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This why I can’t stand super “loyal” basketball fans

What to say when you cry in public

For those who still aren’t okay.

“It’s allergies”

“I’m not crying YOU’RE CRYING”

“Here’s a tip.. don’t touch the pepper then touch your eyes”

“Why did Mufasa have to die?!!!”

“I’m cutting onions”

“I’m sorry” (for the Canadians)

“It’s the wind”

“Have you seen Marley & Me?!”

“I’m still not over the TItanic. Those two only had each other!!!”

“I can still feel Kevin Durant’s knife in my back”


After hearing some boos when he took the floor for Team USA at Staples Center last weekend, Kevin Durant received a much warmer hero’s welcome at his new stomping grounds, Oracle Arena, before the U.S. stomped out China in another pre-Olympics exhibition tune-up.

Real friends: How the Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook partnership bent but never broke - Royce Young

“We’ve worked together for so long, been two of the best players in the league for eight years,” Durant said. “What makes us great together is whatever area I’m lacking in, he picks me up. Whatever area he’s lacking in, I pick him up. That’s what complements each other. It shouldn’t be about who’s better, or who does this better.

"When I need someone to be that rah-rah-get-it-off-your-chest type of guy, that’s who I go to. When he needs someone to be like, ‘Russ, calm down, it’s all good, move past it,’ he comes to me. It kind of works out perfectly.”

“Russ is an open book,” Durant said. “What you see is what you get. He doesn’t hide anything. Everything you see is who he is. That’s something else that makes us different. He’s a kind of a heart-on-your-sleeve type of guy, and I’m more observant, keep it up here and figure-it-out-inside-my-head type of guy. That’s what makes us come together and work.”