okc memorial

I made it to crossfit this morning. It was my first time back in, oh… 3 weeks? Maybe a month? A month sounds extreme so let’s go with 3 weeks.

It hurt. And I am tired. But it was a partner workout and naturally, @ironmq and I ended up together (followed by a lousy high five). #👯

I missed being up this early (whaaaat?) and having my workout done, breakfast made (see empty plate above for proof**) and lunch made with some downtime to spare with Lanny before starting my day.

I’ve made good food decisions this week. I got in a spin class and a short run, too. It has all been good.

One goal I will post now: my father and I will be running the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon in April. Correction: my 71 (72 come race day) year old father and I will be running it. Notice I didn’t say running “together?” Because, admittedly, he is a way more consistent runner than I am these days and faster, too. But that will change for me. And hey, if he beats me, how awesome is that?! Either way, it’ll be his second half and I’m happy to be apart of that.

Happy Friday Eve, all!

**I got Fiestaware for Christmas and I am in love with dishes. This is 30?

OKC Memorial Marathon 5K and Kid’s Marathon

At the exact moment I opened my back door to leave for the race, it started raining.  And then it dropped a gazillion degrees in 5 minutes.  I’m not even lying.  Or exaggerating. 

By the time I made it down to the Memorial, the start time had been delayed by 30 minutes because of the weather. People were everywhere.  They had 25,000 runners registered for today and I am pretty sure that around 24,999 showed up.  I think they said that 5,000 were doing the 5K.  My first 5K 2 weeks ago had about 200 runners.  Just a slight difference…

It was wall to wall people and strollers for the first couple of blocks.  I tried to run but I couldn’t find a hole to get through anywhere and I was getting frustrated.  Then this big serious runner dude ran by so I scampered behind him and ran that behind him for the first ¾ - 1 mile or so.  Finally things spaced out and I just ran.  It didn’t matter that I couldn’t feel my toes.  (OK, it mattered a little). 

This 5K was easier than the last one, I was more confident and I really liked running through downtown.  I was also concentrating on running as fast as possible because I wanted to make it back to the Memorial in time to do the Kid’s Marathon with my son.  I was really worried that I wouldn’t make it in time because of the start time change.  I was so worried about it, that the second I crossed the finish line, I pulled out my phone and started psycho calling my husband to find out where they were.  After I called him twice (it went straight to voicemail), I realized that I never stopped my Nike+.  My ‘I forgot to press the button time’ was 40'59. DOH!

I found my family, cowering in a parking garage and after a quick bathroom break it was time to line up for the kid’s marathon.  Sawyer, my son, was really excited about running and pretty stoked that we got to do it in the rain.  We found his school and huddled together until go time.

It started out in total chaos, much like the 5K except there were a lot of shorties to dodge.  Sawyer ran ahead of me with one of his little buddies and they chattered along having a lot of fun.  About half way through, a rumor that cookies were available at the finish line spread through the crowd and the kids got a second wind and took off faster than ever.  Sawyer did several fist pumps and screamed cookie cheers for awhile.  I was proud.

We did it.  He finished his 26.2 miles and I finished 4 miles and some change. Fuck yeah, FITPOCALYPSE! 

April 19, 1995

I was in class. 

Actually, no, I was at school but doing some sort of quiz bowl thing so I wasn’t actually in class.  People came in to tell us that the federal building in OKC had been bombed.  Being young and coming from a very small town, I had NO IDEA what that actually meant and why it was a big deal.  I knew it was a building but I didn’t realize how many people would be inside.  It wasn’t until I watched the news and saw the images that I began to comprehend. 

I live exactly 1.5 miles from the Memorial.  I know this because that is my half-way point when I run. When I first started running, I thought that I shouldn’t run there because it would be wrong or disrespectful somehow.  I eventually decided that it isn’t.  The Memorial is part of the landscape that is OKC.  Seeing it, and seeing the crowds visiting the chairs help me remember to never take life for granted.

On May 1, I’ll run in the 5K that is a part of the Memorial Marathon events and my 6 year old will be participating in the kids marathon.  He’s been running with his school and has logged almost 25 miles.  We will finish the last mile there.  I’m thrilled that we will get to do this together and that he is taking it as seriously as a 6 year old possibly can.  I can’t imagine a better event to share. 

OKC Memorial. 17 years ago this place was filled with mass chaos; lives were lost, people were injured, and terrorism in America BY Americans was truly introduced into our history. It’s ironic how that same place is now one of the most peaceful places I know. Whenever I’m stressed, whenever I’m worried, or even whenever I’m completely fine- I come here to meditate and just think about everything. When my uncle died, I sat at the Survivor Tree for hours. When my grandpa died, at sat in the same spot..for hours. As you enter the memorial, one of the gates says “May this memorial offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity.” And that’s exactly what it does.