30 Days of Hakuouki: Day 7

Day 7. Favorite pairing

Okay, I have to split this up, because I have numerous pairings. So one will a canon pairing, and the other a non-canon pairing.

Canon Pairing:

I really don’t think there’s an easy way for me to split this up and explain it, because I’ve spoken about it in extreme length HERE

I love every pairing, and I have a lot of long winded and deep thoughts about her relationships with the other characters, but my character bias (hello, Souji, we meet again) draws me back to their dynamic and why it exists in the way it does. It’s a little less conventional than some (like say Heisuke or Sano’s) and a little more obvious than others (Saitou, Kazama, practically the length of Hijikata’s). It has a balance I just enjoy and I truly think that nobody but Chizuru would have been able to help Souji get through those events and come out of it a better man. And his actions in Zuisouroku’s epilogue, as well as some implications in Reimeiroku’s display that well and it just… gives me the warm fuzzies.

Non-Canon Pairing:

Most people who follow me probably know by now that I ship them with the passion of like 10 million white hot burning suns. Again, since it’s something I’ve spoken about at length before, I will just link THIS POST, which does a lot of explaining to my reasoning behind it.

I have a lot of feelings about the dynamic in general between the two of them. But I am a shipper at heart, and as with most canons I enjoy, I ship a lot of characters to every capacity regardless of likelihood or plausibility in a canon setting. It’s the stuff saved for RP and fic and fanart – which I’m totally okay with. It’s all in good fun, as far as I’m concerned, which is why I get huffy if people try to berate me for shipping things I like. Yes, I know it’s an otome game. No, I won’t stop shipping it anyway! 

BUT ANYWAY, I DIGRESS. It’s actually really difficult for me with non-canon pairings to narrow it down because I have a lot of things I ship rather intensely. The one time I got asked for my ship list, it was really very long and scary to look back at. 

Ship feelings, I have lots and lots of them.