okcupd recap

Bisexuality, Virginity, Hickey and the F word

So I know I write about hooking up and sex and cum facials etc; I however am looking for a significant other in the long run. I mean, xxxaznboi still gets plenty of fun even if he is boo’d up. 

Today, like any other day, I go on my dating apps. It was a little different today because it was an OkCupid kind of day. More of a “dating” app. This guy and I start messaging back and forth and plan a date for tonight. Like a legit date and not plan on dropping my panties at all (but always prepared with my new 2xist on just in case)

Coffee –> Dinner –> Ice Cream

Generally, that’s the dating trifecta. One thing leads to the next, conversation flowing well that it doesn’t want to end. So I thought, “Man, this date is going well, it could potentially lead somewhere.”

During our conversations I find out he is bisexual and has never been with a guy. He then ask me about tops and bottoms, about hooking up and etc etc. Then BOOM, he asked me if I would be down. -_- but being the “slore"I am (as called by theyellowpikachu), of course I am down.

Generally, i would be excited but I find messing around on the first date tends to fuck things up. I wasn’t that far from wrong…

So we head back to his place and quickly get into it. He was very masculine in bed. Something about how a "straight man” take control in bed just felt different. I can just feel his masculinity ooze. Making out, dick sucking, 69ing, rimming, and letting him top me . I gave him the whole shebang since it was his first time, thus me taking his gay virginity.  Like a typical straight guy, he didn’t last as long as I would like. har har. And i was like, meh, i don’t have to cum. And he insisted, and said, but lets go to the shower.

So we head to the shower and do it all over again in the shower. He had a quick recovery for a guy who blew his load so quick. And in true LoveInTheBackLeftPocket fashion, I always propose cum in the face and mouth. But he took the liberty to take my load first ;) And then with the taste of cum in his mouth and all over his face, he started to jack off. And me readily on my knees, I got a cum shower in addition to a regular shower.

As we dry off in his bathroom, he goes, “woah, was that always there?” I look into the mirror and what do i see? A MOTHER FUCKING HICKEY! Like I’m some hormonal teenage boy who goes on a hickey spree. UGH. and I replied with, “ NO IT WASNT FUCKING ALWAYS THERE,” *THWAP, I slap his harm real hard. 

I start getting ready to leave, he cuts up and feeds me an orange. (so sweet, the orange and the gesture) I kinda get an awww feeling, like this guy is so sweet. We can potentially work something out. And as I continue to get ready, we continue our little banter. And BBOOM, he drops the F bomb on me. I think we should just be FRIENDS

X_X I should be used to this now, but I guess not. Still feels like a sucker punch to the gut. and HE GAVE ME A HICKEY. it’s like dining and dashing.

And to make it worse, he the chivalrous thing and walked me all the way to my car. Guys never do that. UGH, i hate how dateable he was. 

With love still in my back left pocket, I continue to go forth.

“…the only way out is through. So feel the fear and the pain. Let it all in, and then let it all go.” - Cordelia the Supreme