More Okudagrams from The Making of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Top left is Cardassian.  Pretty much all Cardassian computer interfaces on Deep Space 9 and elsewhere are built out of these elements.  The circular symbol with the epicycles is ubiquitious, appearing as a sticker or stencilled design on numerous props and sets.

Middle right is Klingon.  It’s the master systems display for a Bird of Prey.  If you’re reading this post there’s no real chance you didn’t already know that.  But did you know there’s an Emperor Sea Strider inside the double triangle?  That’s what it totally looks like, intentional or not (it’s not).

Bottom left is Ferengi.  The top half appears on the screen in every Ferengi P.A.D.D. image I’ve found, and is also the sample Ferengi text in The Star Trek Encyclopedia.  Additionally, the word at the top left is sometimes the heading on Ferengi P.A.D.D. displays, and is also on the sidebar of the Ferengi translation of the Deep Space 9 Promenade directory and on the dashboard of Ferengi shuttles.

I don’t actually know what the graphics on the top and bottom right are.