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For You To Love Me Too

Can you do an imagine where Daryl likes the reader and whenever he touches her he handles her like shes made of glass because he thinks he’s going to hurt her or something. He also feels like hes not good enough. (I know thats been done a lot) 😊

Ahhhh! I’m back! Thanks for being so understanding while I took some time away. But I’m so glad to be back and thrilled to finally put out a new one shot! Hope you like this one!! 😊

Speaking of breaks, I did wanna make a little announcement. I decided I wanted to take a break from writing Don’t Look Back. I’m not abandoning the story completely, I just wanna take some more time to plan the story out better. I’ve got bits and pieces planned out but I don’t want a million fillers before putting out quality chapters. So, Don’t Look Back is on hiatus at the moment until I can plan some more chapters.

Okay, so I just wanna let you know that from now on, I’m not gonna respond to requests until I actually post them because I’m losing track of what order I got them in as I list them in my computer so I don’t lose them. I know what you’re thinking. How the fuck does she lose track when she’s supposed to be making note of them in order? I’m kinda stupid that way. Don’t try figuring it out hahaha so I’m gonna save the request in my inbox until I post it and then I’ll respond. I’ve seen other blogs do it this way so I hope you don’t mind if I do it that way as well. Anyways, on with the one shot!!

It was awkward for you every day since you met the group on that highway all those months ago. That Daryl Dixon was either playing hard to get or he was completely oblivious. It was clear to everyone else that you liked him and you were trying to get his attention. Everyone but him anyway.

And he avoided touching you whenever possible. Whenever you two ended up alone on a run, if you needed him to hoist you up or catch you if you stumbled or fell, he got tense and he handled you so delicately but was also quick to pull away from you. You knew your feelings were one sided but did he have to make that so obvious? Did he have to rub it in your face?

You would’ve thought that being in the prison would make it easier but it was even more difficult. He somehow found a way to avoid you even more. You barely ever saw him anymore and you were surprised by how disappointed you were. It’s not like you knew him that well. Wasn’t from a lack of trying though. His guard was up constantly, his walls too tall to climb over and too thick to break through.

“We’ve got enough food to last us the rest of the week,” Rick told the group, “But we should work on finding more. Now that we have shelter, it’ll be less stressful.”

“I’ll go,” Daryl said, “Wouldn’t hurt to hunt some. Maybe there’ll be more to catch around here.”

“You shouldn’t go alone,” Rick said.

“I’ll go,” you piped in, raising your hand.

“No, I’ll do fine on my own,” Daryl grumbled, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay. I don’t need Y/N’s help.”

“Daryl, you shouldn’t go alone,” Rick said, “Y/N is going with you. Both of you should start getting ready to go.”

“Sounds good,” you said. Daryl didn’t respond, just stormed off to his cell to gather his things. What could he possibly have to be angry about? Did he hate you that much? It almost made you want to corner him and confront him but you held back and just packed up your things for the run.

Daryl was loading up a truck when you came out of the cell block after changing your clothes and packing a bag. You opened up the back door of the truck and tossed your bag into the backseat. You leaned against the side of the truck, watching Daryl load the truck.

“Need any help?” you asked.

“I got it,” Daryl replied. He refused to make eye contact with you, fidgeting as he slammed the trunk shut. Even when he turned in your direction, he kept his head down and stared at the ground beneath his feet, “Ya ready to go?”

“Sure,” you muttered. You climbed into the passenger seat while he walked around to the driver’s side. Once he started driving, he’d kind of relaxed. You tried making small talk but he wasn’t really having it, ending the conversations quickly with one worded answers and irritated grunts.

“Over there,” Daryl blurted out, nodding towards a hardware store a few feet away. He turned into the desolate parking lot. The few cars that were still in the lot were either completely torn apart from people taking things from them, or they reeked with the smell of death from the decomposed bodies still sitting inside.

“Alright, let’s do this,” you said once Daryl stopped the truck in front of the main entrance. As Daryl pounded on the door in an attempt to lure out whatever walkers were wandering around inside, you grabbed your bag from the backseat as well as some guns Daryl had brought along. You turned to him holding up a handgun, “Hey, you should take this.”

“Got one,” Daryl said, banging against the door with his elbow, “You hang onto that.”

“Sure,” you said with a sigh. A few walkers did end up reaching the main entrance, banging on the window, smearing blood all over the glass with their hands and tongues hanging from their open mouths.

“You stay back,” Daryl said.

“Hey, I can handle these walkers too,” you argued. You stood behind him as he was ready to pull the doors open. But now, he was hesitating, hanging his head and bouncing from one foot to the other. You frowned, lowering your gun slightly, “Daryl? You okay?”

“Can handle it myself,” Daryl muttered.

“Then why are you hesitating?” you inquired, “If you can handle it, then open the door.”

“Just get in the truck and stay there,” Daryl ordered, “Why can’t you just listen to me?”

“Why do you think I can’t help?” you shot back, “You think I’m weak? Or stupid? What?”

“No I don’t think that,” Daryl snarled, “Just drop it and wait in the truck.”

“I won’t do shit until you tell me why,” you retorted, “Look, I’ve tried my hardest to be friendly, get to know you and to help you with things and all that stuff. But you clearly don’t like me and you don’t want me around. I don’t know why but I’m so tired of liking you and being so miserable all the time. You clearly don’t have emotions and could never like me or anyone.”

Daryl turned from the door and glared at her, “You don’t like me.”

“Believe me, after nearly a year, I think I’d know if I liked you or not,” you grumbled, “And I’ve spent all this time on you. Just forget it, okay? I’ll go wait in the truck. How about I just take one of these abandoned cars back to the prison? How about I just do that? You think I’m so incapable, you hate me so much-”

“Would you stop?!” Daryl shouted. He lowered his crossbow, leaning his head back with a groan, “I don’t hate you. I don’t think you’re weak. I just…I-I just…”

“You just what?!”

“It just ain’t like that,” Daryl muttered, “I just don’t…want anything to…happen…to you.”

Your feelings of rage softened and your body loosened a little, “You don’t want anything to happen to me? So, you do like me?”

Daryl gave you a shrug, “Yeah. I guess I do. It’s ‘cause I like you that I think…I think you should stop wastin’ your time on me.”

“Why would I wanna do that?”

“You just think you want me but you’re gonna find out real fuckin’ fast that I ain’t worth all the bullshit,” Daryl said, “Should invest time in someone that’s worth it.”

“Daryl, who the hell told you that you wouldn’t be worth it?” you said, “You think you’re worthless? Not good enough? That’s crazy! If that was the case, Rick and the others wouldn’t rely on you, they wouldn’t even bother including you in anything if they believed you were worthless. I wouldn’t have spent all this time trying to get your attention if I believed you were worthless.”

“Damn,” Daryl mumbled. He was silent for a few minutes, looking at everything he could to avoid looking at you. You both knew that the silence had gone on for too long but Daryl wasn’t going to say anything more unless you did.

“I know you don’t believe me,” you said, taking a few steps towards him. His body tensed but he didn’t protest, “I know that nothing I can say will make you believe me. And that’s okay. Because I think we can work through this. Do you wanna know why?”

