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Oklahoma City man dies from wrestling move
[August 30th, 2017]

25 year old William Ogletree of Oklahoma City passed away following a spinebuster on August 30th. At an event titled Battle Of Legends in OKC, Ogletree was wrestling in his first match when the move went terribly wrong, resulting in Ogletree suffering brain damage and eventually, death. The match and the event were unsanctioned by the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, who have since began an investigation.

Ogletree was in a band prior to venturing into professional wrestling, then started a career in stand-up comedy before pursuing his dream to become a wrestler. Unfortunately, Ogletree entered the match without being properly trained, which is what led to his downfall. One of William’s last posts on Facebook read: “This Sunday I will be wrestling in a match with a lot of extremely talented people. I’m so excited to help with this. I am going to get beat up a lot so if you don’t like me this is the show for you.