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Hanahaki Disease: A disease where the patient coughs up flower petals as a result of one-sided love. 

The petals Ennoshita coughed up were orange - a vibrant hue that reminded him of Tanaka’s smile.

It hurt. It hurt in his throat, straining it with every cough. It hurt in his chest, thorns clawing beneath his breast.

Tanaka’s smile bloomed roses in his heart, and it was beginning to suffocate him.

The signs as shit my sister has said.

Aquarius: What if we called our eyebrows, eyeBROS?

Pisces: Who would think something covered in holes would be so warm.

Aries: (When people get mad at me for being confident in my singing.)
If you’ve been playing soccer for 12 years and you can’t kick the ball, that’s pretty sad.

Taurus: Instead of two women fighting each other to the death I want them to fight some else to the death… together.

Gemini: “I thought you said you buried the hatchet!”
“I dug it up, bitch.”

Cancer: [Can’t find the mozzarella sticks]
Panic! At the Freezer.

Capricorn: Me on a good day: (holding knife to your throat) YAINT GONNA BELIEVE THIS.

Sagittarius: (Looking at unclicked pen) It’s off.

Scorpio: I say bedroom, hands say hospital

Libra: Okee dokee artichokemedaddy

Virgo: I told mom she could bring me something from Costco and I hope she took that as bring me poutine.

Leo: Me, a gay, somehow just became my friend’s fake girlfriend for two seconds a day.


Toriel: We watched the fireworks with everyone else~ It’s such a beautiful sight… I hope everyone has a great new year!

sans: yea, it sure was firetastic. heh, same here. happy new year, guys, hope no one is bonely this year.


Frisk:  👍 -ᴗ-

Undyne: HAPPY NEW YEAR, NERDS!  (^ ਊ ^)

Alphys: H-h-happy new year!! …t-thanks for everything…

Asgore: Howdy! May Humans and Monsters share this next year in peace!

Mettaton: Greetings, fans! This is the gorgeous M.T.T. speaking, and I GUARANTEE for everyone that this year will be as BEAUTIFUL as MYSELF! (Okay, maybe that’s impossible.)

((happy new year! :D))

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Do you have gang au with jungkook as the gang member instead of tae? The ones i found are mostly tae being the gang member.

(≧ω≦)ゞ Okee dokes anonnie. Have I mentioned my love for badboy!Guk? Check out here for more gangau!taekook (there are a couple Jeongguk ones.)

What Do You Fight For?  Taehyung has only ever known to keep his guard up. But that was before he knew Jungkook.

(They’re both badboys in this and they fight. It’s Taehyung centric. A+ for fistfights that turn into make out sessions.)

Yes I’m A Bad Boy Request:  highschool!au - badboy!jeongguk & vicepresident!v they’re secretly dating.  

(Really short drabble that left me kinda salty because I wanted them to kiss wayyyyy morrreeeee.)

Practice Rooms Jungkook was still the most terrifying presence in the school and Taehyung was still unseen by nearly everyone, but neither boys seemed to mind since none of that mattered when they were together in their practice rooms.

(Sweet. That’s all I can say. Des is a great writer. not that we’re mutuals i just stalk all her works)

Irresistable You’re second hand smoke (i breathe you in).

(A short short drabble that I will always love because I think I’m cool and listen to kickass hiphop music but really I’m punk rock FOB trash. Badboy!Jeongguk)

Hangman  Jeon Jungkook feels like a joke. whilst trying to prove himself wrong, he finds himself wrapped up in more than he’ll ever be able to chew.

(Jeongguk is in an unofficial gang? Kinda okay. Why can’t I find any gang stuff with Gguk???)

I’m realllllyyyyy sorry that I couldn’t find more gang aus for you. Apparently authors really like Tae being the badass. Hopefully you still enjoy these. Be sure to check out the other rec. There are some Jeongguk gang member fics on there. 

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

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Wich one overdoes it on alchol and wich one makes the other stop drinking (jamilton plz)

Here ya go!!

Ask more things here :)

“Live a little!” John cried happily, passing Alex a shot. “You’re the last of us to turn twenty-one, but you’re gonna make up for it tonight!”

Alex nervously took the shot glass out of his friend’s hand. Herc and Laf cheered him on as he threw back the burning liquid. He spluttered at the horrible taste in his mouth as his friends laughed. His discomfort was short-lived, however, as a pleasant cottony sensation moved into his brain.

“Can I have another one?” Alex asked, a goofy grin spreading across his face. He’d had beer and wine before, but had never really liked it. Tequila, however…

John grinned at him and went to the bar, getting another round for everyone. Alex took four more shots before he called Thomas, his fingers fumbling in his inebriation.