“Sure,” he grunted, “Why?”

You kept walking until you were standing right in front of him. His breath quickened a bit despite him trying to hide it. You smiled, straightening out the collar of his shirt, “Because you took a big step today. You actually shared something with me today. And eventually, we’ll share more and more.”

“You ready to wait for that long?” he mumbled, lowering his head once more, “You wanna spend all that time on me?”

“It may sound silly to you but yeah I do,” you said, resting your hands on his chest, “Just this moment has been worth the wait, Daryl.”

“You might be insane,” Daryl replied, a chuckle slipping from his lips, “But…guess I don’t mind a little bit of crazy.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” you giggled. Your next move was a bold one and you hadn’t put any thought into it. You leaned in quickly to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. You were certain that would send him right back into his shell and make him push you away.

But he didn’t. It was enough to lift his head in surprise but he didn’t seem angry at all. He took in a deep breath, his blue eyes focused on your lips. He cleared his throat as he slowly leaned in, placing a kiss on your lips that was a bit awkward and he was still tense but you still returned his kiss, knowing that this was huge for him and he needed you to be kind. And even though he fumbled and didn’t know what he was doing, you still thoroughly enjoyed being kissed by him.

“Wow,” you whispered when he pulled away, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Was it that bad?”

“No, no!” you exclaimed, “It was that good. I hope you’ll do it again sometime.”

Daryl shrugged, “Maybe. If you really wanted me to.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” you chuckled. The walkers slapping the glass caught your attention as well as Daryl’s and you sighed loudly. You wished the moment could last just a little longer but at the same time, everyone would be worried if you didn’t get back to the prison before sundown, “We should get started. Still want me to wait in the truck?”

“Nah,” Daryl said. He got back into position, getting ready to slide the door open. He gestured to the gun tucked away in your holster, “You said you wanted to help. Let’s get this started, Y/N.”

Chamber of Secrets - Part 10

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This one’s a bit short, kinda filler-ish, but building up for the next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Expect someone to make their first appearance in the next part! 

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Tri Spoilers

I feel the new trailer has kinda spoiled some of the films best moments since they take some of the tension out of it… On the cast talk, they didn’t say much of interest, since we hadn’t seen the movie, so anything interesting would have been a spoiler…

Cast Talk
Sora’s va had invited other cast members to her concert and they came, so she felt like they were family. They twirled around in the uniforms and said they thought the movie was interesting. Next broadcast is those two + Mimi, with Takeru as the MC, because he’s cheerful and able to chat. He called himself ponkotsu (useless, terrible etc) and said he found it difficult, so Sora should do it, but she said she was ponkotsu too. Mimi’s va is the ‘you can do it’ senpai, so the announcer said the three of them probably balance each other out lol

Warning: I was working on three hours of sleep and did have a teeny tiny bit of alcohol before the movie (I get tipsy easily :/) so I may or may not have missed something. 

Shipping moments - honestly whenever someone asks me about a ship moment I never know if they’re talking friend or romance. Because in all honesty, character A can look at B and half of tumblr will say it’s code for them dating. So when y’all say ‘moments’ I never know what you’re thinking because half of you exaggerate nothingness into canon. So when I’m asked about moments, I talk about times when characters interacted. I hope that clears things up.

Also please slow down on the shipping asks. I deleted over 10 messages. Patience is appreciated. So is not being rude. I’m happy to talk about literally any ship, but don’t spam me and demand answers. You make your ship and the fandom look bad. (Also why are y’all on anon I don’t bite lmao)

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The Sky post y'all been waiting for

Ladies and gentlemen, enemies of the sun this is the long promised Sky post y'all have been waiting for I’m sorry I can’t use images since my laptop won’t work and I have to do this on mobile and now without further redo let’s start


Season 1:
We are actually introduced to him as Brandon because of an unnecessary role switch. I don’t even know why they thought this was a good idea since anyone who would’ve wanted to harm Sky and did proper research would know immediately who the real Sky is. That’s not that much of a problem however starting to “date” someone while still being engaged is. He wouldn’t even have to out himself as prince who just would’ve had to tell Bloom: Sorry I have a fiancée or to break things up with Diaspro. TBH this whole love triangle that has been going on since then is his fault he shouldn’t have just started “dating” Boom. And then everyone starts acting like everything is Diaspro’s fault tbh it was neither Bloom’s or hers it was Sky’s. And then he tried to solve things with Bloom not his actual fiancée no the girl he cheated on her with I doubt he even talked to Diaspro what even should he say: Ehm sorry I cheated on but I didn’t bother to break up with you before I started seeing someone else? Other than that he is pretty tolerable this season.

Season 2:
OH BOI that’s where the major drama begins. He starts out just fine but the second Avalon gets introduced “sigh” I still can’t believe to this day that he thought it was a good idea to spy on his girlfriend in a party where he is not invited with the excuse of making sure she’s okay (or what was it were we even given an excuse?) anyways and then he sees her talking to HER FREAKIN TEACHER and he gets jealous immediately. Like dude you were spying on your girlfriend and saw her talking to her teacher WHILE THEY WERE AT SCHOOL it’s not like they were together in the city or something no they were RIGHT THERE at school and the party was FOR THAT EXACT TEACHER and your first thought is that she might like him then idk if it’s her problem or yours TBH . Then that teacher promises her to help her find out about her past and you should be excited for her but no you’re being a jealous asshole. And then at red fountain he “dies” and then gets resurrected with Bloom’s healing powers but still believes that she likes the teacher more and who would blame her it seems like the teacher treats her better than her actual boyfriend does. And then he still manages to help her get healed from Darkar spell like Bloom if I was you I would’ve blown him away because honestly speaking Bloom deserves better.

Season 3:
Oh beloved season 3 in this season he’s kinda okay I guess except the part they had an off-scream fight in and we never knew what happened there and the part where he is under Valtor’s curse and tries to get rid of everyone and idk if he apologized for that it’s actually not that much his fault except it’s pretty stupid to trust Diaspro at that point. I don’t recall anything else if you do you can add it.

Season 4:
Now this season is weird because other than a few things I didn’t seem to have much impact on anything. Anyways this season was incredibly frustrating to watch from the romance perspective (well relatively anyways) because we had various love triangles that were what the children call incredibly stupid and cringeworthy. Like It didn’t really have to be and it didn’t add to anything in the season except maybe that one filler episode with Mitzy. And what role does Sky play in all of this? As always the jealous asshole. (I know it was not only him but still) dude just because some dudes were helping your girlfriend with painting the god dam walls while you weren’t there doesn’t mean they’re cheating and you have to behave like jealous children when someone plays with their fave toy on the playground. Like dude Andy and Bloom are childhood best friends of course they’re close like what even do you expect and instead of talking you just walk away like what is? What are we? You have a mouth and y'all can talk instead of this stupid miscommunication. Also think about from who the “Anonymous” message was because if you consider it i don’t thing “girl that hates bloom since they were children and wants to date Brandon although she knows he has a gf” isn’t exactly what you would call a reliable source. Then he is normal I guess for the rest of the season. Ah I wish he would fall of somewhere I just hate him.

