okey dokey..

sometimes u just gotta say “okey dokey” and just like.. rely on urself.. take things as impersonally as u can.. love and let go.. move on.. try and find all the good things, soak those in. and that’s all u can do! and sometimes, that’s enough


i applaud this girl’s strength that she was able to keep up with the flow and not breakdown 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼if i were her… in that small confined space… and his arm suddenly on you… id either start screaming, faint, let out uglycrying

Identifying Kpop Rappers:

These are only some like the ones i know

Zico: Z-I-CO!

Jackson: *husky ass voice that doesn’t match his looks* lol this is probably most rappers

Sehun: *insert iconic English line here*

Ravi: Rrrrrrrrrrravi!

Bambam: Double B

Mino: OKEY DOKEY YO! try to tell me a song more lit than this

Jooheon: JOO-HEON

T.O.P: *rapping faster than anything you’ve heard*

I.M.: I am what I am / IM!

Suga: A to the G to the U to the STD

G-Dragon: Skrrrtttt!!!! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it

Gray: *whisper* Graaaayyy~

Kyung: aaight!

Yongguk: Chyeah


Jay Park: It’s Seattle to Seoul

The Actual Master List

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Okay, Bughead fandom, listen up.

To you, Bughead is a ship. A hella cute ship, maybe. Your absolute OTP, sure. The one thing in your life you love to pieces, okey dokey. But the thing is, it’s literally just that. It’s a ship. And while you may argue with me on this, there have been other ships you’ve loved as much and more you’ll find in the future. 

But it isn’t the same for some people. Most of the people who are anti bughead are aro/ace. And fuck you if you think their hatred is misplaced. They have almost no representation at all in any form of the media. There’s still a whole bunch of people who don’t even know they exist

Jughead Jones is one of the very, very few characters who identified as ace (and based on reading between the lines, aro as well) and it’s obvious that this character claimed a special place in their hearts. 

So, you coming along, telling them to stop hurting your precious feelings and stop hating on your ship is literally just you asking them to stop talking about an important issue. And some of you even send them cruel messages for saying that they feel erased. 

Let me ask you. If you’re a straight person and literally every single goddamn person in pretty much all the shows you watch (or books you read) is anything but straight, (except for like 2.5%) how the fuck would you feel?

Stop hating on the people who’re fighting for representation. Stop telling them to just accept Bughead. Stop telling them no one cares. Stop telling them they’re ‘lame’ or ‘stupid’. Stop telling them that their opinions don’t matter.

 If you’ve done any of this, you’re taking part in their erasure as well. Representation is important and they have every right to be angry about not getting the representation they deserve. If you’re allowed to express your opinions on a ship, they’re allowed to express their opinions on the way the media treats them .

I’m not asking you to stop shipping Bughead. I’m asking you to stop going after people who don’t. So, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather keep shipping your straight, white ship rather than think about the bigger issue, well…you really, really need to sort out your priorties. 

And yes, I’m putting this in your tag. 

No, I don’t care if this is interrupting your leisurely scroll.  

( Oh, btw, if any of you send me anon hate, that will also be posted here in your little tag! :) )  

OKey dokey, uncle Aes has some tips that’ll make your lives a little more easier. This is how to make a picture more believable when having a character interact with an item that is larger than their persons. First tip! -Always draw the object that is being acted upon, FIRST.

Let’s take this chair for example, drawing a character sitting is not an easy task, I know. But with a little know how and can-do it can be pretty fun and satisfying. Drawing the object that is being acted upon first not only lends a little more realism, but it also really helps when you are drawing in perspective, case and point

Here is the difference between 1)drawing the chair first, THEN drawing the figure, versus 2)Drawing the figure first, then drawing everything AROUND that figure. #2 does not make a lot of sense, it’s all wonky and the proportions are all wrong, this is because the chair is conformin to the figure’s weight.

Example 2, stairs. Figure 1 will always look more believable than figure 2. The figure drawing  in example 1, is under the forced perspective that the stairs lend. Example 2 makes for a confusing picture to look at. because we don’t know where the feet fall naturally, and the stairs are uneven and UGLY

With both examples where the character is drawn first, the weight of the character is manipulating the environment around it, instead of the other way around. Perspective is really hard to understand, but it is really important to practice it EVEN if it looks funny. In these examples right above, they do not give a very realistic/believable reading. It’s always gonna be a guessing game of where to put an object, and if you’re gonna have a guessing game it might as well be the CHARACTER you’re guessing about and NOT the environment.