“Alex? Are you okay?” Thomas’ voice was nervous as it floated through the phone. He’d had to stay home that night to study for a huge test the next day, but they were going to celebrate Alex’s birthday that weekend.

“I’m great!” Alex enthused, much to the enjoyment of his friends. “But I miss youuuuuu… can’t you stop studying and spend some time with your boyfriend on his birthday?”

“Darling, I’d love to, but we’re going out this weekend, right?” Thomas’ voice was a little calmer now that he was sure it wasn’t a panic attack.

“I guess,” Alex said with a pronounced pout. “But I love you. And! I love tequila. I think you would to!”

“…How many shots have you had?”

“Like…” Alex’s mind was too muddled to conjure a number. “A lot.”

“I’m coming,” Thomas said, his voice getting a worried edge.

Alex gasped happily. “You are?!” he turned to his friends. “Guys! Thomas is coming!”

His friends gave drunken cheers, still laughing at their friend’s happy-go-lucky state.

“Stay safe please. Don’t go anywhere,” Thomas said.

“Okee dokee artichokee!” Alex grinned, hanging up. He grabbed two more shots and threw them back in quick succession.

Alex soon lost coherence completely, his vision blurring and his head becoming light. He started losing the happy glow of drunkenness and began to get worried.

“I don’t think I’m drunk anymore,” Alex slurred to his friends, his eyebrows knitting together. He staggered to his feet, swaying slightly. “More shots!” he cried, starting to make his way back to the bar, wanting to regain the warm, happy feeling the alcohol had given him.

He was careening around, trying to maintain an upright position, when he walked straight into a very solid chest.

“Darling,” he heard a voice coo in his ear, and he looked up into the worried face of his soulmate.

“Thomas,” he said, a dumb smile spreading across his face before it fell again. “I think I need more alcohol…”

“I don’t think you do sweetheart,” Thomas said, pushing back the long strand of hair that had fallen over his soulmate’s face.

“But… I don’t feel happy anymore…” Alex muttered, his eyelids drooping slightly.

“I think it’s time for you to go home,” Thomas said, smiling gently. He took Alex’s hand and started to walk him back to the table to grab his things, but Alex staggered, slamming into Thomas again. He decided to wrap an arm around the short man instead, trying to keep him as steady as possible.

They gathered up Alex’s things and said goodbye to their friends.

“Make sure he is okay, Thomas!” Laf called out as they left. “Make him sleep on his side!”

Thomas looked back to give Laf a nod, and brought Alex out into the cold. The icy air bit at his face, bringing him to a more coherent state.

“Thomas…” Alex muttered as they waited for a cab. “I’m so sorry… you were trying to study…”

Thomas smiled and placed a gentle kiss on his boyfriend’s head. “That’s okay. As long as you’re safe,” he muttered back, supporting the full weight of his soulmate.

Future, Meet Past

Day One fic for the Empty Child/Doctor Dances anniversary celebration! By Clare Hope, aka Admin Ianto at We-Are-Torchwood


That sounded like Owen. Why was Owen groaning? Wasn’t it night? Night was usually when Gwen was asleep.

“Owen? Gwen? Are you there?”

And that was Ianto. What was going on? Gwen sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Gwen, you’re awake. Look, we’re in this room. I can’t find any doors or weaknesses in the walls,” Ianto said. The only light was coming from a small torch that he was carrying. “You and Owen have been out for about 20 minutes.”

“Where are we? How did we get here?” Gwen groaned.

“Well, we were investigating Rift activity, so I’m guessing the Rift brought us here.” Ianto tapped the wall. “It seems to be some sort of high-strength metal alloy.”

Gwen crawled over to Owen and shook him roughly. “Wake up. We’re trapped.”

“Great. You know, I think I’m gonna stay asleep,” he mumbled.

“What’s that noise?” Ianto said suddenly.

Gwen knew that noise. So did Ianto, though he would prefer not to remember it. It was the whirring, wheezing sound of one space-time ship that had once whisked Jack away from them for three months. Their best guess as to the occupant of the ship was whoever Jack’s “doctor” that he kept referring to was, but they didn’t know for sure.

“What the hell is going on?” Owen snapped.

There was a thud, and another, higher pitched whirring. Part of the wall swung inwards, almost hitting Ianto in the face. “Hey!” he cried.

