okinawa 2013


They’re not teenagers, mutants, ninjas, or turtles, but if you’re looking for the real masters of the bo, sai, katana or nunchaku you need to get on the first flight to Okinawa.  

Hokama sensei with bo

Tomimoto sensei with sai

Hamamoto sensei with katana

Kuniyoshi sensei with nunchaku

Okinawa is the birthplace of karate. It is also the home of kobudo which uses weapons including the bo staff, nunchaku and sai. Hamamoto is a master of iaido.

Images are from the Karate Masters Portrait Project documenting the iconic sensei of OkinawaFebruary, 2013, Japan. Text and photography by Chris Willson/Travel 67  on Flickr

Hi ~~~!!I’m back!! do you miss me??XDD

The trip to Okinawa is quite fun, the only downside is the weather is a bit unstable so the sky is not clear all the time like the last time I visited…; w ; and because there’re 7 of us so it cost us more time than we expected and thus the whole trip is a bit in a hurry…but that’s OK, we had our fun XD (here’s some random photos from the trip)

Didn’t get to visit the beer factory last time!


Super relaxing Si-sa chan @ fruitland Okinawa XDD

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Just made it on time for the spring miku campaign!!

The beach outside the first hotel we stayed.

Going to take the glass boat at Busena Marine park, the weather is not really good that day ; ^ ; and the wind is so strong…I think I nearly had seasick that day…orz

I joined a class to make a si-sa of my own >W<~~~(though my brother said that he look like a frog than a si-sa…; w ;)

The real si-sa should look like this ; w ; (I suppose that’s how a guardian should look like…)

Went to Futenma guu,but we went there too late and miss the time to visit the cave under the shrine ><!!!1 (because we got lost for sometime….)

Sunset at American village

Goat at Bios on the hill, they know how to pose whenever a camera is ready XDDDD


Gala Aoiumi

Do you know how much will power I used to keep myself from buying them back to hong kong…..><

Studio Ghibli layout exhibition at the Oinawa art museum, I’m not really a Ghibli fan but still enjoy it so much! The spirited away part is so impressive, the fans are gonna love it. (they don’t allow photo taking in the museum, I hope I can take a picture of that hall…><)

The only souvenir I bought at kokusai dori for myself got nothing to do with Okinawa, how brilliant is that…orz(my brother: and you would totally miss it if I don’t point that to you)

Ok, gotta go out for dinner now, so that’s it for now