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How Could We Choose- Chapter Five

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

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Summary-You, Steve and Bucky had been friends since childhood. Right before the war it had turned into something more for the three of you. You had been shipped out first since you were a trained nurse. Once Steve gets chosen for the super soldier program he requests that you be brought state side so that there is a medical professional he trusts present during the procedure. The night before the trial you are sitting with Steve and Dr. Erskine comes in and says that he would like to give you the serum too. He gives you the injection and you become enhanced but your body doesn’t grow like Steve’s. You fight alongside Steve, Bucky and the Howling Commandos. You fall off of the train with Bucky.

Message-Not my pictures! Sorry this was kinda a filler chapter!! Sorry if this sucks!!

Word Count- 756

You, Bucky and Steve were currently shopping. Bucky had a never ending list of complaints about how tight the clothes were. You guys were pretty much done shopping. You only had one more store to go to.

“I hate this, these pants are so god damn tight.” Bucky hisses.

“Well, at least they make your ass look fantastic.” You say while giving his butt a little slap.  Bucky grins at you.

“Here’s the store. Wanda said that this is the store were ladies get their underthings.” Steve says. The three of you walk in and your eyes go wide. There all multiple rooms and they are all full of scraps of lace. Bucky walks over to one of the tables and picks up one of the lacey things. There’s barley any fabric and one of the sides is basically just string.

“I take back every bad thing I’ve said about this century. They really know what they’re doing now-a-days. Doll, you’ve got to get this.” Bucky throws it at you and then he starts roaming the room, grabbing other things that he wants to see you in. He looked like a kid in a candy store. Steve looks at you and then looks at Bucky.

“Go ahead.” You say and Steve smiles and grabs a basket. He starts to look around. Unlike Bucky who is literally grabbing every pair of underwear in your size Steve was patient, looking for something he really liked.

“Hello, do you need any help?” A lady dressed in black asks.

“Uh, yeah, I don’t know what size bra I need.” She takes you into a dressing room and measures you. You then start looking around. After about an hour you guys are walking out with multiple bags. You guys make your way back to the tower and start to wash all of the clothes.


Tony was currently trying to teach you and Bucky how to use the tech in the tower. It wasn’t going well. You could hear the rest of the team laughing behind you. Eventually Tony says that that’s enough for today.

You end up sitting with the team in the common room.

“So, you guys became a team because your brother wanted to rule this world?” Bucky asked

“And you’re from Asgard and both you and your brother are….Gods?” you ask.

“Yes.” Thor says.

“Who’s the guy with the stone in his head?” You ask.

“And why is he purple?” Bucky adds.

“Basically, Banner and Stark created a killer robot and he wanted a different body that was organic and inorganic. We got the body and then Thor shocked it and created Vision.” Steve answered.

“Cool, cool.” You said.

“How did they get their powers?” Bucky asks while motioning at Pietro and Wanda.


“Wait, Hydra is still a thing?” You ask. “I thought we won the war?” Then they explain that the United States pardoned some Hydra scientists, as long as they came and worked for the US government.

“That’s dumb, did the world get stupid when we died! Stevie crashes a plane in the artic. The government pardons actual Nazi’s! What else, huh, what else did you idiots do?” Bucky shouts.

“Steve jumped out of a plane without a parachute!” Nat yells. You burst into laughter. Bucky looks like he’s about to explode. Bucky stands up suddenly.

“We’re going to bed!” Bucky hisses. You’re still laughing hysterically.

“B-Buck, baby, it’s not even four.” You say in between giggles.

“Now, Ace.”

“Come on Stevie, let’s go see what Bucky has in store for us. I bet it will be fun!” you say while grinning.

You were right it was a lot of fun, well it was fun after Bucky finished yelling at Stevie. The three of you lay sated in your bed, sweaty and out of breath.

“So what was jumping out of the plane without a parachute? It sounds like fun maybe I’ll try it.” You say.

“You should, it’s a total rush!” Stevie says. Bucky rolls onto you looks you in your eyes and says:

“No, way in hell. Neither of you are jumping out of a plane without a parachute ever again or so help me…” you cut him off with a kiss.

“Okay, my love.” Steve says as you and Bucky kiss. When the two of you break away Bucky pulls Steve to him and they start to kiss. Then Steve turns to you and kisses you.

“Gotta love super stamina!” you giggle as Bucky uses his mouth to attack your throat.

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For You To Love Me Too

Can you do an imagine where Daryl likes the reader and whenever he touches her he handles her like shes made of glass because he thinks he’s going to hurt her or something. He also feels like hes not good enough. (I know thats been done a lot) 😊

Ahhhh! I’m back! Thanks for being so understanding while I took some time away. But I’m so glad to be back and thrilled to finally put out a new one shot! Hope you like this one!! 😊

Speaking of breaks, I did wanna make a little announcement. I decided I wanted to take a break from writing Don’t Look Back. I’m not abandoning the story completely, I just wanna take some more time to plan the story out better. I’ve got bits and pieces planned out but I don’t want a million fillers before putting out quality chapters. So, Don’t Look Back is on hiatus at the moment until I can plan some more chapters.

Okay, so I just wanna let you know that from now on, I’m not gonna respond to requests until I actually post them because I’m losing track of what order I got them in as I list them in my computer so I don’t lose them. I know what you’re thinking. How the fuck does she lose track when she’s supposed to be making note of them in order? I’m kinda stupid that way. Don’t try figuring it out hahaha so I’m gonna save the request in my inbox until I post it and then I’ll respond. I’ve seen other blogs do it this way so I hope you don’t mind if I do it that way as well. Anyways, on with the one shot!!

It was awkward for you every day since you met the group on that highway all those months ago. That Daryl Dixon was either playing hard to get or he was completely oblivious. It was clear to everyone else that you liked him and you were trying to get his attention. Everyone but him anyway.

And he avoided touching you whenever possible. Whenever you two ended up alone on a run, if you needed him to hoist you up or catch you if you stumbled or fell, he got tense and he handled you so delicately but was also quick to pull away from you. You knew your feelings were one sided but did he have to make that so obvious? Did he have to rub it in your face?

You would’ve thought that being in the prison would make it easier but it was even more difficult. He somehow found a way to avoid you even more. You barely ever saw him anymore and you were surprised by how disappointed you were. It’s not like you knew him that well. Wasn’t from a lack of trying though. His guard was up constantly, his walls too tall to climb over and too thick to break through.

“We’ve got enough food to last us the rest of the week,” Rick told the group, “But we should work on finding more. Now that we have shelter, it’ll be less stressful.”

“I’ll go,” Daryl said, “Wouldn’t hurt to hunt some. Maybe there’ll be more to catch around here.”

“You shouldn’t go alone,” Rick said.

“I’ll go,” you piped in, raising your hand.

“No, I’ll do fine on my own,” Daryl grumbled, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay. I don’t need Y/N’s help.”

“Daryl, you shouldn’t go alone,” Rick said, “Y/N is going with you. Both of you should start getting ready to go.”

“Sounds good,” you said. Daryl didn’t respond, just stormed off to his cell to gather his things. What could he possibly have to be angry about? Did he hate you that much? It almost made you want to corner him and confront him but you held back and just packed up your things for the run.

Daryl was loading up a truck when you came out of the cell block after changing your clothes and packing a bag. You opened up the back door of the truck and tossed your bag into the backseat. You leaned against the side of the truck, watching Daryl load the truck.

“Need any help?” you asked.

“I got it,” Daryl replied. He refused to make eye contact with you, fidgeting as he slammed the trunk shut. Even when he turned in your direction, he kept his head down and stared at the ground beneath his feet, “Ya ready to go?”

“Sure,” you muttered. You climbed into the passenger seat while he walked around to the driver’s side. Once he started driving, he’d kind of relaxed. You tried making small talk but he wasn’t really having it, ending the conversations quickly with one worded answers and irritated grunts.

“Over there,” Daryl blurted out, nodding towards a hardware store a few feet away. He turned into the desolate parking lot. The few cars that were still in the lot were either completely torn apart from people taking things from them, or they reeked with the smell of death from the decomposed bodies still sitting inside.

“Alright, let’s do this,” you said once Daryl stopped the truck in front of the main entrance. As Daryl pounded on the door in an attempt to lure out whatever walkers were wandering around inside, you grabbed your bag from the backseat as well as some guns Daryl had brought along. You turned to him holding up a handgun, “Hey, you should take this.”

“Got one,” Daryl said, banging against the door with his elbow, “You hang onto that.”

“Sure,” you said with a sigh. A few walkers did end up reaching the main entrance, banging on the window, smearing blood all over the glass with their hands and tongues hanging from their open mouths.

