okha soyan

From Bloodhound, by Tamora Pierce
  • Beka: How do you do it? Become all wonderful and lovely like you are out there?
  • Okha: You are an odd one, aren't you? You say little but you make me want to talk about things that I don't usually babble about, you know. Maybe it's those eyes of yours. You don't judge..
  • Beka: Most folk find my eyes frightening.
  • Okha: My experiences with 'most folk' are not so good that I am inclined to follow their standard. I had very good teachers, people who took me in when my family cast me out. I worked and I studied everywhere I went. But that isn't what you're asking.
  • Beka: Not really. Your beauty comes from the inside. You don't put that on with a brush and powder.

Tortall Fan Cast: Okha Soyan

Okha is a trans* woman. She is of Carthaki descent and has the typical light brown skin and black hair. It reaches down to her shoulders. She has large, dark eyes, a short nose, and a thin mouth. Okha is five feet and ten inches tall, of slender built and very graceful. She is approximately thirty-one in 247 HE.

Holly picks Yasmin Lee

Amanda picks Harmony Santana

Alright, time to get this small rant out of my system.

I realised today why I don’t like Bloodhound as much as I like Terrier.

For one, I really liked seeing Clary and Tunstall interact in Terrier. And I loved watching the other puppies. But mostly, it was Okha, and how she, yes, she, I’m going there, is handled.

Beka, girl, I love you. You braid your hair, you talk in slang, you’re dreadful shy around people you don’t know even though you’re tough as nails, but Nestor isn’t gay.

He’s lovers with a transwoman. There’s a swiving difference. Hell, Okha says it herself: 

“Inside I am a beautiful woman,” Okha said, fiddling with a perfect curl. “The Trickster tapped me in my mother’s womb and placed me in this man’s shell.”

When Okha’s performing, she performs under a female name-indeed, she makes such a ‘convincing’ woman, that what gives her away are her large feet

When Okha’s at home, even, where does it say she has any male tendancies? It doesn’t. She is a feminine, transwoman.

So, gods curse it Beka, why are you using male pronouns?


Queerness and Queer Characters in Tamora Pierce's Works

I think it would be cool to take a minute to highlight the queerness and queer characters in Tamora Pierce’s books that are canonically queer either by the text or Word Of God(ess). With the exception of a couple characters, most cannon queer characters are supported with subtext and hints and then confirmed by Tamora in interviews. This is not without its own problematic aspects.

So, every week or so, I will be making posts about one queer character or character that has queer coded aspects. I’ll be talking about the character, ships, problematic aspects with their portrayal, interviews and scenes, and hopefully a lot of fic!

Of course, if you have something to say about this character or things to recommend or ask, please do so! Let’s make this a dialouge!

I think I’ll start with the Beka Cooper Series. This week we’ll look at Okha Soyan!