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(Edit) A map for finding homestucks in your area.

 A map for finding homestucks in your area.

I just made a map that people in the Homestuck fandom can add their loc8tions and find other Homestucks near them. 

Hover your mouse over Additions and click Add Marker (Simple) (Or detailed if you’re ok with adding your exact address, I don’t recommend it). In the Description, add your Tumblr url, Facebook link, email, or other way to contact you.


Yesterday at the photoshoot featuring:

pastelpillcosplays as Feferi

thatdamnscamp as Aradia

crocro-ampora as Cronus

milybird as John

l4tul4pyr0p3 as Latula

corkitten as Tavros

jadeladyporrim as Porrim

pyrahpsychotic as Damara

Myself as Meenah!

It was great to see and meet everyone!

Tokyo in Tulsa 2014 Homestuck Photoshoot!

Hey guys, with TnT just around the corner, I figure I should catch up to my friend Chi and post about our Saturday photoshoot!

Chi’s post is here! Just to ensure it reaches around to enough people I’m making a post as well! We’re really excited to do this, this is my first time running a shoot (other than assistance) and Chi’s run multiple so this should run smoothly and easily.


We’ll meet on the steps facing the double tree, making sure we don’t block the walkway and overcrowd the area like we did last year as there was a bigger turnout than expected. There will be a lot of people walking there so we’ll have to make sure we don’t block it off. We’ll get good lighting and plenty of space for pictures, it should work out great!


Saturday the 12th at 4:13 PM, the infamous homestuck number.

We ask that you avoid drama, do not bring harm to people or their cosplays, and should someone start antagonizing the group, ignore them. It’s not worth our time to get in an argument and will only hold the shoot up and stress people out, and we want this to be as stress-free as possible.

Who To Look For?

I will be Mindfang (with the metal arm and ruined eye), and Chi will be another ancestor, currently a secret as to who~!

Can Town will be happening as well, please keep that in mind! If you’d like to bring canned goods and nonperishables, Chi has a friend who will be rounding them up and delivering them, many thanks to them!

Please feel free to send us any questions via tumblr or our skypes! Thank you and please reblog!

Chi: withered.angel

Alice: raksharansma


Just some photos from Izumicon this weekend. These ones are from the Saturday Photoshoot. If I Knew what/who someone was/their tumblrs off the top of my head I put them in the caption of the photo. I am going to do a few different photo sets. Saturday Pictures, then the Photo shoot pictures I didn’t get to, then Sunday photos, then all the Shipping pictures I thought were super cute that contained Me during a photoshoot, then just the rest of the shipping pictures. This way take a few posts so just hold on. ALSO if you see yourself, please reblog and tag yourself! I want to make sure you all get credit for your amazing cosplays!!