“You stay back,” Daryl said.

“Hey, I can handle these walkers too,” you argued. You stood behind him as he was ready to pull the doors open. But now, he was hesitating, hanging his head and bouncing from one foot to the other. You frowned, lowering your gun slightly, “Daryl? You okay?”

“Can handle it myself,” Daryl muttered.

“Then why are you hesitating?” you inquired, “If you can handle it, then open the door.”

“Just get in the truck and stay there,” Daryl ordered, “Why can’t you just listen to me?”

“Why do you think I can’t help?” you shot back, “You think I’m weak? Or stupid? What?”

“No I don’t think that,” Daryl snarled, “Just drop it and wait in the truck.”

“I won’t do shit until you tell me why,” you retorted, “Look, I’ve tried my hardest to be friendly, get to know you and to help you with things and all that stuff. But you clearly don’t like me and you don’t want me around. I don’t know why but I’m so tired of liking you and being so miserable all the time. You clearly don’t have emotions and could never like me or anyone.”

Daryl turned from the door and glared at her, “You don’t like me.”

“Believe me, after nearly a year, I think I’d know if I liked you or not,” you grumbled, “And I’ve spent all this time on you. Just forget it, okay? I’ll go wait in the truck. How about I just take one of these abandoned cars back to the prison? How about I just do that? You think I’m so incapable, you hate me so much-”

“Would you stop?!” Daryl shouted. He lowered his crossbow, leaning his head back with a groan, “I don’t hate you. I don’t think you’re weak. I just…I-I just…”

“You just what?!”

“It just ain’t like that,” Daryl muttered, “I just don’t…want anything to…happen…to you.”

Your feelings of rage softened and your body loosened a little, “You don’t want anything to happen to me? So, you do like me?”

Daryl gave you a shrug, “Yeah. I guess I do. It’s ‘cause I like you that I think…I think you should stop wastin’ your time on me.”

“Why would I wanna do that?”

“You just think you want me but you’re gonna find out real fuckin’ fast that I ain’t worth all the bullshit,” Daryl said, “Should invest time in someone that’s worth it.”

“Daryl, who the hell told you that you wouldn’t be worth it?” you said, “You think you’re worthless? Not good enough? That’s crazy! If that was the case, Rick and the others wouldn’t rely on you, they wouldn’t even bother including you in anything if they believed you were worthless. I wouldn’t have spent all this time trying to get your attention if I believed you were worthless.”

“Damn,” Daryl mumbled. He was silent for a few minutes, looking at everything he could to avoid looking at you. You both knew that the silence had gone on for too long but Daryl wasn’t going to say anything more unless you did.

“I know you don’t believe me,” you said, taking a few steps towards him. His body tensed but he didn’t protest, “I know that nothing I can say will make you believe me. And that’s okay. Because I think we can work through this. Do you wanna know why?”

“Sure,” he grunted, “Why?”

You kept walking until you were standing right in front of him. His breath quickened a bit despite him trying to hide it. You smiled, straightening out the collar of his shirt, “Because you took a big step today. You actually shared something with me today. And eventually, we’ll share more and more.”

“You ready to wait for that long?” he mumbled, lowering his head once more, “You wanna spend all that time on me?”

“It may sound silly to you but yeah I do,” you said, resting your hands on his chest, “Just this moment has been worth the wait, Daryl.”

“You might be insane,” Daryl replied, a chuckle slipping from his lips, “But…guess I don’t mind a little bit of crazy.”

“I’m glad to hear that,” you giggled. Your next move was a bold one and you hadn’t put any thought into it. You leaned in quickly to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. You were certain that would send him right back into his shell and make him push you away.

But he didn’t. It was enough to lift his head in surprise but he didn’t seem angry at all. He took in a deep breath, his blue eyes focused on your lips. He cleared his throat as he slowly leaned in, placing a kiss on your lips that was a bit awkward and he was still tense but you still returned his kiss, knowing that this was huge for him and he needed you to be kind. And even though he fumbled and didn’t know what he was doing, you still thoroughly enjoyed being kissed by him.

“Wow,” you whispered when he pulled away, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Was it that bad?”

“No, no!” you exclaimed, “It was that good. I hope you’ll do it again sometime.”

Daryl shrugged, “Maybe. If you really wanted me to.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” you chuckled. The walkers slapping the glass caught your attention as well as Daryl’s and you sighed loudly. You wished the moment could last just a little longer but at the same time, everyone would be worried if you didn’t get back to the prison before sundown, “We should get started. Still want me to wait in the truck?”

“Nah,” Daryl said. He got back into position, getting ready to slide the door open. He gestured to the gun tucked away in your holster, “You said you wanted to help. Let’s get this started, Y/N.”


“Capturing Her Damaged Heart”

Rated M. See chapter 1 for list of warnings. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: A deadly disease plagues the world. People are dying, the dead are rising. The infection spreads too fast to stop. Everyone tries their best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but things get messy for Natsu when he finds a blonde woman on one of his missions. Natsu takes it upon himself to help her, protect her, and accidentally fall in love with her? Zombie Apocalypse AU. Hurt/comfort, angst, romance.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Seventeen: No zombies allowed

(October 25th, 2017, Wednesday Morning)

Natsu waved as Asuka and Bisca walked down the halls before closing his door. He stretched, thankful the girl was tired for the most part. He almost wished she would be content with watching TV on his phone every time he babysat her, but he knew it was better to interact with her.

He looked over to see Lucy flipping a page in the book she was reading. Happy was on her lap, snoozing away as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Natsu smiled, enjoying the peace and quiet.

“I’m gonna take a quick nap,” he started, walking over to his mattress before pulling off his shorts. Lucy’s eyes followed the movements, but after he sat down on his bed, her eyes returned to her book. “When I wake up do you wanna come with me to help the kids? They’re gonna be making those costumes I was talkin’ about?”

Lucy’s lips twisted, making him think she was going to say no, but she surprised him by nodding. “Sure,” she whispered.

The tension he didn’t know he was carrying in his shoulders eased as he nodded too. “Cool.” With that settled, Natsu got comfortable in bed, falling asleep easily since he had been up all night for watch.

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Florist! Jinyoung
  • a tad more descriptive
  • google is advised for further understanding

- jinyoung was really intrigued with flowers ever since young

- his neighbourhood was filled with greenery, and as a child, he loved to go to the park near his house

- it always awed him how such things existed with so much colour and life

- it wasn’t a surprise that he grew up to be a florist

- jinyoung worked at his uncle’s shop, which was one of those aesthetic types, which resulted in a lot of photos being uploaded to instagram by their customers

- the shop was well known then but also for a certain cute boy working there

- jinyoung never minds the hoard of customers, mostly teenagers his age or a little older than him

- he often arranges bouquets for their significant other as a present, and does it according to either their favourite colours, meaning of the present or occasion, etcetera

- for him, it was a joy to do these things

- and of course, your friend recommended this shop to you

- she wanted to drag you along to pay the florist’s a visit since she wanted a peek of the aesthetic-ness of it all and the cute boy

- you had nothing better to do so why not?

- your first thought entering the shop was that it smelled really, really nice

- like a little fruity-refreshing kinda smell, but not too heady either

- there weren’t a lot of people in the shop either, and you and your friend were immediately greeted by a boy

- he was all smiles and wow,

- you might’ve been dreaming but he was glowing with a pale gold halo around him

- “welcome to baeby’s breath, how may i help you?”


- “we’re just looking around.”

- jinyoung gave you two another smile before returning to his place behind the counter

- you were walking around the shop while trying to tune out your friend’s aggressive whispers of how cute the boy was

- you had caught his name on his name tag pinned on his apron earlier, and you understood where the shop’s name came from

- but the shop was really organised and neat, with different types of flowers bundled together in a stalk and kept in small flower coolers along the sturdy wooden planks nailed to the wall

- there were baskets of dried flowers as well

- you were attracted by a particular type of flower

- it was called baby’s breath, and you briefly remembered the shop’s name

- it was made up of a stalk which branched out, and tiny white flowers bloomed above those branches

- you turned around, but came face to face with jinyoung, and you stepped back reflexively

- “you’re interested in these?” jinyoung points to the baby’s breath, and you nodded

- “they’re really pretty.”

