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13-year-old wins EMSA Everyday Hero award for bringing pickup to stop after father’s heart attack

Wesley had driven on back roads before, and that day he’d just finished riding dirt bikes with his dad, but highway driving was far out of his comfort zone.

Yet, when Wesley’s father, Jason Spohn, had a heart attack and passed out behind the wheel, Wesley knew he had to act to save both their lives.

With his father unconscious in the driver’s seat, Wesley did the only things he could think to do: Call his mom; call 911; turn off the ignition; and guide the vehicle until it coasted to a stop — and it worked long enough for his father to wake up and steer the car to the side of the road.

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Egypt Cemetery (07) by Jim Whiteley

I want to see every piece of your soot stained soul.
You’ve risen out of ashes and are still feathering
Wings that can glide safely through storm banks.
I’ve always run from wall clouds,
Sought shelter in closets and cellars that smelled of rusty mud…
But you’ve changed me.
I want to go through a tornado with you.
I want to be swept up and carried away with my palm slammed against yours
Stretching my fingers as far up the backside of your hand as I can
So I can be sure that I don’t lose my grip on my sanity.
—  From Stormbank Adventures by Madison Bowker

Boutique pulls employee’s Instagram shots for the most absurd reason

Sherene Marie Zarrabi went above and beyond as an employee at Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Dainty Hooligan boutique when she modeled the clothes for the store’s Instagram account. When boutique owner, Jessica Issler, saw the photos, she asked the store manager to delete them. In the email, Issler said, “Don’t take it personal,” but the body shaming had already been done.


Kitchen garden at Bolen residence by Gardening Solutions