Pretty proud of this work of art! It was made in collaboration with the talented @cianiati who drew the pretty cow lady! I bet you can’t stop staring at the delicious German beer. That pure mass. 10 Liters of goodness.

The original print was sold at the Eurofurence artshow and will now make the wall in a friends kittchen more attractive.

O’zapft is!

Adventure catch up: Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich (Part 1)

Back in October of 2016, my wife, Audrey and I went to Munich, Germany to take part in the annual Oktoberfest celebration to commemorate my reaching the quarter century mark. 

After a long flight, we landed in the Munich airport where I had a traditional German breakfast before we went through passport control.

Once we left the airport, we hoped on the rail line into the city. Munich’s public transportation system is something to be marveled at. The trains are all new, clean, and offer an incredibly smooth and efficient ride. 

After we dropped off our bags at our AirBNB, we took the subway to Oktoberfest which can literally only be described as Disneyland for drunks. There’s rides, food vendors, souvenirs, and of course, a never ending river of beer. 

The main attraction at Oktoberfest are the biergartens: giant tents set up by all the different breweries around Germany. At these biergartens you can get food, dance, sing, and of course, drink beer which is sold by the liter.

After getting slightly more than buzzed, we decided to end our first day in Munich and head back to the AirBNB, but not before we went up the large Ferris wheel to get a full view of the festival at night. It was beautiful, and inebriated me was definitely left in awe by it. 

Part 2 coming soon.

It’s Oktoberfest in Bavaria! Greetings From Mercedes-Benz and DRIVETRIBE! Shot by fashion tribe leader marcus-hoffmann.com.