- jinyoung seems to be deep in thought before taking a bouquet of baby’s breath and stares at it

- you didn’t interrupt him

- that is, until he gently pushed the bouquet into your hands and told you to bring it home for free

- you were flustered and dying of curiousity as well

- but as you left, jinyoung told you to visit more often

- you agreed, and you really did came more often, even if you didn’t have any intention to buy anything

- jinyoung’s uncle would smirk and ask jinyoung to take a break while he takes over, to spend some time with you

- there’s a tiny lounge behind the shop where jinyoung gave you a drink

- you two started to talk about your lives

- and you thought it was really cute how jinyoung’s eyes would sparkle when he talks about anything related to flowers

- he was also a very attentive listener and really seemed to be interested in your boring childhood

- which was funny tbh because no one ever listened so quietly to you about your childhood

- and when you asked him about why he gave you the baby’s breath for free, he was silent for a moment before answering

- “not many people appreciate it.”

- you swear you saw a hint of blush speckled on his cheeks but you couldn’t be sure

- but you get his point

- baby’s breath were often used as a filler for bouquets, and they weren’t really much appreciated as a flower itself

- unfortunately for the both of you, jinyoung’s uncle decided that it was time for him to get back to work

- before you left, his uncle whispered to tell you to search up the meaning behind baby’s breath

- you did that night, and the results left you unable to sleep

- since jinyoung wasn’t christain, some of the meanings couldn’t be implied

- which means,,,

- everlasting and undying love

- but then, it could mean friendship love or romantic bonds, so you were confused

- over these months, you admit you had developed a little feelings for jinyoung

- he was always there listening to you, never failing to make your heart skip when he smiles, and teases you sometimes

- all this made you want to stay by his side for a long time

- but you needed a clear answer, so you decided to ask him instead

- what was the risk anyways? love couldn’t always be reciprocated

- a few days later, you showed up at the shop again, and jinyoung rushed out to greet you

- he was a little sweaty, probably from the heat, but nonetheless carried that same, bright smile of his that made his eyes curve into little crescents

- you tried to ignore the pain throb in your body, thinking that it might be the last time you’d see that smile ever again

- “jinyoung, i need to tell you something important.”

- jinyoung’s uncle passed by and gestured for him to go along with you, and you both went into the lounge into again

- “jinyoung, i like you, more than a friend.”

- you watched as jinyoung’s jaw went slack, and your face fell, knowing that he probably won’t accept your confession

- you suddenly felt the urge to run away

- “jinyoung, i’m sorry, i have to go.”

- you reached out to twist the door knob open, but jinyoung pulled you back

- he was looking at you, his eyes concerned, and his face blushing too

- “i like you too, y/n, that baby’s breath-”

- you were suddenly filled with so much happiness that you went to hug him, cutting jinyoung off

- you felt jinyoung’s arms circling around your waist and pull you closer, his warmth radiating around you

- he smelled so good too

- like vanilla and peach blossoms

- when you two came out of the lounge, his uncle was applauding

- “this boy wanted to confess for so long, so i helped him a little.”

- jinyoung would be the cutest florist boyfriend ever

- he always conveys his love to you through flowers, and always ties it with a pretty ribbon with a note

- always writes sweet and encouraging things, like “you look beautiful today” or “don’t be stressed, eat well!! love you lots <3”

- suddenly all the pictures taken from the shop uploaded on instagram was about the both of you

All the Web Series

Hey everyone!

So my lovely sister suggested that I make a masterpost of all my favourite web series, so I started off by listing all the web series I’ve ever watched………and there are a lot. So many that I think I might have an eensy bit of a problem. But moving swiftly along, here’s my own not so little list of all the webseries I’ve watched all-the-way-through and want to ramble about in alphabetical order. As always, these are my own thoughts and opinions, and you are perfectly entitled to have different ones. Because this list is so long, I’m putting it under a read-more (cause otherwise this would seriously fill your entire dash) but above the read-more I’m gonna put a list of the web series I talk about so you can see if there’s something you want to check out :)

Adult Wednesday Addams

Autobiography of Jane Eyre

Blank Verse


Classic Alice

East and West

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton

Emma Approved

Frankenstein M.D.

From Mansfield With Love

Green Gables Fables

The Goreys


I Didn’t Write This

In Earnest


Jules and Monty

Kissing in the Rain

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Misselthwaite Archives

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Nothing Much to Do

School of Thrones


Submissions Only

A Tell-Tale Vlog

Welcome to Sanditon

Wish It Inc

Writing Majors

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Let’s Discuss:  The Writing About Gaara

After reading a post about a little jokey-but-legit critique about how the village came to accept Gaara after acting out as some killing sociopath, I thought I would make an open discussion about the writing itself.  While I have done some lengthy analysis about Gaara, I have never suggested that Masashi Kishimoto is some genius writer by any means whatsoever.  I do not think he is a bad writer - I just think that some of his stuff in Naruto are hit-or-miss.  The way Naruto ended really exposed his weak points in his writing.  While I love Gaara as a character, he is not impervious to criticism in Kishimoto’s and Studio Pierrot’s inscription.  I have a short list of things that I think that Kishimoto and SP could have done better with Gaara.  

  • Give Gaara and co. more screentime on how he became Kazekage.

I cannot stress this enough.  I always felt that they could have explained a little better how Gaara worked his way into becoming Kazekage.  We were shown a glimpse of it in Shippuden 182 where Gaara made his first bond in his first ever Sand-Leaf mission.  The manga has suggested that Gaara and Naruto have met a few times before the time-skip, but it was never shown and instead we were given filler to provide us an idea of what had happened.  Perhaps I am being a bit biased, but that is how I feel.  I am aware that the story is centered around Naruto, but there are a few other characters that they could have handled better like Sakura, Hinata, Rock Lee, and Neji (just to name a few). 

  • The interaction between Gaara and Shukaku should be further explored.

Perhaps it is a little repetitive to illustrate how Gaara dealt with the beast like how we were given plenty of screentime with Naruto and Kurama, but we were not given any kind of interaction between the former until Shippuden 388.  Why wait this long for it to finally happen?  Also, we were not given any kind of explanation how Gaara was able to fight off the symptoms of his insomnia.  For some viewers, it had put them out of the loop and were left to think that it just “happens”.  I would be happy to try to explain it to the best of my ability (I cannot promise you it will be good) if someone requested it (I sorta did under Gaara’s symbolism of the brain), but really, it kinda left you feeling unsatisfied.  They did a little bit of that in the Sunagakure Support Arc (Naruto Eps 216 -220), although I felt that they could have done more.  I honestly could not see Gaara perfecting and overcoming the obstacle the first time.  I get that Gaara is a perfectionist, but it is also okay to let him struggle a bit, especially in his first few weeks (or maybe months) after fighting Naruto.

  • Yashamaru’s motivation should have been highlighted more.

I was never convinced that Yashamaru attacked Gaara strictly under Rasa’s order.  I believed that he had ulterior motives why he went with the plan anyway, knowing full well that the strategy is not going to work.  Doing it “for the sake of the village” felt a tad too simplistic as that does not explain how complex humans really are.  Some people would even call that a retcon, calling the whole scheme to be stupid, which it is.  (Although, I can try to explain how and why Rasa’s plot was even brought up in the first place.)  Speaking of Rasa…

  • The execution of Rasa and Gaara’s fight has left to be desired.

I felt that the fight was too short to me.  They made Rasa out to be some kind of scrub…or perhaps that was the whole point?  It could be just Gaara being given some little victory for simply fighting his father, something that the old Gaara would not have done.  Congrats? 

  • Rasa and Temari’s interaction should have occurred.

The part where Temari noticed her father’s presence in the Fourth Shinobi World War should have been an opportunity for Kishimoto to form some kind of communication…and yet, it did not happen.  Why?!  I know Gaara was screwed directly by his father by making him a jinchuuriki, but Temari and Kankuro suffered, too!  Don’t just have their father mention them to Gaara.  Seriously, after all these years that the siblings missed out their bonding time with Gaara, you would think that Temari would at least have her chance to say something to her father.  Perhaps Gaara speaks out on behalf of himself and his siblings, but still.  My main point:  do not treat Gaara as the only child or the only one that matters simply because he is a popular character.

Now, I am leaving the discussion open to you all.  After what I have listed, do you agree or disagree with my complaints?  Do you like the way the story is already written?  What do you think that Kishimoto/SP/both could have done to improve Gaara and crew? 

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors. – Chapter Four.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader.
Warnings: Language, Light Smut, Fluff.
Word Count: 1.8k
AN:This chapter is is shorter than the others, it’s kinda a filler chapter.
I suggest reading chapters One. Two. Three.


You and Dean have been dating 6 months today and you’re ready to say it, those three words, you just don’t know when or how but you know what you’re feeling is real, you’ve been thinking about saying it tonight, cooking Dean a nice meal then just “I love you”, it sounds more romantic in your head.

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 10

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This one’s a bit short, kinda filler-ish, but building up for the next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Expect someone to make their first appearance in the next part! 