Season 5:
Be careful what you wish for because yes he fell but he DIDN’T FREAKIN DIE. No he lost his memory and didn’t want it back because…? Like dude I get it you lost the jewelry but that doesn’t mean that you and Bloom will never live happily ever after like come on how superstitious are you to think that the only reason you and your gf won’t have a happy life because of that piece of jewelry you won’t have a a good life with Bloom because you have hundreds of other problems in your god dam relationship. (Note: this is the part in season 5 where I gave up the first time I was watching it) And how could it not be Diaspro decides to show us again how much they wasted her potential. You’d think after season 3 she would be banned never to return to Eraklyon but noooooo how can king Erenidiot ever make a good and smart decision in his life he even appoints her as Sky’s royal advisor or something like that. Yes you read it right folks she got a position of power. What happened next will shock y'all. She became a controlling bitch who would even control his phone calls (and Bloom totally falls for it but that’s a story for another day) and then they have this meeting where they discuss if they should do something against Tritanus where he at first doesn’t even wanna join forces and suddenly when it still happens he decides he’s the perfect person to lead it
(Ah yes forgot to mention that he gets his memory back somewhere before Diaspro became his royal babysitter because Flora found the piece of Jewelry in Domino idk how it got there)
And the season ends there this was one of the more frustrating seasons too.

Season 6:
I wouldn’t say there was much Bloom x Sky drama here except where the part where Diaspro tried to kill Bloom but I think we’re used to that by now like we’re used to wake up every morning: incredibly annoying and hard to go through. Surprisingly enough that’s not the part where he angers me the most no he annoyed me because he has the mentality of some people on this website to hold something a person did while they were 10 against them for the rest of their lives. Like if I was 10 and playing in the forest and some random dudes attached me I would run away too and nobody would judge me since that’s and instinct and TBH the only logical thing to do unless you’re some anime protagonist. And I wouldn’t hold a grudge against someone who did it like come on Sky you could’ve ran for it too and it’s sadly not like any harm happens to you since you’re alive and well unfortunately.

Season 7:
If I’m being completely honest with y'all I’m still in denial this season ever happened and you know what else I can’t believe ? The fact that this season featured a Bloom x Sky “love triangle” where the third person was a talking unicorn ( I know it’s one episode but still) Come on dude if after all these years of being together you still have to fight for Bloom’s heart WITH A UNICORN then dude something is seriously wrong and it’s not Blooms fault. I’m not talking about this particular incident more or else I will go on a long long rant.

Conclusion (I guess):
In general you can say I don’t really like Sky and think he’s one of the worst character'a ever to exist in the Winx universe and who can blame me? Also if you go ahead and call Bloom a Mary Sue I except you to call out Sky too who apparently is the best in his class even while losing his memory. And I think it’s safe to say that Bloom and Sky are one of the worst couples in this show.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include the movies since it’s been a while since I watched them

Here you have it folks the long Sky post y'all been waiting for thank you for sticking around to the end I tried to keep it brief and I’m curious to here your thoughts on the matter

All the Web Series

Hey everyone!

So my lovely sister suggested that I make a masterpost of all my favourite web series, so I started off by listing all the web series I’ve ever watched………and there are a lot. So many that I think I might have an eensy bit of a problem. But moving swiftly along, here’s my own not so little list of all the webseries I’ve watched all-the-way-through and want to ramble about in alphabetical order. As always, these are my own thoughts and opinions, and you are perfectly entitled to have different ones. Because this list is so long, I’m putting it under a read-more (cause otherwise this would seriously fill your entire dash) but above the read-more I’m gonna put a list of the web series I talk about so you can see if there’s something you want to check out :)

Adult Wednesday Addams

Autobiography of Jane Eyre

Blank Verse


Classic Alice

East and West

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton

Emma Approved

Frankenstein M.D.

From Mansfield With Love

Green Gables Fables

The Goreys


I Didn’t Write This

In Earnest


Jules and Monty

Kissing in the Rain

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Misselthwaite Archives

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Nothing Much to Do

School of Thrones


Submissions Only

A Tell-Tale Vlog

Welcome to Sanditon

Wish It Inc

Writing Majors

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Darn it, Alvarez Arc… You were open to possibilities. Opportunities. Potential…

But then you gave way to Nalu/Jerza fanservice anyway. >.> I suppose, in the end, Natza didn’t HAVE to become canon, but the lack of fanservice up ‘til the ending stuff kinda left things open. I wouldn’t have been opposed to an ending that stayed open. Let all ships have their theories about how everyone paired off, even the overbearing Big 4. But what ya gonna do? I suppose it’s still possible to end on that note, but not very likely at this stage.

Nalu/Jerza camps have their reasons for believing in their ships, and I have mine. Even in this arc of wasted opportunities…

Is this kind of scene romantic? Not necessarily. Just goes to show the amount of faith Erza has in Natsu, when everyone else was ready to go after and support him. He was confronting the leader of Alvarez, the Black Wizard himself, and Erza took him at his word that he could handle it. Even though Zeref would likely make the Balam Alliance seem like a cakewalk, Erza put her faith in him before all others did (at least from what we were shown). Sort of reminiscent of the time when Erza took on a 100 monsters, don'tcha think?

Natsu and Erza trust one another - their character, their abilities, they’ve bared it all to each another over the years. Of course they worry about one another, too - as seen when Natsu saved Erza from falling in Chapter 459 - but it’s a healthy kind of worry. Not to the point of doubting one another’s abilities. Granted, there was a point in Tartaros where he had Happy fly him across Ishgar because he was worried about Erza (and Mira) being taken; at the time, he had little to no evidence, but he was right in the end, wasn’t he?

As much as the Nalu/Jerza camps may try to convince us there isn’t a deep connection between these two characters, there kind of is even if you decide to view it as platonic. That said, this connection goes beyond mere trust and having each other’s backs. They grew up in Fairy Tail for seven years before the canon officially started. Them and Gray bonded to the point they’d bathe together. I can see how that might be viewed as innocent sibling bonding, but all these years later, Natsu and Erza are perfectly comfortable being around one another naked. Maybe in some families, siblings are okay baring all for one another to see, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a 'normal’ sibling-type relationship. Even outside the bathing thing, though, you had the trio of Natsu, Erza, and Gray doing all sorts of things together (the flashbacks in recent chapters prove that; even if you don’t want to buy that Erza expanded on Natsu’s education where Igneel left off, there’s at least that one panel showing Erza possibly teaching them to hunt). It wasn’t just a case of Erza being the badass S-Class mage that was so far above them in skill, and therefore distant from them as friends; they really had a connection prior to Lucy joining the Guild. And that bond can be more or less demonstrated canonically when Natsu rushed off ahead of the others early in ToH, before Erza could stop him from trying to confront Jellal. Even Gray was worked up, but Erza stopped him before he could rush off, too.