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lil oneshot inspired by a prompt from @otpprompts and @dmitrimolotov’s fic Eye For An Eye. this isnt rlly shippy but if u read it that way okee doke

Gavin lunges straight into Ryan, knocking him onto the floor. Ryan let’s it happen, lets out a pained grunt as he lands and stars blotch out Gavin’s angry face over him. He punches, hard, right in the eye, making Ryan yelp and jolt to instinctively protect it while it starts to water. Unfortunately his elbow connects with Gavin’s face, making him reel back with a shocked yell. Ryan takes the chance and pushes Gavin off of him, standing and waiting while Gavin gathers himself and does the same.

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Okee dokee, that’s it. I’ve had all this on block and couldn’t be bothered rewarding it with attention but this shit has gone far enough.

Second verse, same as the first:

  • People have been questioning your claims for a long time before I said anything (and you have previously used these accusations as a platform on which you paint a portrait of victimhood), some of whom had contacted me with info that made up a portion of the post, and thousands more spoke up after me. Many of them noticed that you blocked them, even if they only liked the post. A few noticed curious messages in their inboxes. But this is far from a one-woman show.
  • You exposed your own identity. Several times. In text posts, on crowdfunding sites, and in document scans on your own blog. Fucking wow.
  • I put my posts on private because you and your friends sent me death threats, a detail notably absent from your narrative.

Speaking of this narrative, look at how you have masterfully crafted an alternate one from what was actually occurring, milking it like a cow once my posts were private and reblogging to ensure you had the upper hand, embellishing a little more each time with specific words that you know Tumblr’s spoonie community will react to before investigating - bigotry, vilification, abuse etc. You made a fucking gif, how obsessed are you?

Every post you’ve made about this uses highly manipulative straw man language containing outright lies about what unfolded by taking advantage of the fact that the original posts are no longer public to contradict you. You position yourself as the only one with a vested interest in “openness and honesty”, another tactic of a highly manipulative person by using guilt (a skill you’ve been using for a long time by telling people that if they don’t give you x amount of money now, you will be homeless and die within hours - an approach used for over a year that assigns accountability to Tumblr for sustaining your life. It’s also worth noting that you switched to the narrative involving me when the aforementioned one wasn’t as affective). You’ve got yourself thoroughly convinced that anyone who doesn’t give blanket support and has questions about the extent of your needs is specifically setting out to abuse you, then if that doesn’t hold up, they will be painted as a person who “enjoys abusing disabled people”. It doesn’t matter if they are people with disabilities themselves (another detail you omit), because a vote against you must be a vote for ableism.

The thing is, your health status doesn’t make you an inherently good and beneficent person. Your behaviour nullifies your words. The way you have continued to target and harass me long after i’ve left it alone - the way you have manipulated not just my inquiry, but those of numerous others, to create a them-versus-me story for self-promotion - demonstrates that the person who enjoys targeted harassment is, in fact, you.

Cut the crap.

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I know you're busy but I would like to know any blogs you would like to recommend to us followers.

okee dokee so, I haven’t been in the teratospere long and I haven’t quite found a lot of blogs that fit my aesthetic of it ;w;💦 (as in not too heavy, scary scary monsters) BUT!!!

It just so happens that @terato-imagines that I highly recommend you follow, just posted some of her favorite blogs, HERE!

But as for who I’m following now would be:

@terato-imagines, @awkwardterezi, @wendigoteeth, @maunderfiend, and @terato-house !

- Dolly ❤

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I'm so in love with your mini genos!!!! There so cute!♥ Since that you named them, how do you discribe there personallities? Also can I steal so of them? Like... 8?

aaaahh okee dokee here we go >w< 



KIN -  “golden”, papa’s lil sweetheart, outgoing, likes capes and dresses, pretty much genderfluid I think, depends on their day, THE CINNAMON ROLL (GOLD)

KOTA“good fortune”, mama’s lil helper, reserved, very quiet and helpful, mom’s shadow at the house, THE POP TART (TEAL)

TARO“first son / big boy”,  protective but really friendly and supportive, the tol one, helps everyone reach things, Kuro’s bff, THE DAD FRIEND (PURPLE)

KURO “ninth son”, ik there’s only 8, but he’s the youngest, the shy, tentative one, but smart af, will tear apart the tv, Taro’s bff, THE MECHANIC (ORANGE)


RYU - “dragon”, literally a fucking dragon, will scorch most things, doesn’t talk much, the smol one, first one to wake up like dad THE TROUBLE MAKER (RED)

JIRO - “second son”, literally hero!genos, quiet, dependable and extremely intelligent, mom’s shadow in battle, THE LEADER (BLUE)

SHIRO“fourth son”, middle child, unconcerned but really brave and mature, strongest bby, Gin’s bff, THE FRONT LINER (GREEN)

