OKAY. LMAO. I haven’t made his bio yet, but I’M GETTING THERE. I just want to make sure I have an Inquisitor that looks somewhat like his fc. i probably gotta change the lips and the chin a bit, but so FAR I THINK HE LOOKS CLOSE ENOUGH. and maybe the hair. he has curly hair, but the tight curl mod isn’t what i’m looking for. BUT I MAY TRY IT AGAIN, cause the curly hair is precious.

You know, I’ve only watched Ten’s last two episodes maybe… twice?  Because it’s just so damn heartbreaking.  Such a lonely regeneration.  It killed me to watch.  Nine was easier because he wasn’t alone, and there was so much love there.  But Ten was alone, and everyone he loved had either been taken from him, or moved on, and he fought so hard to do the right thing, and he just ended up being punished for it.  It’s just so sad.

So, this morning, I got a dinner invitation…well, Thranduil got a dinner invitation. “Hi Aran Wanna Have Funn Then A Little Later Get Sume Lamb Chops Fetticcini Alfredo Broccoli W Warm Buttered Bread Sticks N Sweet Red Wine.”

Hard not to say ‘yes’ when they call you “Aran” which is “King” in Sindarin…but, uh…this is new territory for me…if I didn’t have an appointment today, I literally would ask Lee Pace if anyone asked him to dinner before when he was Thranduil. Then again, that might make this worse if anyone found out.. @mystarlightblr, @storytimeteller1, @lasimo74allmyworld, @fortunatelyclevercandy, @freakingvantastic…weird morning…I’m vegan, so lamb chops are out and I can’t have milk (allergies) or bread (wheat/gluten-free)…so I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. This is weirder than the guys on Instagram thinking I’m a guy. There was that time a couple years ago a girl thought I was Lee Pace–Right: he went incognito as a short black girl to write the life story of his character…makes a whole lot of sense.

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Well, this is going to be a weird day. What can I do?

do you ever think about how the musical number in tatinof was actually dan’s idea but in tatinof they present it as phil’s. and ever wonder if maybe that’s because wanting to have a musical number didn’t fit with the dinof branding. and about how dan talked about wanting to change his username before tatinof but he couldn’t because because is not on fire is in the name of their stage show so he couldn’t just drop it while they were on tour. and do you ever think about how maybe the internet is here is just another piece of evidence of dan’s growing comfort with showing who he really is and what he actually wants to his audience. and how dan’s branding may not have held him back, per se, but rather been at conflict with some things he wanted to do. and how dan never really grew out his theatre days and dreams of being on stage in front of so many people. and how he got to live that dream. and how now he has curly hair and his username is daniel howell and he talks about boys and wears oversized sweaters and sometimes nail polish. and then get proud of dan for how far he’s come. and happy that he feels freer to show those facets of himself he hid.

because I do and then I get emotional.

the air is getting colder now and each breath is easier to breath. these nights i’m all alone but the loneliness has ceased for the time being. i am becoming all over again and each day isn’t perfect and neither am i but i’m trying. that’s all you can do sometimes. there isn’t an absence of love however i’m starting to remember how to give it back to myself. i’m not afraid. i’m just here to live.