oklahoma state fan

Marcus Smart, a player on the Oklahoma State basketball team, got angry and shoved a Texas Tech fan named Jeff Orr because he called him the N word, and GOT SUSPENDED FOR THREE GAMES.

That is such complete and utter bullshit. Why should he be punished? And Orr hasn’t even been banned from attending Big 12 games or anything. Of course the fan denies that’s what he said. He claims to have called Smart “a piece of crap”, but not a racial slur. However, several witnesses claim otherwise.


I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be even remotely interested in sports. But my entire family are Oklahoma State fans and alums. And anytime any sort of racist nonsense like this happens ANYWHERE, it is just so goddamn infuriating to me.

Ban Jeff Orr from college basketball for life and let Marcus Smart play.