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The Sky post y'all been waiting for

Ladies and gentlemen, enemies of the sun this is the long promised Sky post y'all have been waiting for I’m sorry I can’t use images since my laptop won’t work and I have to do this on mobile and now without further redo let’s start


Season 1:
We are actually introduced to him as Brandon because of an unnecessary role switch. I don’t even know why they thought this was a good idea since anyone who would’ve wanted to harm Sky and did proper research would know immediately who the real Sky is. That’s not that much of a problem however starting to “date” someone while still being engaged is. He wouldn’t even have to out himself as prince who just would’ve had to tell Bloom: Sorry I have a fiancée or to break things up with Diaspro. TBH this whole love triangle that has been going on since then is his fault he shouldn’t have just started “dating” Boom. And then everyone starts acting like everything is Diaspro’s fault tbh it was neither Bloom’s or hers it was Sky’s. And then he tried to solve things with Bloom not his actual fiancée no the girl he cheated on her with I doubt he even talked to Diaspro what even should he say: Ehm sorry I cheated on but I didn’t bother to break up with you before I started seeing someone else? Other than that he is pretty tolerable this season.

Season 2:
OH BOI that’s where the major drama begins. He starts out just fine but the second Avalon gets introduced “sigh” I still can’t believe to this day that he thought it was a good idea to spy on his girlfriend in a party where he is not invited with the excuse of making sure she’s okay (or what was it were we even given an excuse?) anyways and then he sees her talking to HER FREAKIN TEACHER and he gets jealous immediately. Like dude you were spying on your girlfriend and saw her talking to her teacher WHILE THEY WERE AT SCHOOL it’s not like they were together in the city or something no they were RIGHT THERE at school and the party was FOR THAT EXACT TEACHER and your first thought is that she might like him then idk if it’s her problem or yours TBH . Then that teacher promises her to help her find out about her past and you should be excited for her but no you’re being a jealous asshole. And then at red fountain he “dies” and then gets resurrected with Bloom’s healing powers but still believes that she likes the teacher more and who would blame her it seems like the teacher treats her better than her actual boyfriend does. And then he still manages to help her get healed from Darkar spell like Bloom if I was you I would’ve blown him away because honestly speaking Bloom deserves better.

Season 3:
Oh beloved season 3 in this season he’s kinda okay I guess except the part they had an off-scream fight in and we never knew what happened there and the part where he is under Valtor’s curse and tries to get rid of everyone and idk if he apologized for that it’s actually not that much his fault except it’s pretty stupid to trust Diaspro at that point. I don’t recall anything else if you do you can add it.

Season 4:
Now this season is weird because other than a few things I didn’t seem to have much impact on anything. Anyways this season was incredibly frustrating to watch from the romance perspective (well relatively anyways) because we had various love triangles that were what the children call incredibly stupid and cringeworthy. Like It didn’t really have to be and it didn’t add to anything in the season except maybe that one filler episode with Mitzy. And what role does Sky play in all of this? As always the jealous asshole. (I know it was not only him but still) dude just because some dudes were helping your girlfriend with painting the god dam walls while you weren’t there doesn’t mean they’re cheating and you have to behave like jealous children when someone plays with their fave toy on the playground. Like dude Andy and Bloom are childhood best friends of course they’re close like what even do you expect and instead of talking you just walk away like what is? What are we? You have a mouth and y'all can talk instead of this stupid miscommunication. Also think about from who the “Anonymous” message was because if you consider it i don’t thing “girl that hates bloom since they were children and wants to date Brandon although she knows he has a gf” isn’t exactly what you would call a reliable source. Then he is normal I guess for the rest of the season. Ah I wish he would fall of somewhere I just hate him.

Season 5:
Be careful what you wish for because yes he fell but he DIDN’T FREAKIN DIE. No he lost his memory and didn’t want it back because…? Like dude I get it you lost the jewelry but that doesn’t mean that you and Bloom will never live happily ever after like come on how superstitious are you to think that the only reason you and your gf won’t have a happy life because of that piece of jewelry you won’t have a a good life with Bloom because you have hundreds of other problems in your god dam relationship. (Note: this is the part in season 5 where I gave up the first time I was watching it) And how could it not be Diaspro decides to show us again how much they wasted her potential. You’d think after season 3 she would be banned never to return to Eraklyon but noooooo how can king Erenidiot ever make a good and smart decision in his life he even appoints her as Sky’s royal advisor or something like that. Yes you read it right folks she got a position of power. What happened next will shock y'all. She became a controlling bitch who would even control his phone calls (and Bloom totally falls for it but that’s a story for another day) and then they have this meeting where they discuss if they should do something against Tritanus where he at first doesn’t even wanna join forces and suddenly when it still happens he decides he’s the perfect person to lead it
(Ah yes forgot to mention that he gets his memory back somewhere before Diaspro became his royal babysitter because Flora found the piece of Jewelry in Domino idk how it got there)
And the season ends there this was one of the more frustrating seasons too.

Season 6:
I wouldn’t say there was much Bloom x Sky drama here except where the part where Diaspro tried to kill Bloom but I think we’re used to that by now like we’re used to wake up every morning: incredibly annoying and hard to go through. Surprisingly enough that’s not the part where he angers me the most no he annoyed me because he has the mentality of some people on this website to hold something a person did while they were 10 against them for the rest of their lives. Like if I was 10 and playing in the forest and some random dudes attached me I would run away too and nobody would judge me since that’s and instinct and TBH the only logical thing to do unless you’re some anime protagonist. And I wouldn’t hold a grudge against someone who did it like come on Sky you could’ve ran for it too and it’s sadly not like any harm happens to you since you’re alive and well unfortunately.

Season 7:
If I’m being completely honest with y'all I’m still in denial this season ever happened and you know what else I can’t believe ? The fact that this season featured a Bloom x Sky “love triangle” where the third person was a talking unicorn ( I know it’s one episode but still) Come on dude if after all these years of being together you still have to fight for Bloom’s heart WITH A UNICORN then dude something is seriously wrong and it’s not Blooms fault. I’m not talking about this particular incident more or else I will go on a long long rant.

Conclusion (I guess):
In general you can say I don’t really like Sky and think he’s one of the worst character'a ever to exist in the Winx universe and who can blame me? Also if you go ahead and call Bloom a Mary Sue I except you to call out Sky too who apparently is the best in his class even while losing his memory. And I think it’s safe to say that Bloom and Sky are one of the worst couples in this show.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I didn’t include the movies since it’s been a while since I watched them

Here you have it folks the long Sky post y'all been waiting for thank you for sticking around to the end I tried to keep it brief and I’m curious to here your thoughts on the matter

Protect You || Part 4/?

new part!!! its more of like a filler rn, the next chapter gon be actual stuff about the reader in the story and past stuff and learning to trust peter and stuff. but i hope you guys enjoy this one, and the future ones will get better TRUST ME. oh and WRITERS BLOCK IS A BITCH DBJSXANJKNIBEI I CANT ANYMORE

tags : @running-outta-time @munalisax @i-just-wanna-run-hell

words : 1437

warnings : lil make out scene (its nothing really, but its still kinda there)


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Originally posted by tomshollandss

“You guys are actually together now,” Ned asked Peter in disbelief, “Like for real?”

The two friends stood by your locker, waiting for your arrival to greet you.

Peter gave a giddy expression to his friend as he squeaked, “Yeah, for real!” His expression turned into one of a dreamy daze, “And she really said she liked me back. She’s not trying to make me feel better. She’s perfect.”

“Who’s perfect.”

You’d made it to your locker to see the two best friends gushing to each other, beginning to unlock your locker.

Ned smiled stupidly and spoke for his friend, “Peter thinks you’re perfect.”

Peter’s eyes widened like a deer in headlights, punching Ned lightly in the arm as your eyebrow raised at the boy,

“Yeah, and he also thinks Star Wars is the perfect movie; so,”

Peter nodded, “Yeah, see,” his eyebrows began to furrow when you slammed your locker closed, moving around the boys, “Hey…, wait!”

You sniggered as you walked away, throwing your head back dramatically, “Don’t worry, I still have somewhat of feelings for you, my love!”

You continued laughing obnoxiously down the halls as Peter rolled his eyes and laughed along lightly, running to catch up with you.

“Listen,” Peter hushed once your laughter had died down, “So, should we tell everyone that we’re together? Or…,”

You have the boy walking beside you a squinting look, “People already know we’re together, Parker.”

Peter’s mouth shaped into an O when he remembered the way things had really started, “Right, right. Got it.”

You hummed, turning into the first class you had with Peter.

