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Trying Again

So decided to try the online dating thing again. This time, I’m only using an account with OkCupid, which allows me to identify as demisexual.
So far, I have found a few people that interest me, if for nothing more than a conversation. There are still a few people who message me just for sex. I ignore them. Unfortunately, I am afraid of messaging people first. I think this dilemma has caused a block. I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to say “Hey” and nothing else. That’s not going to get people to respond. I’ve also had some trouble keeping a conversation going after they respond with something like “Cool”, “great”, or “wow”. What am I supposed to say after that?
I want to meet more people, and I’m grateful that I can now declare my sexuality on a dating site, but how is this going to work out?

Another annoying thing as a plus size woman, is the only attention I get are from the following groups:

Guys that are repulsed by my size and insult me for having the audacity to be fat.


Guys that want to fuck me purely for that reason.

To one I’m less than human. To the other I’m just a sex toy.

I’d love to be seen as a person someday.