oktab bang wangseja

Rooftop prince is my new addiction

i only finished watching the first episode now and i’m soooooooooooo in love with it already i could cry ;-;

everything about the first episode was so wonderful~~ and yoochun’s acting isn’t as awk as it used to be (at least imo). during his past dramas i always had the JYJ yoochun in front of my eyes and thinking to myself “omg he can’t act well at all.. ” but i feel like he has improved a lot now! because this time i didn’t have that kind of thoughts. only after i was done watching, i remembered that he’s a singer and not a ‘real’ actor! i’m honestly impressed and aside from yoochun, all the other actors have done a great job as well! i honestly enjoyed every second of it and i absolutely can’t wait for the next episode~~

please everyone, if you have time, check this drama out!! ^^

so all that’s left to say..


jeonha~~ saranghae~~