“So,” he grabbed your arm, pulling you back lightly to stand with him, “Are you doing anything after school? Maybe you could come over, or something… I mean you don’t have to, but if you want! It’s your choice really, but it would be great! Not that I’m desperate, no. I mean, for you sure, maybe, but I’m not normally a desperate pers-,”

You snorted, cutting off his rant and making him look at you with big doe eyes, “I’ll see, Parker.”

Peter nodded vigorously, “Okay, yeah, you’ll see. For sure. Got it. Completely; got it-,”

“Hush,” you put your finger to his lips, pausing and leaning forward as his eyes widened, pulling back after squinting after a while, “I have to get to class, child.”

You turned on your heel, head up high, and made your way into the class; leaving Peter an embarrassed and nervous mess outside.

You’re legs were placed on both sides of Peter, straddling the boy as your hands cupped his face, your lips moving slowly against his. You felt his hands waver on your waist, unsure of where exactly to place them. You tightened your hold on him with your legs, one hand moving to play with the soft brown hair at the back of his head, your lips breaking apart from each other slightly only to be reconnected moments after multiple times.

As it had turned, you decided not to go over to the Parker residence. Instead, Peter had shown up at your window after patrolling the city to see you, this time in your normal clothing rather than the first time he’d come unexpectedly.

You disconnected your lips from his, moving to press a light kiss on his cheek, working your way down all over his jaw, and soon to his neck. When you’d begin to nip and suck in certain places, making him squirm underneath you, you looked up slightly from the position you were in to catch a glimpse of his face. His cheeks had been flushed, pupils had grown bigger as his eyes widened, and his breathing had increased into light pants.

You moved your lips back up to his mouth, giving him a small peck as your lips grazed each other. You watched from the close proximity as his eyes close and he breathlessly said the words,

“Oh God, I love you.

Peter’s eyes then shot open in alarm at his words. He couldn’t believe he’d actually voiced the feelings he’d had for months now; words he was ready to say, but ones he didn’t think you wanted him to say.

Your eyebrows shot up high, looking somewhat caught off guard before recollecting yourself and scoffing/laughing at the boy as you stood, moving off his lap and the bed, “No, you don’t, Parker.”

Peter’s head that was down in embarrassment shot up at your words, eyebrows furrowing, “Well… yeah, I do, that’s why I said it.”

You shook your head before looking at the seated boy with an unreadable expression, “Okay, whatever you say.”

Peter squinted his eyes in disbelief. He swung his legs over the bed, standing in the jeans and sweater he’d brought to change from his suit, “What do you mean, ‘Whatever you say’? I-I told you I love you. I thought you knew, that’s what you said the other night.”

You gave him somewhat of an angered look, brushing him off with, “Yeah,” you walked around the bed and began to fix it as your voice grew stronger, “But it’s only been, what, 21 hours since we’ve actually been together? Correct me if I’m wrong, Lover Boy.”

Peter felt tears beginning to gather in frustration and hurt as you mocked him for the words he’d spoken moments before. His voice wavered when he’d said, “Listen, I know that maybe you’re not ready to say it, but I am. Why are you telling me that I don’t love you?”

“Because you don’t,” by that point you hadn’t been looking at the brown eyed boy, avoided eye contact as you sucked a breath in, keeping your face hard as you moved back to where he was, beginning to fix that side of the bed, sighing in defeat, “Just leave it, dude. Doesn’t matter anyway.”

Peter felt his heart clench as you continued to shuffle around the room. He stood in place, frozen, going over the words you’d said, ‘Doesn’t matter anyway.’

He felt his heartbreak turn into one of anger, realizing he wasn’t the one in the wrong, he seethed, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

You shot around to face him, your mouth morphing into a mock smile, saying dangerously slowly the words, “What did you say to me?”

Peter felt himself falter for a moment before saying again, “What’s your problem?” He shook his head at you furiously, “I said I love you and you’re telling me it doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah, because it doesn’t,” you exclaimed, “You think you love me! You don’t know me!”

“Then let me get to know you!” Peter took a step forward, face softening, “You shut everyone out; that’s what you always do, and you gotta stop.”

“Yeah, and maybe there’s a reason for that, penis brain.”

Peter grimaced at the nickname, ‘Ouch,’ after he’d thought about it, ‘Could’ve been worse though.’

“Just because you have a hard time loving people,” his hand moved forward to grasp yours, which you surprisingly let him do, “Doesn’t mean you have to stop people from loving you.”

Your face fell at the comment for a moment before recollecting yourself, face angering once again, “Just get out, Peter.”

Peter’s eyes widened, and his hand tightened his hold on yours, “What?”

“I said get out,” you pulled your hand away from his, “And don’t forget your bag and shit.”

He looked at you in disbelief as you calmly told him off, shaking his head, “You can’t be serious. Y/N, I’m trying to be there for you like you are for everybody else!”

You have him a mock grin before saying, “Yeah, well, I don’t need counseling like everybody else, so… you can take the window out.”

Peter shook his head, “No.”





“Yes, Goddamnit, child!

Peter couldn’t help but laugh at the last word spoken, turning his head to the side as he giggled, trying to hide it from you.

Much to his content, he turned back to find you fighting a smile before you said the words, “You really put up a fight, don’t you, Parker?”

“Yeah,” Peter looked at you with something of love and hopefulness, “Can I stay?”

You clicked your tongue, hitting your hands, that were limp to your side, on your thighs, saying reluctantly, “If you dare tell anyone I said anything remotely human to you, people will wonder what the hell happened to their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.”

Peter grinned, rushing forward to tackle you onto the bed into a hug. You landed with an ‘Oof’, “Come on! I just fixed this!”

Darn it, Alvarez Arc… You were open to possibilities. Opportunities. Potential…

But then you gave way to Nalu/Jerza fanservice anyway. >.> I suppose, in the end, Natza didn’t HAVE to become canon, but the lack of fanservice up ‘til the ending stuff kinda left things open. I wouldn’t have been opposed to an ending that stayed open. Let all ships have their theories about how everyone paired off, even the overbearing Big 4. But what ya gonna do? I suppose it’s still possible to end on that note, but not very likely at this stage.

Nalu/Jerza camps have their reasons for believing in their ships, and I have mine. Even in this arc of wasted opportunities…

Is this kind of scene romantic? Not necessarily. Just goes to show the amount of faith Erza has in Natsu, when everyone else was ready to go after and support him. He was confronting the leader of Alvarez, the Black Wizard himself, and Erza took him at his word that he could handle it. Even though Zeref would likely make the Balam Alliance seem like a cakewalk, Erza put her faith in him before all others did (at least from what we were shown). Sort of reminiscent of the time when Erza took on a 100 monsters, don'tcha think?

Natsu and Erza trust one another - their character, their abilities, they’ve bared it all to each another over the years. Of course they worry about one another, too - as seen when Natsu saved Erza from falling in Chapter 459 - but it’s a healthy kind of worry. Not to the point of doubting one another’s abilities. Granted, there was a point in Tartaros where he had Happy fly him across Ishgar because he was worried about Erza (and Mira) being taken; at the time, he had little to no evidence, but he was right in the end, wasn’t he?

As much as the Nalu/Jerza camps may try to convince us there isn’t a deep connection between these two characters, there kind of is even if you decide to view it as platonic. That said, this connection goes beyond mere trust and having each other’s backs. They grew up in Fairy Tail for seven years before the canon officially started. Them and Gray bonded to the point they’d bathe together. I can see how that might be viewed as innocent sibling bonding, but all these years later, Natsu and Erza are perfectly comfortable being around one another naked. Maybe in some families, siblings are okay baring all for one another to see, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a 'normal’ sibling-type relationship. Even outside the bathing thing, though, you had the trio of Natsu, Erza, and Gray doing all sorts of things together (the flashbacks in recent chapters prove that; even if you don’t want to buy that Erza expanded on Natsu’s education where Igneel left off, there’s at least that one panel showing Erza possibly teaching them to hunt). It wasn’t just a case of Erza being the badass S-Class mage that was so far above them in skill, and therefore distant from them as friends; they really had a connection prior to Lucy joining the Guild. And that bond can be more or less demonstrated canonically when Natsu rushed off ahead of the others early in ToH, before Erza could stop him from trying to confront Jellal. Even Gray was worked up, but Erza stopped him before he could rush off, too.