It’s just one reason, but I kind of prefer a ship that is built off of years and years of bonding. The kind where a relationship would just 'happen’; no change in the dynamic, they just kinda realize that, oh, they are pretty close. It’s natural to proceed to the next stage. I won’t completely dismiss that Nalu and Jerza have some buildup, but compared to the likes of Natza, they haven’t had as long to be together. That’s just one reason I see Nalu as a BROTP. Jerza… well, as it’s written currently, I’m just plain averse to that ship. Jellal’s caused Erza much trauma, and Erza’s a little too blindly loyal to him for my tastes. Loyalty’s all well and good, but to try and convince the likes of Kagura and Milliana to forgive Jellal and move on like she had, that’s not really fair to them, now is it? Milliana was lied to and manipulated for all that time Erza was in Fairy Tail, and she lost a dear friend because of him - a dear friend that also happened to be Kagura’s brother, who she had been searching for. To top it off, they weren’t the only ones affected by Jellal running the Tower of Heaven. Lots of slaves died constructing it.  And don’t bother trying to pass off Jellal’s actions as Ultear possessing him; I never liked Ultear being made as a scapegoat, and from what we saw he still had a great amount of free will in him.

I’ve diverged off-topic a bit, but that is some of my major reasoning for being against Jerza. If you want another interesting contrast, Jerza is rooted in the dismal past (TRYING to move on, with one person doing most of the work), while Natza can be argued to be headed to a bright future (with both of them mutually supporting one another). That doesn’t mean the past is forgotten; it’s just not at the forefront of their minds. This contrast can be seen in how Erza usually interacts with Jellal and Natsu. Whenever she’s around Jellal, the mood is usually somber and heavy with regrets, and Erza is doing her utmost best to give him hope and purpose (there is maybe one exception, at the end of Tartaros; the roles are reversed, but the atmosphere is still not quite 'cheery’ - much as it tries to be). When Erza’s around Natsu, the mood varies, but it’s worthy to note that Natsu does an excellent job at cheering Erza up or putting her in a good mood. I mean, just look at these…

Canon, filler, doesn’t matter. Natsu’s like the best guy for the job at getting Erza to smile. And more than half the time, he’s smiling right beside her. There’s just so much to love about Natza. More than I could cover in just one post, but we’re quite not up to the 'end’ anyway, so I won’t get into it all yet. There’s still 2 more volumes to come out - 15 chapters, maybe. Yeah, canonically we’re probably going to wind up with most if not all the pairings that were on that color cover a couple chapters ago; some I’m aggravated with, some I’m okay with. That won’t stop me from appreciating all the Natza moments we had…. It’s just… damn it, Mashima, you just had me convinced we could’ve gone that route.

It’s a bummer we have to defend our ship so tenaciously, but what ya gonna do? We’ve got loads of stuff to shove in Nalu/Jerza’s high and mighty faces. And from our perspective, Natza is extremely healthy and well-developed…

anonymous asked:

Okay so I get Skyward Sword wasn't a super great Zelda game (it's not in my top 3 Zelda games) but I liked it, it was cute and had an amazing story (plus Zelink was really apparent in it and I'm so here for Zelink). Why do people hate the game so much? So many people say it was terrible and the absolute worst game they've ever played. I've tried googling why people hate it but nothing really comes up for why people hate it

from what i’ve seen the “popular” problem is the linearity. my two cents on it is that skyward sword came out when the “HUGE OPEN WORLD LOTS OF SIDEQUESTS AND EXPLORATION YEHAGHHDH” thing was really strong and fresh (especially with the release of skyrim) so people turned their noses at anything linear. it doesn’t help that it’s a zelda game, which many people claim should have exploration first because “that’s the spirit of the original!!!!” or something, because zelda totally isn’t a heterogeneous franchise that encompasses different styles of gameplay, of course not.

me, personally? it’s one of my favorites. my main draw to zelda is the puzzles, combat and story, and skyward sword delivers beautifully on all three of them. the story is pretty damn good. the motion controls are controversial, but i think they make the game much more enjoyable and make even lesser fights feel more exciting. the dungeons are a HUGE improvement from twilight princess’s repetitive layouts and wind waker’s general meh-ness, and i personally like that the world works like a dungeon.

but i would be lying if i told you skyward sword doesn’t have big issues. for starters, the pacing is strange – the first act has a lot of stuff happening (the stakes are high, especially with both link and ghirahim trying to reach zelda) and it’s great, the second act has nothing going on (zelda who?? never heard of her), the third act is basically filler until sky keep and the finale is fucking mindblowing.

i have praised the dungeon-like regions, but what i really mean to praise is lanayru – it seems like the devs put all of their good stuff in there (dungeons, puzzles, concepts, even the music), and kinda just… ignored faron and eldin. no, really, even the third act has an entire new area to explore in lanayru, while the others are just the same place under different conditions. it’s jarring.

and then there’s some stuff that is just plain boring. the sky is boring and there’s no warping system (which is fucking PAINFUL), and skyloft is boring for the most part.

but i understand that many of these are from development hell. skyward sword was supposed to be much more like botw, but they spent so much time with concepts and disagreements regarding said concepts that they had little time (a little over a year if i recall correctly) to actually make the game. it’s sad, but it happens. on the most part, though, i’m glad with the game that we got.

(on a brighter note, since you mentioned zelink: it’s the one thing that is unanimously praised, even in negative reviews, and that’s pretty damn sweet. no wonder they kept it up in botw.)

Love Is Not Over pt.2

Why are you getting farther away? So far that I can’t reach you?

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A few months after,

Everything, after that, turned into repetitive routine. Emotionless routine. Goodnight kisses turned into the simple saying of the words then, naturally, into you going to sleep hours before he even came home. You thought you were okay with that, you made yourself think you were understanding of him being colder and colder. You were also still madly in love so you felt satisfied with him just being there with you.

 You were seeing more of him on a TV screen than actually seeing him face to face, but it wasn’t something new, it had always been this way in your relationship. He was just busy, and that was his job. You can’t stand in the way, you’ve messed up up enough. You kept giving him excuse after another, each and every time he would forget to call you to say he wasn’t coming that night, to check up on you while outside of the country for schedules and concerts, and when he would completely forget about days like this day.

  Yoongi was on the way to becoming one of the biggest producers in the industry, so he had to work hard for it. You, painfully, understood that. You had your years of the spotlight as well before deciding it wasn’t the path that you wanted to pursue. You did waste three years to get to that conclusion but you gained memories you’ll be treasuring forever.

 It had been seven years already, since the two of you started dating. It was a rough beginning but a memorable one nonetheless. And it had been three since you decided to take the next step and exchanged your vows, the same vows you were now breaking … He was.

“ With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise that from this day forward you shall not walk nor suffer alone. I vow to love you and treasure you, until death do us apart ” Yoongi smiled, sliding the ring into your ring for it to find its perfect place, as everyone applauded. You might have even shed a few tears when you were finally announced married to the one you loved for the world to know.

Now, looking at it, that ring was just a mere accessory that you were just used to having on your finger and no longer a promise. You twirled it around, pulling it halfway out before resettling it over the pale discolored skin that developed over the years. The office door opening drew you away from the, probably unhealthy, train of thoughts going through your mind at that moment. Yoongi would usually sleep in his office when coming home late, not to wake you up, but usually soon turned into always.

“ I made breakfast, eat before you go ” You glanced at him for a split second with the same smile you put on falsely then turned away busying yourself with whatever you had been doing. The chair dragging on the floor surprised you, since it normally a “ No, I’ll just grab something on the way ”.

