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On today’s version of “fucked up laws you didn’t know existed but someone was arrested for it”

It is illegal in Oklahoma City for someone under 18 to own a permanent marker in public.  There was a case in which a 13 year old was arrested in class for having used a permanent marker during an arts and crafts project.  The permanent marker bled through the paper and stained the desk.  The teacher made a citizen’s arrest on the kid and they sent him to juvenile detention.


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April 19, 1995. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. A single moment in time that changed everything, sending waves of destruction and grief from the epicenter to every corner of the city and state. That day 168 people were killed, including 19 children. Nearly 700 people injured. Twenty years later and pain still lingers. Consider taking a minute to not only to honor the lives lost in this tragedy, but also appreciate the resilience of the wonderful and strong people of Oklahoma.

When It Comes to Violent Crime, Illegal Immigrants Aren't the Problem
Despite a recent Gallup poll that shows 87 percent of Americans favor allowing illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens under certain restrictions, the public dialogue on immigration continues to be driven by a billionaire blowhard and a vicious hate-monger. I mean Republicans Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, whose know-nothing rhetoric...
By Stephen Lemons
Oklahoma Gothic

The weatherman comes to your elementary school. He says when the tornado sirens go off, get in the bathtub with pillows, blankets and a helmet on. He looks very serious and very grave. One day, the tornado sirens go off. There’s not a cloud in the sky. You take cover anyway

Your carhop at Sonic looks apologetic, and smiles at you a little too warmly. You find that your tea is a little sweeter than normal. You’ve been given an extra chedd’r pepper. You drive off, wondering what is coming

At your campus of your church, the sermon is on a screen. They tell you the minister preaches in person at the other campus. One Sunday, you attend the other campus. The sermon is on a screen

The wind is stronger than normal today. You have trouble closing your car door. When you step inside your house, it is still blowing. You’re concerned, but you don’t ask why. You look out your window and your car is rolling away

Your car stops at an intersection. On the corner, there is a Braum’s. You drive to the next intersection. On the corner, there is a Braum’s. You drive to the next intersection. On the corner, there is a Braum’s. You drive to the next inersection. On the corner, there is a Carl’s Jr. You park your car and walk in. “Welcome to Braum’s,” the cashier says

APPARENTLY THEY DON’T TEACH ABOUT OKLAHOMA BOMBING IN SCHOOLS   Timothy McVeigh’s anti-government resistance is today the mainstream ideology in Republican party

On April 19, 1995, a pair of former U.S. Army soldiers parked a rented Ryder truck packed with explosives outside a federal building in Oklahoma City. The blast killed 168 people and injured more than 500 others, and the attack is the worst homegrown terror attack on American soil.
The bombing came only two years after the first attack on the World Trade Center.
Former U.S. soldier Timothy McVeigh was convicted on 11 counts of murder, conspiracy and using a weapon of mass destruction in the blast, and was later executed. The other ex-soldier, Terry Nichols, was convicted on similar charges and sentenced to life without parole, because the jury deadlocked on the death penalty. The two were motivated by contempt for government, the hatred sharpened by the 1993 federal raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas