pastel-colored-owls  asked:

Not to bother you, you must be very busy and get a lot of asks so mine is probably a bother to you. Thank you for responding to my other ask. Anyway, I would just like to ask how do you deal with discouragement? My friend and I are in the developmental stages of creating a web comic and we have done a lot of world building and character designing. There are so many other web comics that are already out or coming with better art. How do i know if mine wont get.

i don’t know, that’s a difficult question. there’s always people out there who will do something better than you do, or who make something you wish you could have made. it’s discouraging but after a certain point you just have to realize that you do what you are able to and you try your hardest and that you’re getting better.  having good friends helps, too — friends who can remind you that your self worth isn’t equal to whatever you’re able to slap down on a page.