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Restaurant hangs disturbing transphobic sign: “We do not have a transgender bathroom”

  • A sign threatening transgender people who use the bathroom that matches their gender identity is causing controversy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, local television station KFOR reported.
  • Around 10 months ago, owner Bob Warner hung the following sign in the window of the Steak and Catfish Barn: “We do not have a transgender bathroom. So don’t be caught in the wrong one. Thank you, Bob.”
  • Warner said the sign is a warning, not a threat. Transgender Oklahoma City residents see a different sentiment emanating from the sign. 
  • “I was disturbed,” Paula Schonauer, a transgender woman, told KFOR. Schonauer said the last sentence of the letter scares her. Read more (3/16/17 3:33 PM)

You already knew the narrative of the lazy, basement-dwelling millennial was unfair, but it might also be wrong — at least in some American cities: A new report from Trulia finds that certain millennials seem to be similarly or even less likely to live with parents than members of the generation above them were.

To arrive at its findings, Trulia took two groups — young workers aged 28 to 32 and older adults aged 33 to 55 — and compared how the groups differed over the last 55 years in areas like employment, homeownership and income. Read more


“He goes ‘I’m a very smart man.’ I said ‘You are?’ And he goes ‘Yes. And you’re going to remember me. On April 19, 95 you’re going to remember me for the rest of your life.’”

On April 8, 1995 Timothy McVeigh and two other men were allegedly at a strip club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Above is security camera footage from the dressing room at Lady Godiva’s that night. Eleven days later Tim would go on to commit the Oklahoma City bombing.

You can watch the footage as part of the documentary Terror From Within here.