GIN “silver”, outgoing af, will ask the real questions where bbys come from??, protective af, Ryu’s competition at burning things, Shiro’s bff, THE MOM FRIEND (PINK)

yea uvu Any questions, please ask~ ♥♥♥

The Writers Struggle: A Documentary

The Words in my Head: 

He lounged against cool grass, stretching a lean body towards the ever forgiving moon. “Ye are my everything Princess.” The purr was a soft one, ruffling bangs and tickling the slope of her neck. Generous amber eyes met blue in soft surrender, violet twitching across shoulders imprinted with fangs meant only for hymns of declaration well known. “My everythin’ an’ my nothing.” His claws hooked hair behind curved ears, watching her with the fascination of the unbelievable- a fairy tale turned into smoke and mirrors. “I dunnai deserve ye.”

“You’ve always deserved me,” she murmured back, honesty gripping his heart and twisting it with the most perfect of cruelties. “Always.”

“Neigh. I don’t.” And his lips found her brow in a hushed prayer. “But I love ye all the same.”

The Words on the Page:






And so they got jiggy with it like it was 1985. The end. 

This has been struggles of the writer. Have a nice evening. 

Arrow Spoiler!!!!!!

Okee Dokee so Wizard World NOLA! I asked both Stephen and David….

What would you like fans to keep in the back of their minds when watching the show?
(Obviously I was much less eloquent and butchered the question.)

But responses:

David asked if I my question was geared towards the show or Diggle. I asked for both if he didn’t mind. He noted that in the show they are headed for a grittier more street style fighting, less magic direction. He added that for Diggle he would love to dive deeper into the character. He’s especially interested in seeing the doppelgänger of Diggle and the cast.

He brought this up in the panel too. Another cool question was what would you like to see in the crossover. That conversation spiraled into
-it would be fun to see the team with powers

-or the supers without powers

-or both

They were an incredibly fun panel and so kind.

Stephen- opted to answer my question with a spoiler so….. last warning….. Okee Dokee… he said that around episode 15 or so that Felicity’s character was going to parallel Olivers in that she will have a secret that she will be keeping and other people will know about it. Oliver will be kept out of the loop… and que the spec!!! I would love to hear what you guys think!
@jbuffyangel @scu11y22 @louiseblue1 @blushorchid @supersillyanddorky06 @dust2dust34 @storyteller0311 @klarolicityswan @smoakandarrow

I know I’m forgetting some spec gurus (I am so sorry I would love to hear from you too) and my con partner @nerdapocalypsehasbegun

And like, I feel as though ppl who do characterize Sam as an “okee dokee” go-alonger would probably justify their reading with evidence from the movie–

For instance:
“Captain America needs my help… there’s no better reason to get back in.”
“I do what he does, just slower.”

–and use that to say “It’s canon!  Sam is super-chill and laid-back and I love him sooo much for it, that’s why I write him with no personality or needs of his own!”

Sam definitely rolls with the punches, and his character traits DO include a huge degree of selflessness, kindness, generosity, and compassion-
-But these traits are all measures of his strength and heroism–

“Captain America needs my help…” and “I do what he does…”
 - Sam is not saying “henceforth, whatever Steve Rogers wants I am going to do with no question.”

No: he’s taking a stand- and he’s doing it in a way that gives Steve hope and courage for the seemingly impossible task at hand. 

He’s throwing his lot in against Hydra- he’s standing up against a facist/neo-Nazi world takeover and saying “I believe in you and what you symbolize, and I want you to know that I’m ready to take your lead here: no ego. You’ve got me on your side, come hell or high water.”

Steve is not just some yokel with a nice butt: he’s a living legend– (what was it Nick called him?  The greatest soldier in history?) who represents something Sam believes in, and Sam’s decision to answer the call- and to do so unreservedly, is deliberate and heroic. 

Also, Sam is ex-pararescue.  His whole training, his whole mission in that job was to go into dangerous situations and save lives- 
“That others may live” is the pararescue motto, and they undergo some of the most intense and grueling training of any military position.

Selfless, courageous, daring, determined, and utterly committed to helping others at the risk of his own life: that’s Sam.  Could MCU Sam have issues with denying his own needs in the service of others?  I think that’d definitely be a legit headcanon that could be explored.