All in all, to those strugglin with drawing characters in an environment, always ALWAYS draw the object that is being acted upon FIRST. I’m not gonna say that my drawings are absolutely accurate, they still look wonky time to time, but it helps to be mindful of these things! Don’t be afraid to try tho, always use a reference and soon enough you’ll get the hang of it too :^y


[FANCAM] 160923 MOBB performing “OKEY DOKEY ” at MOBB NIGHT 

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lams in hamilton the musical

okey dokey my friends i will try to remember as much as i can

  • in alexander hamilton laurens passes ham his bag and they make really intense eye contact for a few seconds, you can actually see this pretty well in the grammys video (i don’t have a link i’m sorry but here’s the gif) but it’s definitely noticeable on stage
  • laurens has this cute lil smile at “laurens i like you a lot”
  • at one point during my shot ham grabs laurens’ shoulder and is looking at him for several seconds (you start to see them get progressively touchy)
  • it’s where you get this gif from, actually
  • that being said they spend the story of tonight really touchy
  • i don’t have much to say for a winter’s ball but laurens joins in with ham and burr in the “hey”s, it’s pretty funny
  • HOOOO BOY HELPLESS okay i mentioned this before, but during the wedding scene at the end of the song, laurens and angelica walk down the aisle first arm-in-arm, the best man and maid of honor. they are not happy. before they part, they share this look, and there’s definitely a mutual understanding between them (i wrote more about this and the wedding scene here) this is where that subtext was most obvious to me, personally. i wasn’t expecting it and i actually gasped
  • there’s not too much to say for satisfied, but when laurens stumbles out to do his “alright alright that’s what i’m talking about” he is very obviously drunk, so you might could read something into that idk, i didn’t interpret it as the happy kind of drunk we saw in aaron burr sir
  • THE STORY OF TONIGHT REPRISE OH MY GOD basically they spend the entire first half of the song all up on each other with the touching
  • i could be wrong but i think it’s when they’re singing “cus if the tomcat can get married” laurens, mulligan, and lafayette are basically all humping the air and laurens is laughing at ham lmao (this gif)
  • in stay alive i’m pretty sure hamilton touches lauren’s shoulder at “and everyday’s a test of our camaraderie and bravery” but don’t quote me on that
  • and YES IT’S TRUE at “laurens, do not throw away your shot” ham DOES grab the back of laurens’ neck and they DO look into each other’s eyes for several seconds and i DID die but what i wasn’t expecting is that LAURENS GRABS BACK he’s either holding onto the back of ham’s neck or his shoulder i’m not sure BUT IT IS JUST AS GAY AS YOU’RE IMAGINING
  • but i wouldn’t say there was anything overtly romantic about ten duel commandments
  • after laurens shoots lee in meet me inside, ham is immediately at his side. sometime before washington gets there (i think after “go, we won”) they pull each other into a tight hug for a moment, laurens looks reluctant to leave ham when washington asks him to meet him inside
  • okay so tomorrow there’ll be more of us, the one song that’s not on the album
  • it’s small and heartbreaking. ham is sitting in a wooden chair facing the audience, and eliza comes out at the end of dear theodosia with the letter. she reads it to him.
  • hamilton is in obvious distress when he realizes what the letter is saying, looking stunned more than anything. he’s all frozen up. laurens stands next to him, and he doesn’t look sad at all, actually looks rather proud. he even smiles at his last “tomorrow there’ll be more of us” before the spotlight goes out on him
  • hamilton is looking at him though, almost like he’s a vision or something, because he’s still looking at that spot when the light’s gone out and eliza asks if he’s okay. there’s a pause where he looks kinda blank before he says, sorta gravely, “i’ve got so much work to do” and jumps directly into non-stop
  • really, i think the significance of this scene more than anything is that it’s the one song lin decided to leave off the album. he saw it as special, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly

in general, i’d say that if you knew hamilton and laurens were a thing prior to watching the show, that subtext would be pretty obvious to you. if you didn’t, it probably wouldn’t jump out at you, but it’s there. i told my mom after that ham and laurens were lovers and her reaction was basically “ohhhh, i see that”

there are things i missed because i can’t remember every time they were touching or every time they were making eye contact, but just know that there’s a lot of that lol