Extremely small miniature horse is to become a therapy animal

Most people, even miniature horse breeders like Diana Gilger, and Linda and Jim Woods, expect even baby foals to be bigger than this.

“This is Jazz, the mother,” says Diana walking into a tiny stall. “And this is Itty Bitty Hope.

To put matters into some perspective, Itty Bitty Hope’s birth weight and height tied the world record for the smallest horse ever born.

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No. That first one was not the real maps. it was just cuz it was 4:31AM when I was making these, and its almost 4th of July soooooo.

#628-Braviary, The Valiant Pokemon ***By Request for Anon***

Braviary is a Pokemon that can only be found in North America, and is very proud. The feather formation on its head represents a Native American war bonnet, in the formation it is in. Braviary is extremely aggressive, but only for noble means, such as protecting its friends and allies. The More Scars it has the more it is respected by its peers. Along with its strong will, it has great strength, for it can Pick up a car and fly with it.

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The Satanic Temple Baphomet Statue Unveiling in Detroit

Religion is a big fucking deal in the US. Everyone from the President to your neighbor has their beliefs and wants to tell you about them…or shove them down your damned throat. And one religion looms large over the politics and culture of the country – Christianity. It has its bloody f…

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National tipping point: As Oklahoma bans the Ten Commandments from the capitol, brace yourself for THIS next outrage - Allen B. West -
It's open season on Christians and Jews

I have a solution for this. Leave the Ten Commandments memorial, right where it is. Mark off an extra one foot of space surrounding it…then, put it and the land that is inside the that 1 foot section of land up for sell…. approach churches, private businesses and entrepreneurs  etc with it…then whoever purchases it, will own it….they could sell it for as little as 1 dollar…which is legal…and it would then be privately owned land….just add a caveat into the sale that it must not be destroyed or removed. Then no one could do anything about it….as it would belong to a private owner.


#627-Rufflet, The Eaglet Pokemon ***By Request for Anon***

Rufflet is a Pokemon that is found in many parts of America. In fact it, and its evolved form has become a staple of the American culture. It is generally found by oceans, water, or in Forests. This Pokemon has even taken on much of the attitude of America, as it is often seen fighting Pokemon that are much stronger than it is, because it finds this is an effective way to get stronger more quickly.


#559-Scraggy, The Shedding Pokemon ***By Request for anon***

Scraggy is a Pokemon that is constantly shedding its skin, and it uses the skin that it sheds as a shield, carrying it around its waist at all times. This skin can be raised up to its neck to protect it. Scraggy lives in dry areas, but prefers to stay away from deserts, choosing rather to live in rough terrain near large cities. Scraggy is a very stubborn Pokemon that will fight anything that it comes into contact with. (I’m sure you tumblr users can relate.)

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I messed up and forgot to put my hell 😁
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