But so many ppl DON’T even bother to analyze him beyond “He makes breakfast, always says Yes, and offers his services unreservedly to anyone.” and he’s sooo much more than that, even without bringing comics canon (where he takes absolutely ZERO shit) into it

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So what's happening about the Genoslings in the Iron Queen Au?How did they meet? I'm not sure if fluffy or awkward first meetings are cuter. What's Genos' pet name here? It'd be something different from Koi, more Greek? How do they deal with the underworld? Do they spend time redecorating and trying not to let the gloom come into their rooms? Are there undead parties that they host while Genos crawls around in Saitama's lap getting drunk just because he can?



adkljjk okee dokee, here we go i haven’t done one of these for a while aaah:

first and foremost, anyone is absolutely welcome to interpret and create their own version of the underworld!au if they’d like, but as for myself: this au does not follow the actual myth of Persephone and Hades, only concepts, characters, and little aspects were taken from the mythology

so no, genos wasn’t kidnapped -u-, no not everything is going to be “accurate” (this goes for underworld geography, i’m just sticking to two sectors of it), so on and so on, lemme break this up:

the lil demon bbys are, as i’ve said before, Saitama’s little helpers, his scouts, his company, his warriors, basically his children as he created and technically raised them (tho they do not age unless they do so by shape shifting)

to give Sai some character development throughout the story, he wasn’t the one who named them and found it both surprising and endearing that Genos actually had during each meeting with them

Their first face to face meeting was an unconventional one. Countless beasts roam the underworld (tartarus specifically where genos ventured too close) and Genos happens to stumble upon one within his 2nd month, putting up a good fight before the bbys had to intervene when he was injured (in his cyborg form). They were able to get him to safety for only so long before Saitama had to put an end to it, one glare and the beast fled.

Being honest, the meeting between both Sai, the bbys, and Genos wasn’t all that fluffy or stuff, Sai literally told Genos to get out the moment after he was healed, deeper meaning behind it of course. Through the bby’s eyes he’s been watching Genos, both visibly and through stories, though not personally himself, but he’s intrigued by him, here are the first lines of the fic I’m trying to write:

“He is upon us once again, my king.”

“He is a trespasser, master, he should be exiled.”

“He causes no harm…”

“He woos the Rover itself, he is worthy.”

“Do not bicker before our king.”

“Hush, young ones.”

I’M JUST GONNA EXPLAIN WHAT DIDN’T MAKE SENSE BEFORE: GENOS IS ABLE TO COME AND GO FREELY WITHIN THE UNDERWORLD BECAUSE ROVER (this world’s cerberus) IS WOOED BY HIM. Absolutely NO ONE but Saitama himself can get this three headed dog guard thing to like him, even the kids are wary of it, but Genos is effortlessly able to pass Rover without it tearing him limb from limb for trespassing.

Of course it’s interesting, and watching Genos fight, this god of springtime (about the gentlest god you can get) is wandering through the land of the dead, challenging its native beasts, which cannot be killed of course for that very reason, to train and experience WHAT THE FUCK????

And Sai has watched him, he’s seen him, taking him two months to intervene only because Genos found himself in danger. Sai doesn’t want this warrior, the first living being to step foot in the underworld, to find his end here, like this. So Saitama doesn’t tell him to get the fuck out my house just for territorial or trivial reasons, no he’s actually grown to care for this strong, beautiful being with a heart of gold and fire all at once. But Genos, the stubborn bby, keeps on coming back


I’ve really been trying to find another important pet name for Genos in Greek, but a bunch of what I wanted to use in English ARE REALLY FUCKING LONG IN GREEK I’M SORRY OMG. I know that this is another god, but I really like Eros, referring to romantic/intimate love in Greek. And Sai, still being a play on words, punning egg would substitute the ‘n’ in Genos for an ‘r’ and call him Geros for fun, the cutie…. u/////u

So I guess, Eros would be the equivalent of Koi in the Underworld!AU, yess uvu

Next question, I’ve mentioned above that I’m only focusing on certain sectors of the underworld, the original number being 5, but I’m mainly working with 2: Tartarus and Elysium to make things simpler. Simply put, Tartarus being the really bad part (w/ the bad souls) and Elysium being the better part (w/ the mostly good souls).  

Sai allows the Furies (I’m not sure who they’ll be but there are 3 of them and female preferably) to attend to Tartarus, so he only goes down there for important matters. That being said, his protectiveness over his family keeps them close to the kingdom within Elysium, rather nice, just think of a dark castle but nicely kept uvu

EVERYTHING GENOS TOUCHES ENDS UP GETTING CLEAN ANYWAY SO??? Genos sometimes gifts hearty flowering plants to Sai even before summer begins, so when he does come back, those that are fruiting plants, have fruits for his family to eat. He finds it sweet that Sai has a gentle thumb even if it isn’t all that green awwwe ;v;



But bby thank you ;//A//; omg I loved your questions, they brought a lot of things out and helped with developing aaah thank you for your kind comments, they mean a lot oh jeeez \(>///A///<)/ ♥♥♥