oktai enimehmedov

You miss every shot you don’t take…even if you’re that guy on the right.

6 Daring Assassination Plots (Carried Out by Morons)

#5. Oktai Enimehmedov Fails from Six Inches Away

[Enimehmedov’s] problem was that he couldn’t buy a real gun – not every country is like America in that regard. So he substituted by buying something called a gas pistol. It’s like a handgun, but fires pellets filled with tear gas instead of bullets. Literally the only way you could kill someone with it is if you shot them in the eye at point-blank range. …He chose to run up on stage while [Bulgarian politician Ahmed] Dogan was giving a speech to a large audience on live television. And it fucking worked. He got past everyone. He ran right up, stuck the gun right in Dogan’s face, literally inches from his eyeball, pulled the trigger, and then…click. Nothing happened.

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Assassination Attempt Gone Wrong On Ahmed Dogan

  • This took place at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. The gunman tried to assassinate the leader of Bulgaria'a Turkish ethnic party during a televised conference on January 19, 2013. The assailant was 25 year old Oktai Enimehmedov. His attempt turned into a failure after the gun jammed.