okey dokey..

Okey dokey, I’ll try, but I’m bad at explaining things.

First of all, it’s hard to tell because Kirby is constantly bouncing, but I’m fairly certain he is slightly taller than Meta Knight in Smash 4.

Second of all, I think the cape was designed to accommodate someone with wings. The inside of it is likely a pocket dimension of some sort, which would explain Meta’s ability to disappear by pulling it over himself, and it explains how his wings are completely hidden. Anyway, it hides Meta Knight’s wings, but it can also transform into them when needed. This is a bit confusing, since that would make it both part of his body and not, at the same time, right? Nah. I think it’s like putting a blanket over your hand. You put it over it and you can’t see it anymore (I mean, you can probably see where your hand is because of a lump, but ignore that. Your hand is invisible now). But, if you were to grab something with the blanket still covering your hand, would that make the blanket your hand now? Nah, it’s still a blanket, it’s just covering your hand. Anyway, I guess that’s the whole deal with Meta Knight’s cape, when it transforms into wings, what you’re looking at is the cape, but the wings are underneath/inside it? If that made any sense. I have no idea, it’s 3:52 in the morning and my brain is functioning on another plane of reality, so… yeah.

sometimes u just gotta say “okey dokey” and just like.. rely on urself.. take things as impersonally as u can.. love and let go.. move on.. try and find all the good things, soak those in. and that’s all u can do! and sometimes, that’s enough

What I don’t get about the ‘resources’ argument is, how exactly do asexuals waste LGBT resources if we don’t need them? If being ace won’t get you kicked out of your home, you won’t need housing. If being ace won’t get you fired, you won’t need the financial backup. If being ace doesn’t put you at physical risk, you won’t need the protective services that the LGBT community can muster.

If, on the other hand, being ace does cause you to deal with any of the above, then the resources aren’t being ‘wasted’ – they’re going toward the safety and well-being of somebody who’s being punished for not being straight. Isn’t that the point of those resources to begin with?

I’m honestly confused how this argument even works. The only way it makes sense is if we’re walking up to a community that we have zero need of, and they’re just going ‘okey-dokey! 8D’ and handing us shit we clearly don’t need. Is that what y’all are trying to say? I’m honestly curious.

songs that make me happy

zack villere - cool

froyo ma - there

clairo - pretty girl

fazerdaze - lucky girl

cosmo pyke - chronic sunshine

peachy - falling for you

gus dapperton - i’m just snacking

phum viphurit - long gone

peach pit - seventeen

omar apollo - u got me

okey dokey - coffee boi

sundarta - sweet moon

arctic monkeys - 505



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we know that in september, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. we will welcome summer’s ghost. - henry rollins

{listen here}

i. dead record player dr. dog/ ii. crust punk queen tor miller/ iii. destroyer saint motel/ iv. i am drunk, and she is insane del water gap/ v. poplar st glass animals/ vi. it’s mathematics, you know national parks/ vii. german motor car margot & the nuclear so and so’s/ viii. momento mori harriet/ ix. dangerous animals arctic monkeys/ x. fat lady sure sure/ xi. the pound is sinking- remixed 2015 paul mccartney/ xii. either or, it’s all the same okey dokey/ xiii. r.i.p. 2 my youth the neighbourhood/ xiv. nobody knows who you are dr. dog/ xv. no name #3 elliott smith/ xvi. how can you swallow so much sleep bombay bicycle club/ xvii. the hellcat spangled shalalala arctic monkeys/  xviii. before my ears explode good morning//

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

-After a lengthy medical leave, I have once more donned my red and khaki and returned to my rightful place at the register. I find the store much the same as it always was. An unsettlingly muggy climate. The aisles, bustling with guests from every demographic, all united in the common pursuit of the best deals. An inescapable air of mystery and ripe infant following wherever you go. It is good to be back.

-A man in his fifties returned twenty-five unopened Hot Wheels cars. I wish that I know what could have gone so, so very wrong.

-An elderly pair of women purchase Minions toothpaste, a Minions toothbrush, and a Minions board game. Their passion leaves me certain that they are not gifts. Their choice of passion leaves me wondering one thing: Why?

-I listened on as a trio of grade school girls gathered to discuss having watched the notoriously family-friendly smash hit, Deadpool. At first, I believed them to be bluffing, however they went into such detail that I came to realize that the nine year-olds were actual consumers of this movie. The three have proven themselves to possess only the hardest of cores and are not to be trifled with.

-A young man came through sporting a shirt which showed him to be a member of the local hammer wrestling team. I have never heard of any such sport, but if it is at all like how it sounds, I am very interested.

-The Hot Wheels man approached my lane to purchase more of the same cars he had just returned. He only picked up half as many cars this time around, however. This man has been hurt before, so I am glad to see him being careful moving forward.

-Rather than the normal affirmative of “Okey-dokey,” a woman crafted her own, replying to her total with a confident, “Obi-Kobe.” Once I establish my Hammer Wrestling team, I have now been inspired to start up a Jedi Basketball club.

-A toddler screamed and cried and kicked and fought when the ball he had been clutching, a blue orb much larger than he himself, was taken away. The tyke refused to calm down until it was once again safely in his keeping. I am glad to see such a wise child, so proficient at prioritizing. After all, it is never too early to learn that ball is life.

Identifying Kpop Rappers:

These are only some like the ones i know

Zico: Z-I-CO!

Jackson: *husky ass voice that doesn’t match his looks* lol this is probably most rappers

Sehun: *insert iconic English line here*

Ravi: Rrrrrrrrrrravi!

Bambam: Double B

Mino: OKEY DOKEY YO! try to tell me a song more lit than this

Jooheon: JOO-HEON

T.O.P: *rapping faster than anything you’ve heard*

I.M.: I am what I am / IM!

Suga: A to the G to the U to the STD

G-Dragon: Skrrrtttt!!!! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it

Gray: *whisper* Graaaayyy~

Kyung: aaight!

Yongguk: Chyeah


Jay Park: It’s Seattle to Seoul