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Star Trek into Darkness is flipping beautiful, but there's just a couple of things. 2 main ladies. Out of how many crewmen? And only 2 main PoCs? That can't be plausible in the time era. It's in SPACE, and they're dealing with aliens, but they won't show major demographics in human society. (This isn't to mention the fact that an Asian name was given to the bad guy, when they cast a white actor.) It doesn't make sense to me, but please correct me if I'm wrong/unjustified here. :S

Trust me.  I am well aware and 100% with you.  No one is more upset with Into Darkness than Star Trek fans.

Star Trek Into Darkness was a mess.  Cumberbatch shouldn’t have been Khan - he should’ve been Gary Mitchell and Alice Eve should have been Dehner.  I’ve been saying that for years now.  The good news is that Orci and Abrams - two of the people most responsible for a lot of the shitty things in reboot - are no longer on the project.  They’ve completely thrown out Orci’s script and have Simon Pegg starting from scratch.  I trust Simon Pegg.  Pegg is one of us.  And I’m so hopeful that xiii will have more ladies - rumors have been looking good - as well as the fact that Sofia Boutella has reportedly been casted as the main villain.

So fingers crossed that we can return to the punky energy-filled thrill ride that the 2009 reboot set the stage for, but with better representation across the board.  Because that’s what Star Trek is about, ultimately.  And again, with Pegg at the helm - I’m hopeful that we’re going to get that.