oklahoma storm


The contrast between the lightning filled clouds and the stars above in the second storm is really neat.

The first storm formed on Saturday 4/18/15 in northwest Oklahoma. The second storm was in central Arkansas on Sunday 4/19/15 and provided a spectacular lightning show as it drifted east. Contact me at ChadLCowan@gmail.com with licensing inquiries. All footage available in 4k resolution.


Chasing the stormy skies

These stunning images capture some of America’s most intense storms from an extraordinarily close perspective. They showcase the power of Mother Nature with terrifying tornadoes, supercells and lightning. Storm-chaser Maximilian Conrad of Germany captured the images while on a “chase-cation” with friends in the U.S. Together with pals Dennis, Lars and Heiko, Max chased ferocious storms across Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas in search of the perfect shot.

Photographs by Maximilian Conrad/Caters News

See more images of the storms on Yahoo News.


Filmmaker Mike Olbinski condensed several weeks of storm chasing in the US Great Plains region into this 6 minute time-lapsed video. If you like weather or clouds, this has something for you. Some amazing views of shelf clouds (I felt like screaming as one came at me), lightning, classic thunderstorm shapes, and apparently 6 tornadoes (a couple are hard to spot in the clouds). Mammatus clouds look amazing in time lapse!