It’s just one reason, but I kind of prefer a ship that is built off of years and years of bonding. The kind where a relationship would just 'happen’; no change in the dynamic, they just kinda realize that, oh, they are pretty close. It’s natural to proceed to the next stage. I won’t completely dismiss that Nalu and Jerza have some buildup, but compared to the likes of Natza, they haven’t had as long to be together. That’s just one reason I see Nalu as a BROTP. Jerza… well, as it’s written currently, I’m just plain averse to that ship. Jellal’s caused Erza much trauma, and Erza’s a little too blindly loyal to him for my tastes. Loyalty’s all well and good, but to try and convince the likes of Kagura and Milliana to forgive Jellal and move on like she had, that’s not really fair to them, now is it? Milliana was lied to and manipulated for all that time Erza was in Fairy Tail, and she lost a dear friend because of him - a dear friend that also happened to be Kagura’s brother, who she had been searching for. To top it off, they weren’t the only ones affected by Jellal running the Tower of Heaven. Lots of slaves died constructing it.  And don’t bother trying to pass off Jellal’s actions as Ultear possessing him; I never liked Ultear being made as a scapegoat, and from what we saw he still had a great amount of free will in him.

I’ve diverged off-topic a bit, but that is some of my major reasoning for being against Jerza. If you want another interesting contrast, Jerza is rooted in the dismal past (TRYING to move on, with one person doing most of the work), while Natza can be argued to be headed to a bright future (with both of them mutually supporting one another). That doesn’t mean the past is forgotten; it’s just not at the forefront of their minds. This contrast can be seen in how Erza usually interacts with Jellal and Natsu. Whenever she’s around Jellal, the mood is usually somber and heavy with regrets, and Erza is doing her utmost best to give him hope and purpose (there is maybe one exception, at the end of Tartaros; the roles are reversed, but the atmosphere is still not quite 'cheery’ - much as it tries to be). When Erza’s around Natsu, the mood varies, but it’s worthy to note that Natsu does an excellent job at cheering Erza up or putting her in a good mood. I mean, just look at these…

Canon, filler, doesn’t matter. Natsu’s like the best guy for the job at getting Erza to smile. And more than half the time, he’s smiling right beside her. There’s just so much to love about Natza. More than I could cover in just one post, but we’re quite not up to the 'end’ anyway, so I won’t get into it all yet. There’s still 2 more volumes to come out - 15 chapters, maybe. Yeah, canonically we’re probably going to wind up with most if not all the pairings that were on that color cover a couple chapters ago; some I’m aggravated with, some I’m okay with. That won’t stop me from appreciating all the Natza moments we had…. It’s just… damn it, Mashima, you just had me convinced we could’ve gone that route.

It’s a bummer we have to defend our ship so tenaciously, but what ya gonna do? We’ve got loads of stuff to shove in Nalu/Jerza’s high and mighty faces. And from our perspective, Natza is extremely healthy and well-developed…

Tri Spoilers

I feel the new trailer has kinda spoiled some of the films best moments since they take some of the tension out of it… On the cast talk, they didn’t say much of interest, since we hadn’t seen the movie, so anything interesting would have been a spoiler…

Cast Talk
Sora’s va had invited other cast members to her concert and they came, so she felt like they were family. They twirled around in the uniforms and said they thought the movie was interesting. Next broadcast is those two + Mimi, with Takeru as the MC, because he’s cheerful and able to chat. He called himself ponkotsu (useless, terrible etc) and said he found it difficult, so Sora should do it, but she said she was ponkotsu too. Mimi’s va is the ‘you can do it’ senpai, so the announcer said the three of them probably balance each other out lol

Warning: I was working on three hours of sleep and did have a teeny tiny bit of alcohol before the movie (I get tipsy easily :/) so I may or may not have missed something. 

Shipping moments - honestly whenever someone asks me about a ship moment I never know if they’re talking friend or romance. Because in all honesty, character A can look at B and half of tumblr will say it’s code for them dating. So when y’all say ‘moments’ I never know what you’re thinking because half of you exaggerate nothingness into canon. So when I’m asked about moments, I talk about times when characters interacted. I hope that clears things up.

Also please slow down on the shipping asks. I deleted over 10 messages. Patience is appreciated. So is not being rude. I’m happy to talk about literally any ship, but don’t spam me and demand answers. You make your ship and the fandom look bad. (Also why are y’all on anon I don’t bite lmao)

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on season 4?

Anon: i was wondering if any of you has seen the new season? and if so what did you think? (if you dont want to answer thats okay, i was just curious)

ok a couple of things before you read:

1. this obviously contains s4 spoilers!!

2. everything we say is our personal opinion

3. this is the second time ive had to type this all out bc my phone did something weird and deleted it all the first time.. im still salty 

- Karri

ok lets gO (sorry this took so long to post afgh)

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Have you watched the Netflix live action death note? It's a Wild Ride™ 😂😂


And, okay, really, I think I’ve trained myself to look at adaptations of things with a less critical eye? Because when it comes down to it, I know I’m going to be disappointed if they left out my favorite scene or changed minor details and that sort of thing - like, you should’ve seen me ranting about Harry Potter when they started coming out - so, I eventually started looking at things from a completely different point of view. Because, really, this was an adaptation of Death Note, it wasn’t the directors goal to make a live version of this amazing anime.

It’s like those movies that are “based on true events”. The entire thing is basically made up drama to create a cinema worthy piece of film that audiences are going to want to watch, ya know? Same thing kinda applies here; they took the idea of Death Note and shortened the entire thing down to a comprehensible film that would be entertaining to audiences. The premise was the same and you have the same - kinda? - two main characters still facing off with each other, but that’s basically it. Everything else comes from the directors mind and his personal creative freedom - surely granted to him by Tsugumi Ohba and Tadeshi Obata.

So, while watching this with my boyfriend - who knows nothing of the original Death Note other than a synopsis from myself and filler details as the movie went along - I actually enjoyed it. Not when I compared it to the anime, because Light is a completely different character and when it got to the ending I felt like I was being thrown around like WHERE IS THIS RIDE TAKING ME??? But by itself as a stand alone with no connection to the original work, I thought it was a good watch - meaning I laughed, got into the action, and never turned away from the screen.

There were things that were fucked up, man, like Light killing the bully and Mia being this freaky chick who was totally turned on by the fact that Light was murdering people - like, I guarantee they were writing names while doing the do. And I don’t even really wanna start going down a rant about Mia wanting the book and Ryuk taking an active part in trying to persuade things to happen. So, yes, as a Death Note fan who watched the series when it first came out, I was upset with the changes and the things that they did - like, I wanted more Ryuk. He’d my favorite character and he was hardly around making those little comments I love so much.

But taking into account how adaptations work, there were things I did like. I liked the animation on Ryuk, I thought it was interesting how they chose to keep him in the dark with glimpses of his face. I enjoyed L for a good portion of the movie - his character got lost to me near the end - but I thought he did a great job of making a character that is very strange and on the outside seem very realistic. The lighting was amazing through the entire film, when the first scene played it was my first comment actually, I thought it delivered the vibe of the story very distinctly and the filming itself was done really well. And while I know it’s not the way Light reacted to Ryuk in the anime, I freaking loved that whole scene of screaming and things being knocked around - I laughed probably way too hard. 

I’ve read many rants on here about it being Americanized and it’s lack of Japanese representation other than to throw the detectives scent of their trail and all sorts of knit picking about details, but it’s still an adaptation taken on my an American director making a film strictly for an American audience (not that I was a huge fan of the cast or anything. My favorite in this movie was L and that’s primarily because I felt like he actually studied who his character was before filming). This was not meant to replicate the anime episode by episode. So there are things that are removed - like Misa having a Note and more details about the Wammy house or Light’s active part in the investigation for Kira - they’re complicated details that take up film time that need to be cut - unfortunately - and restitched together to create a comprehensible story.

And I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion - in fact, I know - but that’s what I thought. Would I watch it again, no probably not, but while I did watch it, I found it to be overall enjoyable as a stand alone piece.

Sorry, this turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, lol.