Maybe he didn’t forget after all, you couldn’t help the warm smile that danced in your expression. However, you quickly felt stupid that a simple action, which should be a norm in a marriage, would make you brush away all the other things.  You just busied yourself from him with washing the dishes that piled up from earlier, and you weren’t a particularly tidy person while cooking.

“ Sit down for a bit ” He said quietly. You turned off the water, questioning whether you heard right through the noise but glancing at him, his eyes were focused on the cup of coffee.

“ Y/N, I have something to tell you. Sit down ” He spoke louder this time, and you allowed your hopes to go up slightly. You dried your hands taking a seat across from him on the table.

“ What is it ?”

“ The boys will be coming tonight. You know it’s our 9th year as a group tomorrow so we’ll be having a small get together here ” He cleared his throat, looking up at you for the first time before diverting his gaze away immediately.

“ Oh, oh …” You felt choked up, a lump forming in your throat, blocking the air. Your ears started to ring “ Alright, I’ll have everything ready ”.

“ You don’t need to do too much though, sorry I didn’t let you know earlier, I kinda forgot ” He put down the mug, his lips having not touched it yet, he slid a credit card towards you on the glass surface.

 ’’ You can use this for the things you need to buy “ He just left it on the table when you didn’t reach out. ” We’ll probably be here by …’’ He was interrupted when you abruptly stood up, covering your mouth, seeking the bathroom. You were able to contain it for long enough for you to reach it, saving yourself a lot of cleaning and embarrassment. You leaned back gripping your chest, feeling the after burn piercing your throat and leaving you in a heaving mess.

“ Y/N, Are you okay ?” He knelt next to you, drawing gentle circles on your back, and you just nodded not trusting your voice. He helped you up, support your weight against his body and guiding you to the bed. “ Stay here, I’ll bring you a cup of water ”

You closed your eyes letting the nausea settle in, the sick feeling in the pits of you stomach forever lingering. Yoongi stormed back in with worried eyes, kneeling down in front of your knees and handing you the glass, his hands naturally coming up to your forehead. You shied away from his touch unintentionally, the look in his eyes shifting for a moment into a flash of shock.

“ I’m okay, I’ve just been feeling down these past few days ” You said once you were feeling confident enough to be able to formulate a sentence.

“ A few days ? Why didn’t you tell me ?” Yoongi stood back up, putting the cup you handed back away and standing a few steps from you.

“ You weren’t exactly here, Yoongi, you never are ” The tears were starting to prick your eyes, welling up quickly. You couldn’t tell if it was from the burning sensation in your chest or your heart.

“ Y/N, are you pregn… ”

You glared up at him “ Are you serious right now ?” You scoffed

He took a step forward before stopping once more, hesitating. “ I’ll cancel tonight, you should rest and maybe go to the hospital ”

“ No, don’t bother, it usually goes away after a few hours. I’ll go see the doctor later ” You looked away, concealing the tears that started streaming down your face. “ You’ll be late for work, go ”.

He nodded and left, which in someway disappointed you, even though you told him to. You at least expected him to be a little more concerned.

A Date Like No Other: Part Two

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Author’s Note: This is just a filler chapter. It’s really boring in my opinion, but I have a few things in stored for you guys if you are interested.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: none

Previous Part: here

The view out of your hotel window was picture worthy as the sun was held high in the bright, blue sky. A warm breeze blew throughout the city, making the trees dance with the wind. New York City’s skyline was not peaceful but welcoming, as the sounds of millions of people’s lives accompanied the view.

Releasing a content sigh, you snuggled further into the chair you sat in as you watched the New York skyline. You were trying to get your mind off of time, as time ticked by slowly. Chris was supposed to pick you up at 2pm and it was 1:54pm. You were anxiously ready, hands gripping the strap of your purse.

Something about people watching always calmed down your nerves. You saw so many people go different ways with their own intentions. Each one of them had their own stories, their own goals, their own intentions, their own lives. You played with your scarf again, before smoothing down your cardigan.

Your nerves were getting the better of you. This was your second ‘date’ with Chris, and you didn’t want to mess it up. You knew that so many would kill for this opportunity, and you didn’t have alcohol running through your veins to help guide you. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t realize that time was passing by. Your heart jumped when you heard a knock at your door.

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Lion Guard Episode 1: The Sassy Menance

Despite the Star Wars parody above, this was actually a good episode to kick off a series with.  To most, it might be the kind of episode that makes up for any disappointment that they felt from Return of the Roar.  Mostly from the crowd who felt that it is unfair that hyenas are being portrayed as the bad guys once more.  In a sense, this is Disney’s apology letter to you guys.

The Hyena character in question is Jasiri.  I really like her.  She has great design, very likable personality, and her voice actress did a pretty good job.  But the most interesting about her has to be that the friendship see forms with Kion in this episode was far more believable than I imagined.  While they go through the similar beats of the “not all X are bad buys” plot, it doesn’t feel like something that is cut and pasted.

Jasiri really made this plot work.  She is a nice hyena, sure, but isn’t a paragon of her species.  When Kion and her first met, she was incredibly sassy and less than friendly towards him.  She even goes as far as letting him walk off a cliff for a laugh.  She continues to tease and taunt Kion as she helps him out of the thorn bush he fell in.  It wasn’t until she saw him limping that she shows her sweeter side to the lion cub.  From there, their friendship began to blossom the more as they talked to each other.

The building of this friendship felt natural.  Barely rushed at all.  It helps that Kion and Jasiri really work off each other so well!  Their personalities really gelled together really well as they got closer.  In a platonic sense.  Although… this episode has so much shipping fuel between them that I would not be surprised that ship pics and fan fics were to pop up.  Stepping out Shipper’s Badlands if you will, I felt incredibly satisfied with how this element in the episode had played out.

Now to be a bit more critical.  While a lot of this episode is really great, I still can find some fault to it.  For example, the side story in this episode follows the rest of the Kion’s friends as they try to find the place that Kion to them to meet him at.  The basic rundown of these segments is to emphasis how much better Kion is at leading than each of them.  Except for maybe Ono as he seems to be the only one who hasn’t screwed up in some way.  Ono is practically the Zazu to Kion’s Mufasa right here.  Minus the snootiness.  Overall, the B story here is basically filler compared to the main story.

Another thing to take note in this episode is the hyena hierarchy presented to us.  I am pretty sure you all know by now that hyenas are a female dominated society.  Meaning their packs are led by females.  When Return of the Roar premiered, plenty of people pointed out how odd it is that Janja, a male hyena, is in charge instead of a female.  And some of the confusion can still be seen as Janja and his boys gang up on Jasiri later on in the episode.  The only possible reason I can come up with on while she isn’t bossing them around is that she is just a cub so Janja figures that he can easily bully her compared to a more adult lady hyena.  The other reason could be that Janja is just doing his darnest to rebel against Circle of Life and all of nature’s rules.

