jack’s story is what made the movie for me - the story of a guy who’s invisible, but really wishes to be seen, in every sense of the word: physically by children, and metaphorically for his abilities. i guess we’re all like that; there’s something deep and innate in us which desires affirmation. to be acknowledged for the things we do and say. to have someone listen when you talk, and not be ignored or ill-treated. when others recognise your special “centre” (to quote the film), you don’t exist in a vacuum, but amongst people who see you for who you really are. so for me, that final scene with jack sending a snowflake our way is a reminder to “believe” in others and yourself. a message that really resonated with me, anyhow.


i don’t usually post updates like this on tumblr, but i’m just really thankful for the weekend! it was great meeting familiar and new friends! and also, putting faces to many of the names i hear online, haha. 

to everyone who stopped by and chatted, thank you very much!! and for the strong love of our precious son/pokemon ORAS ahhh/////// hope everyone had a great weekend too!

recently decided (stupidly) to pick up pokemon X amidst a whole ton of responsibilities U_U;;;;

anyway, a picture of my trainer + a bunch of pokemon i’ve been using/used in my game so far in their cute starter forms (except vivillon)

will not frequent tumblr often for a while, in lieu of aforementioned responsibilities and pokemon game!

shockreblogs  asked:

Say five facts about yourself and then send this to ten of your favourite followers. Hi kei!! ^p^

aah didn’t see this! hello aki!! ^q^/

1. my second favourite animal in the world is the adelie penguin. i guess i just really like how stupid they look?? UvU/////;;;;;

2. my favourite seasons are summer and winter i think?? i guess i can’t appreciate the transitional, neither-here-nor-there quality of spring or autumn. nature in autumn does have really beautiful colours though!

3. aki i love how you get excited over ossans HAHA

4. i don´t really like many bands or singers?? i like a song more for the particular mood it makes me feel, or the memories i associate with it if i heard it in some definitive moment of my life. so i have playlists for “lazy afternoons”, “travelling”, “sleeping”, “mellow nights” and stuff. here’s my latest addition to the “mellow nights” playlist (i’ve also come to realise everyone’s idea of what makes “mellow night” or “lazy afternoon” music is really subjective! *3*) i’m always on a lookout for mood-appropriate music! extra bonus if they´re instrumental, haha

5. oh, bands and musicians i do like of course include the beatles, paul macca, and antonio carlos jobim *3*;;; maybe vadoinmessico as well.


recently my bro got himself a 3DSXL, so he’s letting me borrow his 3ds for an indefinite period of time L O L

two games i really want to play are harvest moon and fire emblem, but i…. have no money to buy games sobbb TT3TT;;;; plus, seeing how i’m supposed to be working on a thesis paper….. i… shouldn’t be tinkering with this thingOTL

for now, since i don’t have any worthwhile games to play i was mii-essing around (/shot for the horrible pun). these were somewhat inspired by sou’s own posts with oyabun ・*・:≡( ε:)