quincette  asked:

Agaaaassssss translate us the last batch of natsu matsuri story titles pretty pwease? :3


Sorry this took a while, I have problems with my phone suddenly refusing to charge. 

There’s NO MORE stores coming after this. The festival closes on the 4th of September, so… splurge away. 

Kojuro’s shop

  1. 右腕の座をかけて - Taking the position of Right Hand (Kojuro and Shigezane)
  2. 妖精と晩酌 - Night drinks with a fairy (Kenshin and Shigezane)
  3. 雨上がりを待つ間に - While waiting for the rain to stop (Masamune and Kenshin)
  4. 意外な弱点 - Unexpected weak point (Kojuro and Genya)
  5. 迷子 - Lost child (Hotaru and Genya)
  6. 政宗と逢瀬 - Date with Masamune 
  7. 張り込み - Stakeout (Kenshin, Kageie, Kagetsugu)
  8. そうめんのこだわり - Obsession of soumen (Hotaru, Kanetsugu, Yoshichi)
    *)soumen is a type of noodle

  9. 悪い大人 - Bad adults (Kojuro and Genya)
  10. 男の夢 - A man’s dream (Shigezane, from Oboro’s POV)
  11. 大好きなこと - Favourite thing (Kageie and Kagetsugu, from Tora’s POV)
  12. 兼続と逢瀬 - Date with Kanetsugu
  13. 政宗と迷い〇〇 - Masamune and missing oo 
    *) 〇〇 indicates “???” (something mysterious). Guess you have to buy it to find out.
  14. 政宗がお疲れ - Masamune worked hard
  15. Repeat the “missing oo” and “worked hard” with 小十郎 Kojuro, 謙信 Kenshin, 成実 Shige, 弦夜 Genya, and 蛍 Hotaru

Hideyoshi’s shop

  1. お戯れ - Flirting (Nobunaga and Sakuya)
  2. 犬猿の仲 - Like monkeys and dogs (Hideyoshi and Toshiie)
    *) 犬猿の仲 is actually a proverb that means “bad relationship”/like cats and dogs, but you know… Hide and Inu are actually friends, so…
  3. みつみつ会議 - Mitsu Mitsu conference (Mitsuhide and Mitsunari, LOL)
  4. 贈り物 - A gift (Toshiie and Sakuya)
  5. かなわない相手 - Unmatchable partner (Kyouichirou and Kaede)
  6. 光秀と逢瀬 - Date with Mitsuhide 
  7. 幼馴染で宝探し - Treasure hunt with childhood friends (Hideyoshi, Kiyomasa, Masanori)
  8. 頭の布のはなし - Story of the head-covering (Mitsunari and Sakon)
  9. 入れ替わり - Switching (Kyouichirou and Keiji)
  10. 楓 - Kaede (From Raita’s POV)
  11. おせっかい - Meddlesome (Toshiie, from Tobimaru’s POV)
  12. それぞれの関係 - Each individual relationship (Nobunaga, from Tobimaru’s POV)
  13. 官兵衛と逢瀬 - Date with Kanbei
  14. 信長と迷い〇〇 - Nobunaga and missing oo
  15. 信長 がお疲れ - Nobunaga worked hard
  16. Repeat 14 and 15 with 光秀 Mitsuhide, 秀吉 Hideyoshi, 利家 Toshiie, 三成 Mitsunari, 朔夜 Sakuya, and 恭一郎 Kyouichirou

Shingen’s shop

  1. 奇跡の耳 - Miraculous hearing (Yukimura and Ieyasu)
  2. 切れない縁 - Unbreakable bond (Saizo and Shingen) 
  3. 佐助の教え - Sasuke’s teaching (Sasuke and Yukimura)
  4. 大罵倒大会 - Abusive meeting (Ieyasu and Hanzo)
  5. 厄介な任務 - Troublesome mission (Saizo and Hanzo)
  6. 佐助と逢瀬 - Date with Sasuke
  7. 暇つぶし - Killing time (Hanzo and Kiyohiro)
  8. 俺が酒井で酒井が俺で - I am Sakai, and Sakai is me (Ieyasu and Sakai Tadatsugu)
  9. 大人の喧嘩 - Adult’s quarrel (Shingen and Sasuke, from Kohaku’s POV)
  10. 可愛いあいつ - That cute one (Yukimura, from Kohaku’s POV)
  11. 気になるあいつ - The one (I) worry about (Saizo, from Kohaku’s POV)
  12. 幸村と迷い〇〇 - Yukimura and missing oo 
  13. 幸村 がお疲れ - Yukimura worked hard
  14. Repeat 12 and 13 with 才蔵 Saizo, 家康 Ieyasu, 信玄 Shingen, 佐助 Sasuke, and 半蔵 Hanzo