Speaking of that scene with Jasiri and the hyenas…  Yowza!  Things got violent!  I mean, as violent as they can get in a children’s cartoon.  But even then, this is a lot more action than what you would expect to find in a Disney Junior show!  Kion and Jasiri totally teamed up and kicked butt.  It is scenes like this that make me question if this show was originally conceived as a cartoon for young children.  Aside from that fight scene, the show itself seems to be very story structured rather than the standard set up in most other Disney Junior shows.  The educational bits are part of the dialouge instead of being something that the characters have to take time to explain to the audience.  Heck!  They actually go about teaching us some Swahili through a musical number!  Kinda like they did with Zuka Zama!

It is really hard for me to judge this as some cartoon for little kids when they put in so much effort to appeal to those outside that demographic.  When negative criticism for the show comes up, the easiest response to it is often, “This is a show made for kids so you shouldn’t take it seriously!”  But that excuse can’t work anymore.  Not after this episode.  Disney has took off the kiddy gloves and slapped it across our faces.  It is only fair that we accept.

…Okay.  You can stop giving Kion the bedroom eyes Jasiri.  Seriously.  Stop.  You are going to flood Tumblr with memes and ships if you keep doing that!  Memers and shippers.  Do you want that?  Cause that is more sisi ni sawa than any of us can handle!

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Hi glad your back. Hope you had a good school year! I sent the prompt ask. We were each other's first and it's been years but I just ran into you and you're still great and I kinda want to show you how much better I am now. For WA (1/2)

I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO WRITING THIS. but I was aiming for 2k, so… eh. 10.5k is short, right? hopefully this is something close to what you wanted, anon. 

trying to do more prompt fills (hint hint if anyone has any ideas they want to send my way) but probably keeping them on tumblr, so let me know if you think I should post this on ao3 as well! 

waiting for you to make the move 
iris west/barry allen - T - 10.5k words - au

“Professor Allen?” One of the kids asks, raising his hand and struggling a little with the phonetics in ‘fess’. “Is that a star?“

Barry follows the boy’s gaze, and smiles. He bends down to address the group and to make sure they can all see the diagram behind him. “Good call, Jacob,” he says, quickly reading the kid’s stuck-on label and scrawled, felt-tip writing. “Actually, that’s an atom. But I agree, it does look similar to those solar systems we saw earlier on the tour, huh?”

He should mention: he isn’t technically a professor.

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(1/3) LetAdrienEat got me thinking and I feel like I've not seen anyone address how being a famous model at such a young age has affected Adrien? Like it obviously involves him getting dragged around the city and then getting yelled at by a photographer (which he seemed kinda uncomfortable with in stormy weather tbh?) while also having random adults messing with his hair/clothes/makeup has gotta be pretty stressful in itself, not mention the effect it probably has on his already low self esteem.

(2/3) Then add that to his other academic/sporting/social responsibilities and it’s just??? so much??? I imagine while Felix certainly has a hefty schedule himself which is definitely no less challenging, his is more academically based (since he doesn’t fence or model and sports require socialising) and so a lot more static and…quieter?? (I guess is the way to describe it)

(3/3) I guess what this is all leading up to what are your thoughts on it? And also what would Felix do if he saw Adrien running himself into the ground or having a stress breakdown? (Also I just want to say that I love your twin au so much!! And all your art is so amazing so thank you!!)

i think the reason adrien’s modeling situation hasn’t been discussed much yet is because the show hasn’t given us much to discuss. this is one of the main problems right now; they’re taking things on a very slow drag when it comes to learning about adrien and his personal life - and as much as i love knowing that marinette made another hat or has another boy going gooey over her or has suddenly sprouted an elite prowess for video games we never saw from her before, marinette actually isn’t who i want to know about right now! 

i know adrien is going to be explored eventually, don’t get me wrong on that, but i think they might have taken a misstep by showing right from the start that he’s, basically, got a more complex and interesting setup than marinette. and i understand why that is - it’s so little girls watching the show can identify with marinette without too many specific things setting them apart; marinette is supposed to be pretty and sweet and well-loved and comparably bland to the supporting characters - but the problem is that they’ve introduced the probability of so many issues for adrien very early in the game and are now holding off on exploring them! 

this is making the older fans (i.e. the fans more focused on worldbuilding and character development and less appeased by a bunch of glitter and magic) pretty antsy, because now it seems like the writers are going out of the way to create new stuff for marinette to show off in her arsenal of multi-talents (some of which will probably never be relevant again after one episode, like her gaming skills) instead of going into depth with what’s already been established. as i said before, i’m aware the entirety of the first season is supposed to be filler and non-linear worldbuilding so this makes sense, but i can’t help thinking that overall decision in the first place was a poor one. the first season is supposed to be the hook, and what little bait is on that hook isn’t being used!

but yeah, back to the first point in all this; we don’t know what adrien thinks about everything he does. we know he doesn’t want to model as a career but apparently has fun in the shoots, that he doesn’t like signing autographs, that he hates his father’s “money-fixes-everything” attitude to their relationship but is also behaving very well because his father is still grieving for his mother and adrien wants to be there for him. we know a good bit about his home life, but how his fame and work affects him is yet to be seen at all!

like, how is he treated during shoots (aside from the very lax one in the park); like a real person or just a pretty doll? does he mind being touched and manhandled by wardrobe/makeup or is he okay with it? does he like seeing his face everywhere in paris or is it intimidating? can he go anywhere like a normal person without being recognised and accosted? what are those seemingly scheduled meetings with his father, and does gabriel cancel them as often as he cancels doing anything else with adrien? is adrien less lonely now he has plagg? have things changed for him at the animal shelter he volunteers at since he’s become some percentage of cat? what was his first day of school like, when he finally met regular kids just like him? did he become friends with nino slowly and shyly or just immediately latch to him as True Best Bros? does he realise marinette likes him but not reciprocate because he thinks she only likes what she’s seen in magazines, just like everyone else? is that why he’s so set on ladybug; because her opinion of him isn’t clouded by all the glitzy photoshoots and advertising and teen blogging sites? WHAT ARE HIS DIETARY PLANS IS HE EATING ENOUGH BECAUSE IT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE HE IS

i mean, shit, there’s just so much to know about him, and yet most of the character-building right now is focused on marinette when adrien is supposed to be (just about, since he is the deuteragonist) equally represented in the show! like i said, i know a lot of this will probably come, but it’s a hard wait when it’s so interesting and all we’re getting thrown at us is either more marinette filler or more shipping development.

but man, in terms of felix and the twin AU, things would be a little different for adrien since he has someone there to tell him when things are unfair - with such a skewed personal life he doesn’t seem to be a good judge himself of when it’s okay to speak out or fight back, and i think that’s why he puts up with so much from gabriel in canon. i like to think if adrien’s really slamming himself into the ground with too much work and emotional stress felix would take some stuff over for him - they are identical twins, after all; a little hairspray and some wash-in tan and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference save for adrien suddenly being much stricter about boundaries and limits.

