Maybe I have no idea what a terrible person I am, but I feel like generally on OKC on a scale from 1 to maximum bitch potential I operate around a 3-4. This is to weed anyone out who would obviously get really offended by my regular asshole behavior later on in the phantom relationship anyway. But I’m not trying to be offensive… I realize that people are there looking for companionship and whatever, even if they go about it by sending gross or weird messages and I’m not in the business of making anyone feel shitty about themselves. (Unlike the dude who recently messaged me “You are super poor. How do you pay rent?”)  I never tell anyone that they aren’t good looking enough for me or that they sound stupid, even if that’s what I’m thinking. 

I’m a very sweet person, but I am also straightforward. I subscribe to a specific brand of humor, and it involves a lot of teasing and good-natured being kind of a dick. The people who “get it” stay in my life, and I don’t just mean romantically. Yes, my ex-bf would be able to explain what I mean, but really the people who understand this the most are my best friends. I have a friend who regularly sends me pictures of scruffy little dogs and says “this nasty little thing looks like you,” and it’s a compliment. She’s my “WFF” (Worst Friend Forever). Those are bad examples because they are so gentle, but sometimes it does extend to “you horrible bitch” as a term of endearment, and similar. 

Whatever, the point is that this guy told me to go fuck myself in the ass because I thought it was funny that he described himself as “horizontal,” and I wish people like this would just grab the clue phone and pick up on the fact that we are not compatible. Hit up a basic bitch and leave me alone.