had dinner with joe and celeste tonight omg they are literally the best people on this planet i’m 100% sure…….it was the first time i actually met joe lol (even though i’ve seen him around campus a thousand other times and just never said hello because i’m sooo dumb)……but yeah i have not laughed that hard in a long time and i’m glad i got to have that much deserved study break when literally all i feel like doing otherwise is sobbing in a pile of math and computer science bullshit. and then i got to see the kevyn aka the best human being on this planet and CATIE omg actual soulmate though and yaaaa it was a nice night…….now 2 study for computer science until i die bye

celeste and i are studying for finals across from each other in this library. the beautiful evolution of an internet friendship u guys……from studying in our beds from across the country through our laptops THREE YEARS AGO to this absolute magic #blessed

misandryisreal-deactivated20161  asked:

prat i'm glad i ran into u tonight and i can't wait to have dinner and catch up w u tomorrow like ugh life has been hard on both of us i think but we can combine our powers and make it through it idk what i am typing rn but seriously try not to be hard on urself which is easier said than done ik.. but ya see u tomorrow!! xo

omg i love celeste………..<3333