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Why aren't you doing M!A stuff?

So needless to say there is an underlined plot. a plot you have to look closely to see sometimes but its there. And M!A stuff may mess around a bit with our ideas. Idk we like to somewhat have control over the blog. Im personally okey with doing them as long as its plot okey but em and cat may not so we keep it closed<3 - Mod Val


Okey now that I got you attention, Just wanted to say you’re invited to stalk my instagram whenever u want its @masmusicaporfavor_ (it means more music please in Spanish) if u scroll down there some post dedicated to you I love u (also I’d prove my friends u love me and I’m not just saying that? they always say your not the one who likes stuff on here and stuff so yhea there’s that) I love u

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Hi! I just recently hit five hundred followers, and honestly I would still be shocked if even five of you liked my blog. I remember having seventeen followers and thinking that this as all some sort of elaborate fantasy.

Anyway, below are all of the blogs that I follow, some of them are my friends, some of them are people that I’ve never even talked to, but they are all worth following, and you should definitely check them out!

I emboldened some of these blogs, the ones that I consider to be my friends. People who have made this whole experience just super fun for me. Under the cut you will find my opinion on each of those lovely bloggers.

Italicized blogs are ones that I visit often (:


amiserablelove25 apple-jack-daniels artielu bemusedbicycle buttercupsandhooks capitaine-cygne captainnnicole captainswanouat carmi-believes-in-love colinodonewithyouu colinschest


emzandkilly enchanteddiana gp28writer haleigh91 happilycaptainswan headoverhook heroceaneye holdingoutforapiratehero hook-a-boo hooked-on-killian hookedemma hookier hookskraken hookslovelyswan


i-know-how-you-kiss ihearttvsnark intolerablystruck j-j-sawyer-phillips justren21 killian-the-meerkat killians-tinkabelle killiansbuttercup killianslonghaul kissmelikeapirate klar425 lala-kate lovingcaptainswan


mintchocotea misslizanne msgenevieve447 myheroandmycaptain niniadepapa nolongeralostswan odonoghuedaily on-the-ning-nang-nong onceland oncerrealities onceuponajollyroger onceuponamirror onceuponanobsession onceuponataarna overlordofthelollipopguild


proudblueeyesthings quitetheteam quitethevesselyoucaptainswan rolandsdimples rumplebum seastarved shecalledhimkillian singallyouwant storybookswan storybrooke-nine-nine storybrookemirror swanshope


totheendoftheworldortime tough-lass unbrokenkillian vickyvicarious welcomeaboardthenopetrain whisperofgrace zengoalie

(I don’t think that I forgot anybody, but if I follow you and you’re not on this list, shoot me a message!)

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