Batfam with a Law Enforcement S/O


  • Worries about you 24/7
  • He met you through patrols
  • Now he always watches you to make sure  you’re safe
  • You’re the only one he talks to at the precinct besides Gordon
  • Hacks into the comms to listen and make sure you’re ok


  • Has firsthand experience so  worse than Bruce w/worrying
  • Knows that the cops in the system are corrupt so he keeps an eye out
  • Brings you food ALL the time
  • The other officers think it’s super cute
  • The uniform is a definite plus


  • Hid his night job from you when he found out about yours
  • He usually strayed away from cops but not you
  • He flirted with you which was weird to the others
  • You were off when he came home wounded
  • Told you that he was Red Hood
  • Then on out he promised to stop killing


  • Brings you coffee all the time
  • Stays up and waits every night for you
  • Sometimes he makes you call in sick cause you’re so sleep deprived
  • Did I mention coffee dates?
  • Sneaks in to see you
  • Hacks the system to give you evidence


  • When he learned about your job he tried to get you to quit
  • But you had none of that
  • So he trained you to make sure you’d be ok
  • Checks up on you during patrol just to be safe
  • He just doesn’t want you to get hurt


  • Knows what to expect while being on the other half of an officers life
  • And because of that she worries
  • Checks in w/her dad to make sure you’re ok
  • Does it because she knows that you don’t want her to worry
  • Nights are set aside for the two of you to work on cases