oklahoma flag


Oklahoma is gay now. 

Oklahoma manages to both have and not have a blue bedsheet. The buffalo-hide shield and the olive branch are a very good symbol but the blue field makes it look kinda generic. The second flag is the original flag of Oklahoma, used from 1912 to 1925. The “46″ honors Oklahoma’s place as the 46th state. It’s distinct but maybe too minimal. It was replaced by the current flag (minus the OKLAHOMA at the bottom) in 1925 because of fears the red flag would be interpreted as communist. 

As expected, the current flag also looks pretty OK (heh) as a rainbow flag. For the original flag, I used the original 8-stripe rainbow flag. I also tried a version that replaced the “46″ with the state’s abbreviation “OK”. 46 is sort of an obscure symbol, and OK has the obvious double meaning I’m fond of.