Extremely small miniature horse is to become a therapy animal

Most people, even miniature horse breeders like Diana Gilger, and Linda and Jim Woods, expect even baby foals to be bigger than this.

“This is Jazz, the mother,” says Diana walking into a tiny stall. “And this is Itty Bitty Hope.

To put matters into some perspective, Itty Bitty Hope’s birth weight and height tied the world record for the smallest horse ever born.

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I messed up and forgot to put my hell 😁
Hi I’m Alexandra. I’m a 17-year-old pansexual girl. I play the flute and guitar, but I want to learn the piano soon. I currently live in Oklahoma but I’m moving to Maryland in a couple weeks. I’m single so talk to me!
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#151-Mew, The New Species Pokemon 

It is said that there is only one Mew on this entire planet, and that it teleports between forests, basically doing whatever it wants. After the limited amount of scientific encounters we have had with this Pokemon, we have acquired a small amount of DNA that has allowed us to conclude that it has parts of DNA of every existing Pokemon, and is most likely the ancestor of all Pokemon. Also through the small amount of physical observations we have with it, it seems it can use every attack there is, making it the most versatile Pokemon. The only places Mew has been sighted is in forests, as it can camouflage easiest in these areas.

Mew, however, is thought to be impossible to catch. Mew is extremely powerful, though docile, so will generally avoid any kind of encounter with people. Mew can use many evasive techniques, including turning invisible, transforming into other objects or Pokemon using transform, and it can also form a bubble-like shield around itself. On top of all this, it is said to only reveal itself to people who are true of heart. It is so evasive, that some scientists have concluded it to be a myth, or just a mirage… However, I, Blue Oak, know it to exist in this world.

PS. Thank every single one of you! After all the effort I put into these maps, I’m starting to make strides. c: Gaining 500 followers, and lots of people enjoying the things I do makes me extremely happy. You’re all wonderful. 

A dynamic #sky after a complex of storms passes over Hinton, #Oklahoma in early May 2013. #clouds #skydrama #skydrama #igsky #nakedplanet #beautiful #pretty #amazing #incredible #oklahomasky #oklahomaweather #nature #lookup #mothernature #mothernaturebeauty #adventure #travel #greatplains #tornadoalley #spring #stormy #stormclouds #stormchasers #stormchasing

How induced earthquakes work

In the 1960s, a weapons arsenal near Denver, Colorado was producing large quantities of contaminated wastewater and wanted to dispose of that water in a way that did not threaten the local health. To get rid of the water, they drilled a 3500 meter well into the granite basement rocks beneath the facility and began pumping water down. Within the next several years, over 700 earthquakes were recorded within a 10 kilometer radius around the site.

This earthquake swarm at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal was the first well-characterized example of a swarm of earthquakes set off by fluid injection. It shares many characteristics with earthquake swarms occurring today in areas of the United States: high levels of fluid injected into crystalline basement units. Even though it has been 50 years since this first example and we know fluid injection can trigger quakes, how exactly it happens has remained poorly understood.

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Happy Aboriginal Day, everyone! That beautiful lady in the top left and right photos are of my Great - Grandma Gladys. She was a full-blood Creek Indian, and had ten children. Some of them are in the top right photo with her, and my grandma (the eldest, a half-Creek) is on the bottom left. I am on the bottom right (1/8th Creek). I am proud of my amazing heritage, and the stories my grandma tells me are wonderful. ♡
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