to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :’) (it has nsfw near the end)

on stranger tides  - kagehina, tsukkiyama, asanoya, daisuga, iwaoi

this one is unfinished but it’s b e a u t i f u l….. if u like pirate AUs this is the fic for you my friend

like dreaming of angels  - Tsukkiyama

if u love affectionate tsuk and adorably oblivious yams please do urself a favour and read this 

the worth for and of everything  - iwaoi 

oiks is insecure and thinks he isn’t worth being kissed by iwa but iwa disagrees 

literally just read everything by this writer they are amAZING 

tea-stained polaroids - bokuaka, side kuroken

in which akaashi is a photographer and bokuto is lovestruck 10/10 recommend

national hot dad alliance - daisuga, bokuaka (queerplatonic), kuroken, iwaoi, ushiten

the captain squad unites over skype and it’s really a great time

iF YALL HAVEN’T READ THIS YET DO IT NOW PLEASE it is possibly the most hilarious chatfic I have read ever in my life….. please do it…………. 

crisis converted - bokuaka, side kuroken

a fantastic buddy cop AU in which akaashi is beautiful and bokuto is lovestruck. there is nsfw near the end and there are minor character deaths and also major injuries, but it all turns out ok

water and brimstone  - kuroken, side bokuaka

a sequel to crisis converted, in which bo and akaashi try to set up kuroo and kenma. nsfw at the end, with major injuries but it ends all warm and fuzzy and lovely and I 100% recommend. 

you’d fit my lonely arms so perfectly - daisuga

wrong number AU, in which suga rants about demon oven, plants and cats to daichi without knowing that it’s daichi. super cute, please read 

right in the head - bokuaka

a bokuaka zombie AU!!!! angsty and romantic and some nsfw. also unfinished. very well-written and eicinic did some art for it!!!

heart(less) and soul(full) - iwaoi

in which oiks is a half-incubus and wants the iwa d and he’s also in love with him and it’s angsty but ends well (nsfw)

shoreline - kagehina, side daisuga

mermaid AU in which kags is a gay mermaid and it’s really sweet

sun above your shoulders - kagehina

AU where kags and hinata knew each other in middle school, split up when they get to high school, then meet again by chance during summer vacation. lovely lovely fic!

ok! this list is getting way too long, so there are some of my top favourite fics so far! I have lots more so just message me if u want them! have a nice day!!

“Hello everybody~! Psyche is back~”

“Sorry for the… random disappearance. Heh.. I needed to get away for a while. A little vacation time, I suppose~ Although it wasn’t really a vacation at all! I went to Nebula, Mun took me! I’m alright now! Well, I mean… I’m not so sure how to qualify alright but.. They worked on my programming and nothing major changed. They couldn’t fix a major ‘malfunction’ I had, so… I’m still hurting. But I’m fine! Really!”

“Anyways! All come to me! Let me present you with the love you I’ve been neglecting you of!”

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