Tokyo in Tulsa 2014 Homestuck Photoshoot!

Hey guys, with TnT just around the corner, I figure I should catch up to my friend Chi and post about our Saturday photoshoot!

Chi’s post is here! Just to ensure it reaches around to enough people I’m making a post as well! We’re really excited to do this, this is my first time running a shoot (other than assistance) and Chi’s run multiple so this should run smoothly and easily.


We’ll meet on the steps facing the double tree, making sure we don’t block the walkway and overcrowd the area like we did last year as there was a bigger turnout than expected. There will be a lot of people walking there so we’ll have to make sure we don’t block it off. We’ll get good lighting and plenty of space for pictures, it should work out great!


Saturday the 12th at 4:13 PM, the infamous homestuck number.

We ask that you avoid drama, do not bring harm to people or their cosplays, and should someone start antagonizing the group, ignore them. It’s not worth our time to get in an argument and will only hold the shoot up and stress people out, and we want this to be as stress-free as possible.

Who To Look For?

I will be Mindfang (with the metal arm and ruined eye), and Chi will be another ancestor, currently a secret as to who~!

Can Town will be happening as well, please keep that in mind! If you’d like to bring canned goods and nonperishables, Chi has a friend who will be rounding them up and delivering them, many thanks to them!

Please feel free to send us any questions via tumblr or our skypes! Thank you and please reblog!

Chi: withered.angel

Alice: raksharansma


Day 1 and 2 of TnT
Some more TnT pictures I got omg they were all great (one of the vampire Lalondes winked at me and I almost died okay they were freaking wonderful thank you. All of these guys I swear help me they were great yes) I just wish I got to talk to you all because seriously I admire people who cosplay like y'all. I was so nervous even trying to go up and ask for pictures of you all so thank you for letting me take them and tell me if one of these is you so I can tag them.

Oklastuck (Can Town) Meet Up

EDIT: hey guys this is happening very soon so please message either Kenn or me if you’re coming because I need to know about how many people will be there!!

Hi so like me and Kenn (http://picklescock.tumblr.com/) decided to make a meet up that will take place on September 28th. It’s gonna be fun I guess. You should come if that suits your fancy. So we will all meet in Kite Park in Nichols Hills, and like we should gather at like maybe 10 in the morning. Cosplays are cool, and you are allowed to use paint if that is what you need. And some other rules of this meet up will be put under the readmore thing so I dont take up too much space.

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So Con time is comiiiinnnggg~

And guess what that means! PHOTOSHOOTS OHMYGOSH~!!!!

So since Chi over here already has shit planned for the Saturday meetup, I’ve got Friday since that’s Ancestor day! Some may have noticed my info already on the spreadsheet on Tokyo in Tulsa’s site.

So: Photoshoot on Friday of TnT is when? 5PM. We’re meeting in the area by where registration is and are bound to move for lighting purposes and depending on how hot outside is. 


Please no drama. Please be courteous to everyone. We’re having fun photoshoots and shit. Have fun guys. Also, please do not swing around large props or objects unless for photos? We don’t want to hurt anyone.

Who to look for: You don’t get to know. HA. Okay a lot of people know which cosplay I’m wearing to this photoshoot, but some of you are so in the dark it’ll be funny to watch you guys scream. Just ask where Russie is and someone will find me. I will NOT be able to be missed. trust me. You’ll see my horns.

And don’t forget about the Saturday shoot too guys! I won’t be able to make it but I’m helping Chi and Alice advertise! senoritaseabitch and myglasseswanttofuckastallion are running the shoot on Saturday at 4:13. 

http://myglasseswanttofuckastallion.tumblr.com/post/80491509903/mark-your-calendars-guys Here’s all the info to the 4:13 meet on Saturday! If you have any more questions, Chi has her skype up and posted on her blog now and her askbox is open as well as Alice’s!