okstylez  asked:

so about that Larry post. first, 90% of the fandom wouldn't accept it, let's be realistic here ok. 40% would accept it. they haven't said anything denying it because they know that if they do everyone would push it down their throats more. you probably wouldn't, but imagine all the larries that would. I think that the situation surrounding Larry right now is the calmest situation that we would ever have. if they deny it, everybody would force it down their throats. if they admit it, oh god yes.

Okay you definitely have a valid point. I sometimes forget that some (many) of the larries are actually irrational, since I generally try to distance myself from that side of the fandom.

And you’re right, if they were to bring it up now and deny it, they would be bringing a lot of unnecessary drama on themselves. And it would probably be really suspicious also. I more meant that they haven’t done that at all in the past, like actually sat down with both of them together and said honestly that it’s not real. Instead we just have Louis flipping out at people occasionally, and Harry saying absolutely nothing, but dropping all kinds of hints left and right. So, they’re doing a pretty good job of not actually denying anything.

Anyway, yes, I think it would probably be a bad idea for them to address “larry stylinson” right now in any form (unless of course it’s to come out hehe) because it will just cause a lot of commotion on both sides of the fandom, and not really serve any purpose.