Are you avoiding me, Chi-zu-ru chan?”
My school shoes fell from my hands as I felt a shiver run down my spine at his voice, almost a purr, so close to my ear and tickling my skin. I immediately turned towards the voice and found Okita senpai’s green cat like eyes closely preying at me, a glint of mischief in them, and a daring smile playing in his lips. It took me a second longer than I intended to answer, all my brains having melted somehow.
“N- no, of course not.”
“Aw, really?”
“Really. I was not.”
Because of course I could not be that lucky to avoid him for a whole day. He smirked at how I tried to make my voice sound confident, a predatory smile forming in his lips as his eyes shined.
“Then it was a matter of timing, but hey look,” He took a step towards me and I took an involuntary step backwards, my back feeling the wall. “found you.
—  snippet from ch 14 from Hakuouki School Days -  Komorebi.

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SSL!AU OkiChiSai where Okita and Saitou are rivals in getting Chizuru's affection please :D (p.s.: second time submitting~ I love you egg <3 thanks for the beautiful and wonderful writings)

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“Hey, Saitou-senpai, what’s the answer to this question? I’m doing test corrections, so I was wondering….” Sheepish in her expression, Chizuru holds up her paper to show the other student. Saitou is indeed a year older than her, but Chizuru figures he might know the answer regardless.

The violet-haired man pauses in his work, a bit surprised at the broken silence. He hadn’t expected to be approached in the library, none less by Chizuru. But he’ll also take what he can get since… well, it was nice to be noticed by the brunette.

“Of course. Sit down,” he says, motioning to the empty chair beside him. Chizuru bows in appreciation and moves over to the chair, but before the two of them could blink, it’s occupied by a brunet he did not appreciate interfering on his study time. Or this alone time with Chizuru, really.

“Chizuru-chan~ you can sit across the table from your senpais. We’ll both help you. Two heads are better than one, hm?” Souji grins devilishly and Saitou knows he’s doing this on purpose. Well, two could play at that game.

“I see no reason to refuse. However…” When Chizuru obliges with Souji’s request in slight confusion, Saitou quickly moves over the table and plops in the seat next to the girl. “I cannot explain this problem unless I am right next to you.”

Chizuru blinks in puzzlement. Nonetheless, the oblivious look on her face is truly honest and amusing to look at. Souji laughs right aloud as he follows in Saitou’s actions.

“How cheeky of you, Hajime-kun.” Souji says as he leans against Chizuru’s arm, glancing over at her paper. “Oh~ the correct answer to that is B~”

“Ehh… even when I was so sure it was A….”

Chizuru squeaks when Saitou leans against her other arm, pointing his pencil at her paper.

“Here, I will explain why that is the correct answer. Which, I had already known even without Souji interfering.”

“Just trying my best to help~”

“Erm… Okita-senpai, Saitou-senpai….”

The silent stare-down between the two only pauses because Chizuru’s voice sounds quite distressed.

“What is it?”


With the two boys being pressed closely to her, the girl is torn between being embarrassed or being horrified because of how squished she was feeling at the moment.

“Please let me breathe….”

Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of her struggle.