screenshot found on @meanwhile-in-tf2 blog. 

☆Original screenshot taken by @i-eat-your-pancakes

My friend @corporalfire told me to make a comic from this picture, and I couldn’t say no. 

(And yeees I made them BLU and this is MvM…I just wanted some kind of coherency and I was tired lol. Let’s just assume every existing Medic has the uncanny ability to turn their upper bodies into thin noodles. That’s my headcannon).

The first day of October was full of sunshine, but a wee bit breezy…

Some of Algy’s Tumblr friends in Germany had recently been posting photographs of the Oktoberfest there, and Algy wanted to join in the fun. There are no fun fairs in the West Highlands, of course, but Algy thought that a ride in a birch tree on a bright, windy day was probably just as good :-))