Oda Nobunaga (Summer 2017 ver.) and Okita Soujia.k.a the GUDAGUDA ship.from Fate/Grand Order

Yeah you know how fast Okita is…
If you play fgo, you’d get the inside joke as well ^^ so it’s a bonus

based on short comic made by うにゃ
Thank you again for the permission to remake and translate this wonderful short comic!

Remake illustration + translation by me
original concept + story by: うにゃ(unyanai)
original Japanese version: link


I apologize for the awkward fighting scenes XD This is the best I could do.


OCxSouji(Hakuoki) Doujinshi Prologue Part 5 (phew long title xD)

Link to Part 1: https://eruerufupotato.tumblr.com/post/178738509535/ocxsoujihakuoki-doujinshi-prologue-part-1-phew

Link to Part 2: https://eruerufupotato.tumblr.com/post/178752090675/ocxsoujihakuoki-doujinshi-prologue-part-2-phew

Link to Part 3: https://eruerufupotato.tumblr.com/post/178786729020/ocxsoujihakuoki-doujinshi-prologue-part-3-phew

Link to Part 4: https://eruerufupotato.tumblr.com/post/178952064485/ocxsoujihakuoki-doujinshi-prologue-part-4-phew

this is about my OC and okita souji.

A brief explanation:
Eruna Yukimura is half demon. Her mother was human with red hair and father is a demon(no sh*t xD). Her pinkish hair with red tips was based on rasetsu’s hair turning white when transforming. In her case, her human and demon genes mixed or blended(something like that) while her right eye is blood red and left eye is yellowish a bit orangey in color.

The prologue is about how her one sided feelings for souji started and how it unfolds. What will happen? I have lots planned in the story but have little time to draw (This is based on Souji’s route.)

This is my 1st attempt to make a doujin and I’m not a good writer. It might be lame so please bear with me, okay?

Background and effects from Clip Studio Paint. I only draw the characters xD