oklahoma architecture


St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Oklahoma City by Steven Martin
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One of the oldest church buildings in Oklahoma City, St. Joseph’s Church is across the street from the Murrah Federal Building site and was damaged in the 1995 bombing. The statue “And Jesus Wept” is at the back of the church lot.


i’ve spent the last few days with wayne and the flaming lips and all of their amazing friends and girlfriends.  and family and students and etc etc in oklahoma city.  it does make me sort of long for life in a small city filled with nice people where everything is 15 minutes away from everything else and there’s no traffic…

one of the most amazing things that wayne and co. have done in oklahoma city is ‘the womb’.  an old factory/garage that they’ve colonized.

it houses:
a womb.
a giant vagina.
a huge damian hirst spin art painting on the ceiling.
lots of disco balls.
tons of props and lights and offices and storage.
chocolate skulls.
a silver pillow structure.
more disco balls.
more lights.
number of the beast silver balloons.

it is, in short, vaguely akin to doing drugs without actually doing drugs.  and this was during the daytime.  i could imagine entering the womb at night and not leaving for a month.  the pictures only give about 1/100th of the sense of what it is.  and that it’s in oklahoma city, the capital of the most conservative/republican state in the country, is even more amazing.




This Old House by Kool Cats Photography over 6 Million Views
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Found this old abandoned house in Spencer, Oklahoma.