New Americana - Scott McCall Fluff

Halsey Series Masterlist

I based this on the second verse the most [starting ‘young james dean/some say he looks just like his father/but he/could never love someody’s daughter’] and some of the other lyrics in the chorus :))

Sypnosis; You and Scott have been dating for a long while, but you don’t know about the supernatural. Stiles believes it’s always better when they know, but Scott doens’t want to endanger you, so Stiles does all he can to nudge Scott to tell you, but the messages get tangled down the line, making you concoct an entirely different theory…

Warning; should be none :)

Word Count; 1,665 [yeah omfg i got hit with inspo for this one whoops]

I love this one tbh, you don’t have to, but i’m kinda loving it :)) this is probably not what you’d expect. it’s not a dystopian imagine, it’s still set in the high school. but i hope you’ll like it, i think it’s kinda cute and scott-like :))


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A/N: @pinesinthewoods @aspiring-procrastinator @taccoman @peekabooitsmiko @logicalbookthief @fan-art-ic @thesnadger If anyone wants to read the previous parts, check my JimStan tag for AO3 links and the original tumblr posts. I’ve decided this happens in between The Stanchurian Candidate and The Last Mabelcorn. I also headcanon Ford (and Mabel) with ADHD. Ford is also one of those older people who think of physical violence as being very different from child discipline (spanking, etc.), a way of thinking that really wouldn’t fly with quite a few parents today.

Ford was still standing at the bottom of the stairs when Stanley came back from putting the children to bed. Ford could faintly hear Dipper continuing his fit. The behavior was so unlike Dipper that Ford couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong.

“Stanley, what’s going on? Why’re Mabel and Dipper upset? Who’s Jimmy Snakes? And what does Mephistopheles, seeker and jailer of the damned, have to do with any of this?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Stan snapped, pushing past Ford and going into the kitchen.

Ford followed him there. Stanley was messing with a cabinet that was well beyond the children’s reach. He was pulling out liquor as Ford started talking.

“Stanley, please. Mephistopheles himself isn’t bad or evil, but anyone who has willingly had contact with him is bad news. Mephistopheles only makes deals and takes the souls of evil people, and I just want to know if you’re all oka-!”

Just shut up and leave me alone!” 

Ford was used to Stan being angry, but he was quite taken aback by the tears rolling down his twin’s face.

Ford had before seen Stan angry and balling fists and punching people’s faces, but he had never seen Stan have a deathly grip on an alcohol bottle and a face that was begging to be just left alone in misery.

“I don’t want to hear your nerd babble about your supernatural magic crap! Just go away! I don’t care what you do, but go away!”

Ford felt unsure and lost. He didn’t know what was happening and didn’t know what to do. As a result, he found himself fulfilling Stan’s request. He left him alone in the kitchen with his bottle of rum.

With the children in bed and the rift finally contained in the snow globe, Ford wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. Well, he knew what he’d be doing if Stanley hadn’t come home so upset. But now he couldn’t bring himself to focus or concentrate.

Ford tried to think of anything in his life experience that would’ve taught him what to do in this kind of situation. But monster fighting, college, dimension-hopping, thesis work, Gravity Falls, and Glass Shard Beach hadn’t ever really had an equivalent for “twin brother in tears and turning to alcohol to deal with problems he won’t talk about.” Fiddleford had been Ford’s only real friend in the last 40 years. The only one he had been close enough to … potentially have experiences like this with. But Fiddleford had hated alcohol; it reminded him too much of his drunk of a father. And Ford himself had never consumed enough to ever be considered drunk, but he knew the science that went into alcohol consumption and how it was a depressive and made sadness worse.

Unless it was tequila. For some reason, tequila made girls dance on tables when you were just trying to do your homework and then you got distracted by them taking their shirts off.

Where was this train of thought going? The crying from the other room reminded Ford easily enough.

Right. He had no idea what he should do.

Maybe he should go back to getting distracted by the memory of the first and only time he had seen a human woman’s breasts. At least then he wouldn’t feel absolutely useless.

Ultimately, Ford did nothing about it until the next day, when Dipper and Mabel were awake.

Ford climbed the stairs and knocked on the door.

“Children? May I come in?” Ford asked.

“Just a minute, Grunkle Ford!” Mabel said.

When the door opened, it was Dipper who let Ford in. Mabel had yet another new sweater that he hadn’t seen before. He wondered how many of those she had.

“What is it, Great-Uncle Ford?” Dipper asked.

“I wanted to talk to the two of you. Is there a place that’s all right for me to sit down?”

Dipper immediately made space on his bed, throwing the books and pens and things to the head of the bed. Ford then sat on the bed.

“I need you two to tell me everything you can about Jimmy Snakes and what he has to do with Mephistopheles.”

Dipper’s and Mabel’s smiles fell. They looked at each other. Mabel looked nervous, but Dipper’s face took on a serious look that Ford had only before seen on hardened old men such as himself. It made his skin crawl unpleasantly as his thoughts came up with potential reasons why that would be.

“Jimmy is - he was - ” Mabel started.

“Stan used to be part of a biker gang when he was younger,” Dipper said, taking over for Mabel. “Jimmy was the leader, and he and Stan were … really close.”

“Really, really, really, really close.” Mabel said.

Ford felt like he was supposed to be able to receive information they weren’t speaking aloud through Mabel’s repetition, but whatever it was, he wasn’t picking up on it.

“But Jimmy was mean, even before he made the deal with Mephistopheles. We think. Stan didn’t seem to think he was acting any different from usual when he showed up earlier this summer.”

“Really mean. So mean Stan broke his promise not to curse in front of us when he left.”

That explained the filler curses Stan was using.

“So Jimmy shows up, right? And he’s been given an opportunity to transfer his deal off to someone else. So he decides he’s gonna try to get Stan to do it for him.”

“We think. We never actually got to ask,” Mabel said. “It was either that or steal our souls.”

“So Jimmy -” Dipper started, but then his voice hitched, and Ford could hear Dipper’s breath quicken. “I think Jimmy’s bad news right away, ‘cause his eyes do this red glowing thing. But Mabel’s looking on the bright side, so it took a while to convince her, and we both knew we had to do something when Jimmy -”

Whatever Jimmy had done, neither twin liked thinking about it. A chill went up Ford’s spine as his imagination went rampant.

“Children, I need you to tell me. I know it’s hard, and I think you’re both very brave. I wouldn’t press it if it wasn’t important.”

It broke Ford’s heart to see Dipper start to tear up. It was Mabel who told him in the end.

“We didn’t see the actual fight, but Jimmy punched Grunkle Stan in the face. He had a black eye he hid behind his eye patch the whole next day, but he hadn’t been able to hide it in time to keep it a secret from us. He wouldn’t tell Soos or Wendy. I had to do it.”

“Grunkle Stan bruises kind of easily. I think it’s an old man thing,” Dipper said quietly. “There were other bruises I noticed. While I was stuck with that cast on my leg and Grunkle Stan had to help me move around the house.”

Mabel didn’t seem to have known that before, and both she and Ford stared at Dipper, speechless. Dipper started to rock back and forth gently.

“I - I at least hope he bruises easily…. ‘Cause they were kinda dark and … . B-but he grabbed him and - and I dunno what else.”

Ford put a hand on Dipper’s shoulder.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to think about it anymore,” Ford said. “… What about you in a cast?”

Mabel frowned deeply, and she hugged her stuffed unicorn to her chest tightly.

Dipper responded as though it had happened in a book to some fictional character.