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Okay so I get Skyward Sword wasn't a super great Zelda game (it's not in my top 3 Zelda games) but I liked it, it was cute and had an amazing story (plus Zelink was really apparent in it and I'm so here for Zelink). Why do people hate the game so much? So many people say it was terrible and the absolute worst game they've ever played. I've tried googling why people hate it but nothing really comes up for why people hate it

from what i’ve seen the “popular” problem is the linearity. my two cents on it is that skyward sword came out when the “HUGE OPEN WORLD LOTS OF SIDEQUESTS AND EXPLORATION YEHAGHHDH” thing was really strong and fresh (especially with the release of skyrim) so people turned their noses at anything linear. it doesn’t help that it’s a zelda game, which many people claim should have exploration first because “that’s the spirit of the original!!!!” or something, because zelda totally isn’t a heterogeneous franchise that encompasses different styles of gameplay, of course not.

me, personally? it’s one of my favorites. my main draw to zelda is the puzzles, combat and story, and skyward sword delivers beautifully on all three of them. the story is pretty damn good. the motion controls are controversial, but i think they make the game much more enjoyable and make even lesser fights feel more exciting. the dungeons are a HUGE improvement from twilight princess’s repetitive layouts and wind waker’s general meh-ness, and i personally like that the world works like a dungeon.

but i would be lying if i told you skyward sword doesn’t have big issues. for starters, the pacing is strange – the first act has a lot of stuff happening (the stakes are high, especially with both link and ghirahim trying to reach zelda) and it’s great, the second act has nothing going on (zelda who?? never heard of her), the third act is basically filler until sky keep and the finale is fucking mindblowing.

i have praised the dungeon-like regions, but what i really mean to praise is lanayru – it seems like the devs put all of their good stuff in there (dungeons, puzzles, concepts, even the music), and kinda just… ignored faron and eldin. no, really, even the third act has an entire new area to explore in lanayru, while the others are just the same place under different conditions. it’s jarring.

and then there’s some stuff that is just plain boring. the sky is boring and there’s no warping system (which is fucking PAINFUL), and skyloft is boring for the most part.

but i understand that many of these are from development hell. skyward sword was supposed to be much more like botw, but they spent so much time with concepts and disagreements regarding said concepts that they had little time (a little over a year if i recall correctly) to actually make the game. it’s sad, but it happens. on the most part, though, i’m glad with the game that we got.

(on a brighter note, since you mentioned zelink: it’s the one thing that is unanimously praised, even in negative reviews, and that’s pretty damn sweet. no wonder they kept it up in botw.)

Interference (pt 5)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader AU

(a/n) Okay holy shit guess who decided to finally update. Me. Damn myself. 

But I need to clarify a few things about stuff that’s added and the upcoming parts. First of all, I like to be accurate in writing and so reader, she has two bullet wounds on her head, the entrance where the bullet entered is going to be a dimple, and the exit wound is actually going to have the main or bigger wound just to give you a heads up. Also I’m sorry if this and the next part kinda seems like a filler or is just plain boring, it’s to set up for pt 7, a scene I’ve been so excited to write and already have like six pages on lined paper written already. 

So please look forward to that and sorry for this long a/n 

“I am not doing what you’re asking of me to do.”

Taehyung gives Jimin a pointed look, pouting as the older stands his ground with a rivaling scowl, “Come on Jiminie, the girl has been with us for over a week now, I don’t care what went on that night, you are to help her.”

“It’s just this once okay?” He continues, “I want to see you trying at least.”

Frowning, the orange-haired man flicked the other’s forehead, “Yah, you brat, I’m older than you, who are you to give me orders?”

“Oh not me,” Taehyung grins, holding up his hands in defense, “Orders from Kim Namjoon~”

It’s been days, days that turned into a week or so, since you began staying with the polar opposite duo of Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin. You wondered how they worked so well together, with the uptight bitchiness of Jimin and the ever cheerful attitude of Taehyung, you’re convinced that opposites do attract - however in a more platonic way.

Ever since that night, both you and Jimin have been avoiding contact with each other. He’d seem more crankier than ever each passing day, while you decided it’s best you leave him alone and not bother him anymore. At this rate, you think, it may take a while to recover your memories.

For the past days, it’s only ever been Taehyung who has been speaking to you and bringing you out to walks, in case something triggers a memory. Sometimes, you laze around in their living room or even sit and watch them work in the office. In the office, you become closer acquainted with the mother of the group, Seokjin, the laid back leader, Namjoon, and the ever smiling sunshine, Hoseok.

However, the character named Min Yoongi is a peculiar one, you could say he’s similar to Jimin in a way, guarded and unapproachable. He’s not as uptight, but in the way he acts towards you. Not that he glares at you or starts breathing heavily and tenses at your presence, more like he looks at you with something you presume is suspicion or possibly caution and hesitation, unlike the fearful and accusatory glint that dims Jimin’s eyes. Yoongi doesn’t make any initiation or show any intention to ever talk to you, always keeping his distance and watching you with calculating eyes. And when you do try, you receive a short response or a simple grunt of acknowledgement but that’s about the end of the conversation there.

Unfortunately for you, and mostly Jimin, Taehyung was called in to sub for a detective in a case, which leaves you with the hormonal grown man on his period practically every day. With how he acts, you’re convinced that he really is on his period.

“Now Jimin, you better not just leave her at home, please do your part of the job and try and help her.”

You wince, ouch, you hope that Taehyung doesn’t really just think of you as some burdening job that he has to do. Jimin on the other hand, you can quite guess that’s how he feels about you, a job he doesn’t want to go through with.

At this time, you wished perhaps the cheerful Hoseok could replace Jimin and be the guide to helping you regain your memories. You’d much rather have the blinding pearly whites rather than the growing frown ruining your mood.

“I am not going out with another woman,” Jimin snaps back.

Just as he turns away, Taehyung grabs your wrist, his other hand reaching for his belt. You blink, catching a glint of silver before a cold metal encloses around your wrist, two telltale clicks echoing in the now quiet room.

Slowly lowering your eyes, you feel your heart drop at the handcuff hugging your wrist. Following the trail of metallic chains, you feel your breathing come to a halt at the other wrist. Before you can find the owner, they’re already creating a bigger uproar than the one playing inside of you.

Your left arm is yanked roughly forward, mirroring the movements of Jimin’s right arm, his hand clenched into a fist as he swings a punch at Taehyung who dodges.

The brunette is grinning smugly down at his friend, twirling a key ring, with what you hoped was the key to these cuffs, around his index finger.

“Kim Taehyung you stupid little son of a bitch!” Jimin growls, throwing a left hook to your relief, “You give me that key right now, or better yet, unlock this right now!”

The younger only quirks a cocky brow as he stuffs the key into his pocket, “I’m pretty sure you’re the little one between the both of us Jiminie, so cute and fun sized~”

“Does it seem like I was joking around?”

Taehyung flicks his forehead and steps back, you assume out of arm’s length to avoid getting hit by the older. He crosses his arms over his chest, and raises his chin indignantly, “No, but seriously, don’t give me that bull about not wanting to go out with another woman, last time was kind of a mistake, but we’ve been living with her for the past week, and plus we promised to help her, so do your part for once.”

“I have to go now, Hobi-hyung is probably waiting for me right now,” he checks the watch around his wrist before moving to walk passed you to the front door. As he passes by, he stops abruptly to whisper into your ear, “Sorry to put you into this situation, I’ll have you guys unlocked when I get done with the case, okay?”

With Taehyung gone, and Jimin dragging you out to walk around Seoul, you kind of wished you’d taken the chance to pickpocket the key from him while he was speaking to you.

At this rate, you feel like sawing off your arm to be far away from this man who’s pulling you around like some excited dog tugged at its leash. Your wrist already feels dislocated from the rest of your arm, but you force yourself to endure it as he tugs you forward to make you walk faster.

Jimin made it fairly clear to you that he did not want to go out with you, but now had no other choice, the displeasure taking the form of a firm frown on his face as he stalks down the sidewalk with you lagging behind him. Whenever your hands graze, you notice him flinch, the muscles in his right arm contracting and tightening.

The longer you walk, you become apparent of your surroundings, how some people stop to stare and whisper and point at your linked wrists, others even mentioning the bandages loosely covering your wound. You catch on that they think it’s some cute couple thing, or possibly something kinky - dirty-minded fucks, you think - but you can assure them that they are way off the target and that this was some kind of punishment for anything you did wrong when you had memories or in your past life.

“Would you people shut up and mind your own business?!” He snapped, glaring at them, and in return they jump and look away. Sighing, he jerked his wrist, pulling you back the way you both came from.

“W-wait, where are we going?”

“Shut up,” he snaps, quickening his pace when more bystanders point and giggle at your handcuffed dilemma, “We’re going home.”

“B-but, Taehyung..” You start, trailing off when he reprimands you with a sharp glare, “I thought he…”

“Doesn’t matter, I don’t care, we’re going home.”

When you’re at home, Jimin has no courtesy for you, he drags you along wherever he goes. Only giving in when you tell him you need to use the bathroom or you want to eat, other than that he’s completely ignoring you and your complaints whenever he pulls you along wherever and whenever.

You wouldn’t have minded if he didn’t glare at you every time you complained or whimpered when the metal cut into your wrist.

“I’m home!~”

You feel like god has finally answered your prayers when Taehyung prances through the doorway like some angel sent from god. Maybe you were over dramatizing it, but you’d seriously think there was beams of light surrounding the brunette, possibly a halo because he was more a saint than Jimin could ever be.

“So.. where’d you guys go?” He asked, excited to hear of your whereabouts and whatnots of the day.

You don’t want to disappoint him, but Jimin beats you to it, blunt and totally unfazed when the brunette’s smile falters.

