OKC GA Minutes 11.09.11



Proposals reaching consensus:


Proposals not reaching consensus:


Facilitation info:
Facilitator:  Buckley
Timekeeper: Andrew
Stack taker: Monroe
Live-stream: Mike M
Minutes: Lucky / Clinton
attendance: 23
Location: KC Fed / Liberty Memorial Campsite 
Begin time: 6:30 pm
End time: 7:00 pm

Announcements by Working Groups

Info (Lucky) - OWS Daily. Total arrests 3483, Arrests today 48. OccupyWallStreet has implemented spokes council. Chicago in solidarity with transit workers. St. Louis 40 people met with the Mayor to discuss moving camp, but no decisions were made. On Monday, a rep from Occupy Oakland attended our GA to share what is going on in Oakland and hear about what we are doing - Lucky has her contact info.

Comfort (Monroe) - Need people to take some of the donated clothes to their homes and wash/dry them. Will be speaking with Town Planning WG to plan a Thanksgiving dinner.

Peacekeeping (Lucky) - Peacekeeping WG meeting times are Monday after GA and Wednesday at noon at the Occupy KC site. Will be meeting with Town Planning to discuss issues and concerns brought up in Peacekeeping WG meeting today.

Education (Roman) - Meetings at 5:45 pm. Next meeting at 5:15 at the Downtown Public Library (10th and Main St.).

Direct Action (Monroe) - Solidarity protests with Honeywell workers. Bus picking up at the Occupy KC site at 8:00 am on Saturday.

Announcements by Individuals

Brian - For Veteran’s Day, honor your Vets. Brian is working on an organization map of the camp to better help people who want to help.

Daniel - International Day of Action on Nov. 17. Other occupations are having solidarity events and we should too.

POI: DAWG  is discussing this even already.

Greta - Artist friend made Occupy KC stickers for us to sell.

Proposals by Working & Thematic GroupsNone

Proposals by Individuals

General Assembly adjourned at 7:00. Duration: 30 minutes

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