“I made a deal with Jimmy that if I won, he had to leave and never bother Stan again and never come back to Gravity Falls. If he won, I’d have to do something for him. He never really said what it was, but Mephistopheles made it sound like I would’ve had to become a demonic biker in his place. I won, but I broke my leg and had a few scrapes.”

It was said so nonchalantly and detached, like Dipper didn’t care that he had gotten hurt. Ford wasn’t sure if he was more shocked by that or the fact that Dipper had gotten so hurt.

“You made a deal with an occupation demon and won?” Ford said, awestruck.

Dipper managed to smile a little bit. “Yeah. I did.”

“That was incredibly brave of you, Dipper,” Ford said. He didn’t have it in him to berate him for being reckless. “I can’t imagine how frightening that must’ve been for the two of you.”

Ford and Stan had grown up with Filbrick for a father. They had gotten a fair share of ass-whoopings growing up, but they had never been struck across the face. Spankings and switches to the butt were very different from what Ford would call domestic or physical violence. And Filbrick had never, ever lifted a hand against their mother. If nothing else, Filbrick had treated their mother with nothing but kindness. And both parents had gotten along fairly well with other adults. He genuinely couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like to be in a home where you had to watch your parent or guardian getting beaten up by someone else or know that it was happening.

“Thank you for telling me,” Ford said.

“You’re welcome. Now you can help us look after Grunkle Stan,” Dipper said, smiling more now.

“Yes. Yes I can,” Ford said, almost absentmindedly. He was already thinking of what he could do with the information, what this meant for Stan, and what he would need to do in order to protect the Shack. “Now, are you sure what Stan was upset about involved Jimmy?”

“No,” Mabel said. “But Jimmy was the only time we had ever seen him that upset.”

“I see. That’s good deductive reasoning. I’ll see what I can do to get to the bottom of this. Hopefully, it’ll be something not supernatural related and that no one will be in any actual danger.”

Ford stood up and let the children go about their business. Dipper had looked like he hadn’t finished getting dressed yet.

Mabel lay on the bed again, and Dipper went about switching his shorts and shirt and finding his trusty vest.


“Yeah, Mabel?”

“If Jimmy really is back, promise me you won’t put yourself in harm’s way again. Please?”

Dipper looked over at Mabel, a surprised look on his face.

He saw her tears, and he immediately felt responsible for it.

“I don’t want you getting hurt again. I don’t want Grunkle Stan getting hurt, either, but if you got hurt like that again, I don’t know what I’d do - !”

Dipper went over to Mabel and brushed her hair out of her face, gently pressing his hand against her forehead.

“Hey, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine,” Dipper said. “Great-Uncle Ford is here now. With him, we’ll be able to protect everybody from everything. Okay?”

Mabel reached out for him and pulled him into a hug. Dipper awkwardly patted her.

Dipper had always been a bit averse to physical contact, which was why they had their awkward sibling hug ritual in the first place, but he was willing to give Mabel whatever she needed in order to feel better.

The Animal Inside - werewolf!Calum pt. 4

Author’s Note: Sorry I’m a piece of shit and took like a week to post and write this. In my defense, I’ve been traveling since the 30th and finally found enough time to sit down and write for a few hours. This one is a little bit longer than the rest and it has smut in an attempt to apologize for being so late. What can I say, I take after 5SOS. Part of it seems like a filler but it’s gonna come back into play a little later on. Like usual, let me know what you think! (PS I just realized I accidentally gave Ivy the same last name as Malia on Teen Wolf but I kinda hate Malia so I’m sorry)

Rating: Mature (WEREWOLF SMUT)

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Unrequited Love Pt.11


I watched as light flooded into the dark room. She walked into the room and turned to turn on the light, I turned towards John who motioned me to grab her. I let out a nervous sigh before slamming the door and grabbing her from behind. She immediately yelled and started squirming in my arms. John came out from behind the couch and helped me keep her still, but along the way we somehow managed to drop her causing her to hit her head on the edge of the table.

I stared at her body with wide eyes, dropping down to try and hear whether she was breathing or not. I let out a sigh of relief as I saw her chest rise up and down, “She has a pulse.”

“Well that just made things a whole lot easier.” John smiled

Nate’s P.O.V.

“Hurry up!” I whisper shouted as John carried Addy out of the backseat and into an empty warehouse that we had come across.

John huffed as he set Addilyn onto the chair in the center of the room.

“Should we place a blindfold on her?” John asked grinning.

“You know, it’s kinda scary how much thought you put into this” I mumbled watching as he wrapped the bandana around her head so that she wouldn’t be able to see.

“You have your kinks and I have mine.” John mumbled, as he stepped back and looked at his handy work.

“Kinks? What the hell is that supposed to mean?” I asked astonished.

“You know like - well kinda like- not exactly a fantasy…” John stuttered out.

“What?! This is your kink?” I choked out.

“Hey! Shut up!” He glared.

“I just can’t believe th-” My sentence was cut off as a groan echoed around the empty space.

I turned my heads towards Addilyn who was rubbing her head in pain, “Is this a febreze commercial?” I choked on air as I struggled to hold in my laughter, John on the other hand took one look at my face and bursted out into laughter. “This is some sick way of getting people to buy your product, just saying.”

“This isn’t a febreze commercial Addy.” John laughed as he took the blindfold off.

“John?!” She asked looking at him, she glared at him and looked around the room until her eyes landed on me, “Nate?!”

“Surprise?” I tried to smile as she continued to glare at me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you guys?! This is kidnapping!” Addilyn growled out.

“Look I just wanna talk.” I tried to explain.

“You just wanna talk?! And you couldn’t have oh I don’t know, called like a normal person?!!” She yelled.

“You wouldn’t have listened!” I yelled back.

“While you guys settle this ima go outside and eat this sandwich, let me know when you guys are done.” John held up a plastic bag with a sandwich inside as he smiled and walked out of the warehouse.

“Where the hell did he get a sandwich from?” Addilyn asked confused.

“I have no idea.”

“Get this whole talk over with because I have a show tomorrow that I can’t miss.” She muttered.

“I just wanna talk about what happened a while ago with the whole bet thing.” I mumbled.

“It’s okay, I’m over it.” Addy said as she let out a sigh.

“No you’re not, we would still be together if you were over it.”

“No, I really am over it, I’m putting it in the past along with everyone.” I felt my heart sting as her words left her mouth.

“What about us?”

“What about us Nathan?”

“You’re just  gonna throw it away?”

“I threw it out a long time ago Nate, you just now realized it.”

“We had a kid together Addilyn.”

“Did you forget the part where I caused her death?!”

“Let me fix you Addilyn.” She looked taken back as she comprehended the words that left my mouth

Just a filler, but let me know what you guys think!!

okay so before i made a post abt this but it wasn’t clear so here i G O. - skins formatted episodes for the check please tv adaption would be really interesting!!! - if you don’t know how skins is formatted here is is the episode list just you kind of know what i mean before i say anything else. if you don’t feel like clicking on the link, basically every episode centers around one or two people, and they’re the featured character in that episode. the other characters still appear, but more as background/plot devices, if that makes sense? honestly i think it’s a really cool way to make every character important to the story as opposed to just focusing on one or two characters. so here i go!

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