Amikor az, aki miatt depressziós vagy, mindenkit okol miatta, csak saját magát nem...

(Pontosabban : amikor kihallgatod apádat
és a nagyanyádat ahogy a depressziódról beszélgetnek, ami amúgy baszottul apád miatt alakult ki, de apád mindenkit okol, csak saját magát nem…)


Sledding: steve x reader | fluff | one-shot

summary: steve wakes you up to tell you something very important, it’s snowing. you decide to spend the rest of the day with captain america himself and make the best of it.

Leave Me [02] [03]: bucky x reader | angst | finished

summary: you were separated from your family from a young age. thrown into a cell and forced to serve as a lab-rat for hydra, you would’ve lost all your will to live, if not for the fella in the cell next to you.

Insomniactony x reader | angst + fluff | drabble

summary: you wake up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare, unfortunately, you forget the fact that tony never sleeps and he catches you in a state of vulnerability.

Not Necessarily Evil: avengers x reader | this one just sucks | drabble

summary: the original plan was to go to new york and stop your crazy mother, instead, you get stopped by a bunch of superheroes in skin-tight suits.

Trick and Treats: steve x bucky x reader | fluff | drabble

summary: going out on halloween wasn’t exactly your evening plan, going trick or treating with two super soldiers wasn’t even possible in your opinion. so getting lost with the two men while trick or treating shouldn’t even be an option.

Not That Smart: clint x reader | genre idk yet lmfao | drabble series | on a hiatus

summary: you are incredibly intelligent, meaning that sometimes you tend to overestimate yourself. which leads to a few problems here and there, big problems really. 

Snow White [02]: sam x reader | fluff + angst | snow white!au | on-going

summary: you get a call to drag friends out the shit they brought themselves in, you almost get assassinated, and a friend asks for a huge favor. all of that is directly connected to HYDRA, so you decide to end it yourself.

It’s My Birthday: sam x reader | fluff | one-shot

summary: it’s your birthday, and sam has a special, but cheesy gift for you.

Remember when I was worried about Sparta’s coat condition deteriorating? Well, I gave her a quick rinse and a proper brush-through last night, and now she’s as bright and shiny as ever. 

So I guess we won’t be getting a vet appointment for that after all.

  • Let go and still want to be in love: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • In love but wants to let go: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Wanted to let go and did: Aries, Gemini, Libra
  • In love and happy: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces