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How do you like Oklahoma? Literally the only things I know about it are: the dust bowl, the capital is Oklahoma city, earthquakes are happening because of fracking, and there is a musical called Oklahoma!. There furthest east I've ever been is some small town in Arizona, so as a Coastal Dude, what is it like in Oklahoma?

I love oklahoma so much man

the first thing you need to know is that the weather here is fuckin ridiculous. we can have a brown and almost-warm winter and then in april we’ll get a damn blizzard. august is the month of deathly heat but then there’ll be cool days where you’d swear its march. it can be totally cloudless all day and then at 5:00 at thunderstorm will roll in completely unannounced. there’s some will rogers quote about ‘if you don’t like the weather in oklahoma just wait a minute’ because that’s how quickly it can change I am not joking. and the wind. the fucking wind. I lost a trampoline to oklahoma wind and I’m far from the only one. it was tied to cinderblocks that were buried underground and it still flew into the pond. I don’t even think that was the windiest day that year. and of course we have those lovely fucking tornadoes every year so there’s that

also it’s pretty flat for the most part but we still have hills in places. lots of big open fields with cows. not as many windmills as I’d like but there’s some. we’re one of the states that require drivers to learn how to parallel park. our state plant is mistletoe. I go to school in downtown okc and it’s pretty great, there’s lots of fun stuff, there’s always construction but there’s gonna be a streetcar put in soon which is cool. it was supposed to be territory for native americans but the government decided to fuck them over yet again and give it to white people whose descendants would eventually destroy ‘black wall street’, a thriving business district in tulsa, in a race riot.

I love living here honestly it’s great. and yeah the oklahoma! musical is really fun. did you know that hugh jackman is in the movie version of it?

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shine bright (like a diamond)

another soulmate au that @smilingseb inspired

AU in which your soulmates name is written somewhere on your body, and it lights up when youre near them

The goddamn name on your chest has been lit since you crossed the Oklahoma border. No matter how many layers you put on, it still shines bright and true through all of it.
What the hell kind of name is that, anyways? I mean, really? A number?
By this point, you want to meet your soulmate just so you can punch them in the face and ask why the hell they have such a weird name. But first, you have to find them.
You walk down the sidewalk in the small ghost down, backpack slung over your shoulder. A big black truck drives past, and you’re too stuck in your thoughts to actually flag them down and ask for a ride.

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the measure of my changing love

a coda to my dcbb, Pedaling a Bicycle toward Your Arms

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It starts in the grocery store. They’re looking at eggs, and Dean’s showing Cas how he has to pick up each one to make sure they’re not cracked. The dairy aisle is cold, cold, cold. It makes the hairs on Dean’s forearms stand up. Cas is taking too long with the eggs and Dean just wants to get to the beer, so he snaps, “Hurry the fuck up, will you, Cas? They’re just eggs.”

Which is, apparently, the wrong thing to say.

Cas is still newly human, and while he’s not as fragile as an eggshell he doesn’t take well to being snapped at. Dean has learned in the past few months, the hard way, that Cas is still figuring out how to deal with unexpected emotions.


Dropping a carton of eggs on the floor of the dairy aisle, for example, is an inappropriate reaction.

Saying, “Fuck you, Dean,” and stalking off – also inappropriate.

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