things people who play females have to go through:

  • being ignored
  • automatically being written off as “thirsty” if they don’t also play males
  • having every female on their blog written off as a “mary sue” if they’re too nice, don’t have some kind of tragic backstory, etc.
  • being accused of “using people for their males” if they don’t also play against someone’s females, no matter what their actual intentions are
  • being held to higher standards than people who play males are

things people who play submissive gay males have to go through:

  • not getting enough smut

why do people on here get so heated when people only play females ? like y’all don’t pull that crap with anyone who plays all males, or mostly males with a heavy male preference, but the minute you don’t see any guys on someone’s blog, you’re ready to start whining about it. 

DS9: *Has a tragic story about love lost between two women who can’t be together because of societal taboos, who were ready to self exile themselves because they fell in love and had more in common that the previous hosts. Who were willing to give up everything for each other and showed how much it hurt them to let the other go because they had to do what was best for the Symbiont*

Ya’ll: anyways, this was clearly q*eerbaiting and we need more than this “technically hetero” and “metaphorical” relationship…

mariuspondmercy  asked:

I love Ron very much. I love that Ron was made Prefect because even though his brothers were Prefects, too (partially), it was still something he had for himself, something that showed him "Yes, I'm worth something". I do find Dumbledore's reasoning and Hermione's reaction shitty. Ron deserved to be Prefect because he's a really good and responsible person. I mean, "responsible" isn't the first word that you'd associate with him but still.

just some highlights of ron’s career as a prefect:

“Ron?” said Hermione, her jaw dropping. “But … are you sure? I mean —” She turned red as Ron looked around at her with a defiant expression on his face. “It’s my name on the letter,” he said.

i love how, after not having said a word since he opened the letter, baring through all of fred and george’s teasing, his first response to hermione is to defend his position, ‘a defiant expression’ that’s right ron you earned that badge don’t let anyone make you think otherwise

“Wait until your father hears! Ron, I’m so proud of you, what wonderful news, you could end up Head Boy just like Bill and Percy, it’s the first step! Oh, what a thing to happen in the middle of all this worry, I’m just thrilled, oh Ronnie —”


“Harry noticed that Ron kept moving his prefect’s badge around, first placing it on his bedside table, then putting it into his jeans pocket, then taking it out and laying it on his folded robes, as though to see the effect of the red on the black. Only when Fred and George dropped in and offered to attach it to his forehead with a Permanent Sticking Charm did he wrap it tenderly in his maroon socks and lock it in his trunk.”

i love how he tries to pretend like it’s no big deal and he really couldn’t care less about it but he’s also really secretly proud and happy and HE WRAPPED THE BADGE /TENDERLY/ IN HIS SOCKS I CAN’T W THIS CHILD MY SMOL

“We’d better change,” said Hermione at last. She and Ron pinned their prefect badges carefully to their chests. Harry saw Ron checking how it looked in the black window.


“Then you’re mad too,” said Seamus in disgust.
“Yeah? Well unfortunately for you, pal, I’m also a prefect!” said Ron, jabbing himself in the chest with a finger. “So unless you want detention, watch your mouth!”

RON USING HIS PREFECT POSITION TO STICK UP FOR HIS BFF IS MY FAVE THING ON THIS PLANET I’M A MESS like he’s been sort of ashamed this whole time bc he doesn’t want to end up like percy and he doesn’t really consider being a prefect to be a cool thing and he always shies away from giving out detentions etc, but someone insults harry and he’s all WTF DID YOU SAY TO MY BRO #FIGHTME

“I feel I owe you another explanation, Harry,” said Dumbledore hesitantly. “You may, perhaps, have wondered why I never chose you as a prefect? I must confess … that I rather thought … you had enough responsibility to be going on with.”

yeah, well, fuck you too, dumbledore

basically i love ron weasley and i love the fact that he was made prefect and i love how (after some hesitancy) he accepted the responsibility and i love how he felt like he was worth something for once and i love i love i love I LOVE

Okay we all talk about how Will was affected by the UD and how he’ll never be the same again, but what about El? She’s there (presumably) for a year, and she was JUST learning that people can be good. And then she get put in the UD, alone and cold all over again. We saw how wary she was of people after escaping the lab. And that was starting to change. But now when she gets back, she’ll be wary of touch. She’ll be wary of people (excluding Michael Wheeler, of course. The only reason she managed to hold on when she was in there. The memory of who kept her going).

Új hostelbe raktak dolgozni

Megkérdeztem két új munkatársam, milyenek a többiek.
Ők: van még egy srác, ő olyan… más.
Én: ?
Ők: hát hogy… a fiúkat szereti.
Én: ok.
Ők: de nyugi!!!! tök normális!!
Én: ok.
Ők: de rendesen, komolyan az, szóval így van barátja is és együtt laknak meg minden.
Én: ok.
Ők: a barátja is itt dolgozott tavaly, de tényleg, nyugi, ők nem azok a tipikus buzik, szóval így nem másznak egymásra meg simogatják egymást.
Én: ok.
Ők: csak majd vigyázz, egyik csaj jóban van vele, szóval előtte majd ne buzizd le.
Én: oksi, majd igyekszem:))

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—Luis, soy tu flan. —¿Quieres decir fan? —No, soy tu flan, cómeme 🌚 Okno. Oksi. Okya. Estoy aburrida y no tengo a quien joder sorry 😂😂😂 Pero en serio, cómeme 🌚 :'''v

Y esta serias tu si te encuentras a Luis en el bus😂😂