“Nowhere, too much attracted attention we just stayed here all day.”

“But I told you to take her out today!”

“And I did, so cough up the stupid key and unlock us.”

Taehyung sighs defeatedly, hesitant to stuff his hands into his uniform pockets. The fabric rustles until he pauses and a sudden realization dawns over the brunette. He looks totally meek, scratching the back of his neck and looking anywhere else but Jimin’s blazing stare.

“Well…. You see… hyung.. I may or may not have lost the keys..”

The atmosphere is tense, and you could swear the aura around Jimin intensifies and darkens significantly. His whole body is shaking under anger, his face turning absolutely red.

“What do you mean, you lost the key?”

With how furious the older looks, you wonder how Taehyung still has the audacity to jest with Jimin.

“You ask me this all the time Jiminie, you know I’m never joking.”

After having been living with these boys for a week already, you can guess just how impulsive the orange-head can be. And that can lead to your demise, being handcuffed to him, as you’re launched forward when he lunges towards Taehyung - possibly to strangle him.

“Relax Jiminie~” he shrugs, one side of his mouth curling into a mischievous smirk, “I’m sure one night spent with her won’t kill you.”

The conversation ends with Jimin’s defeat, giving you the usual glares. This time around, his scowl is soft and tired as he sighs, his shoulders sagging with his back hunched.

You almost feel bad for the man, until his last words of the night send shivers down your spine. They’re ominous and full of mystery, making you wonder why he sounded as broken as the words that left his mouth.

“I may not be the one getting hurt, but I can’t say the same for her.”

And just like that, you finally get to see Jimin’s room, that is oddly more plain than you imagined it would be. Not like you were expecting anything out of an uptight grandpa like him. It’s rather clean, and larger than Taehyung’s room, his bed being a queen size instead of Taehyung’s full.

“Stay on your side and don’t bother me,” are his last words before he turns off the bed-side lamp beside his bed and your only light in the room is the natural light of the moon spilling through the blinds. The bed is rather spacious, you begin to wonder how he could sleep in this big bed alone. You figured if you slept in a bed such as this, you’d think the bed would swallow you whole.

When you lay down, you’re reminded of the exit wound at the back of your head, the healing hole pressing a bit too close to the soft texture of the gauze.

Jimin places a body pillow between you both, covering your linked wrists and silently hoping that you both don’t move while you sleep and graze hands. His heart is a drum pounding against his chest and echoing in his ears now that the situation settles in his mind.

He’s about to sleep with a woman.

Staring down at his hands, clenching and releasing constantly, he sighs and glances at your resting form. You’re on your back, serene sleeping face contrasting to the pained expression he’d seen before you blacked out back at the alley. Panning up, he can spot the depression on a certain spot on your forehead, the impending dimple where the bullet had entered your head.

Quickly and quietly, he pulls his blanket over your body, letting the material slip passed his fingers and gently land over you.

Right now, he’s thinking up a storm of scenarios that could happen as he sleeps. He’s so distrusting, he imagines you fake sleeping only to awaken when he finally dozes off and strangling him, using the closest item to beat him to death. Obviously the pillow wasn’t going to beat him to death, possibly death by suffocation.

Oh fuck no. He was not going to let you kill him like that.

Hours passed by spent in the darkness, Jimin dozing off constantly only to be jolted awake whenever you moved in your sleep. In the end, he’d probably gotten at least two to three hours of sleep before morning was rolling in through the blinds and you were stirring awake beside him.

The pillow barrier shifted as you squirmed and sat up, blinking away the sleep and glancing around the room curiously. Your hair is mess of tangles and your eyes barely open enough that he’d think you were still asleep.

You turn your head and stare down at Jimin, his eyes briefly meeting yours before he turns away quickly with a frown. You can make out the tiredness in his expression, the darkening swells that curve underneath his eyes more prominent than it usually is.

“Morning..” You drawl, twisting your body and moving to get out of bed.

Disbelief paints over his face, not given enough time to protest before you’re literally dragging him by the wrist out of bed.

“You look really tired,” you point out after finally waking up fully, “Did you get a good night’s sleep?”


Frankly, Jimin would very much like to cut off his hand at the moment, the continuous use of your left hand making his right hand shadow yours, while you cooked breakfast and made coffee, making him even more exhausted than he already was. He wondered if it was just muscle memory or just plain common sense to be able to know how to cook a breakfast such as fermented soybean soup, fried fish, and the use of leftover vegetable side dishes and kimchi found in the fridge.

Once everything was set, their dinner table covered for the first time without take-out food and with a traditional breakfast with three bowls of steaming rice and three cups of coffee, Jimin wanted to both complain about his dead arm and just dig in.

Just as they got seated, Taehyung was bounding into the kitchen with a big rectangular grin, sniffing the air obnoxiously. “Wow It’s been a long time since we’ve had home made food! Seokjin-hyung usually cooks for us from time to time.”

When he sits, the first thing he does is smirk at Jimin, the sly smirk on his face setting off the older male, “Did you have a good sleep Jiminie?” Only receiving a grunt from the male who flicks a piece of tofu at him.

Dodging the assault, he’s turning to you with a grateful smile and dip of his head, “Thanks for the breakfast! McDonald’s breakfast is sort of getting old nowadays~ He didn’t bother you while you slept now did he?”

Before you can answer, the subject of the matter is cutting in, “Let’s cut the bull crap, where’s the keys Tae.”

“Why don’t you be patient and suck it up,” he answers simply, casually taking sips from the coffee you made, “I’ll unlock you both if and when I find the keys.”

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(1/3) LetAdrienEat got me thinking and I feel like I've not seen anyone address how being a famous model at such a young age has affected Adrien? Like it obviously involves him getting dragged around the city and then getting yelled at by a photographer (which he seemed kinda uncomfortable with in stormy weather tbh?) while also having random adults messing with his hair/clothes/makeup has gotta be pretty stressful in itself, not mention the effect it probably has on his already low self esteem.

(2/3) Then add that to his other academic/sporting/social responsibilities and it’s just??? so much??? I imagine while Felix certainly has a hefty schedule himself which is definitely no less challenging, his is more academically based (since he doesn’t fence or model and sports require socialising) and so a lot more static and…quieter?? (I guess is the way to describe it)

(3/3) I guess what this is all leading up to what are your thoughts on it? And also what would Felix do if he saw Adrien running himself into the ground or having a stress breakdown? (Also I just want to say that I love your twin au so much!! And all your art is so amazing so thank you!!)

i think the reason adrien’s modeling situation hasn’t been discussed much yet is because the show hasn’t given us much to discuss. this is one of the main problems right now; they’re taking things on a very slow drag when it comes to learning about adrien and his personal life - and as much as i love knowing that marinette made another hat or has another boy going gooey over her or has suddenly sprouted an elite prowess for video games we never saw from her before, marinette actually isn’t who i want to know about right now! 

i know adrien is going to be explored eventually, don’t get me wrong on that, but i think they might have taken a misstep by showing right from the start that he’s, basically, got a more complex and interesting setup than marinette. and i understand why that is - it’s so little girls watching the show can identify with marinette without too many specific things setting them apart; marinette is supposed to be pretty and sweet and well-loved and comparably bland to the supporting characters - but the problem is that they’ve introduced the probability of so many issues for adrien very early in the game and are now holding off on exploring them! 

this is making the older fans (i.e. the fans more focused on worldbuilding and character development and less appeased by a bunch of glitter and magic) pretty antsy, because now it seems like the writers are going out of the way to create new stuff for marinette to show off in her arsenal of multi-talents (some of which will probably never be relevant again after one episode, like her gaming skills) instead of going into depth with what’s already been established. as i said before, i’m aware the entirety of the first season is supposed to be filler and non-linear worldbuilding so this makes sense, but i can’t help thinking that overall decision in the first place was a poor one. the first season is supposed to be the hook, and what little bait is on that hook isn’t being used!

but yeah, back to the first point in all this; we don’t know what adrien thinks about everything he does. we know he doesn’t want to model as a career but apparently has fun in the shoots, that he doesn’t like signing autographs, that he hates his father’s “money-fixes-everything” attitude to their relationship but is also behaving very well because his father is still grieving for his mother and adrien wants to be there for him. we know a good bit about his home life, but how his fame and work affects him is yet to be seen at all!

like, how is he treated during shoots (aside from the very lax one in the park); like a real person or just a pretty doll? does he mind being touched and manhandled by wardrobe/makeup or is he okay with it? does he like seeing his face everywhere in paris or is it intimidating? can he go anywhere like a normal person without being recognised and accosted? what are those seemingly scheduled meetings with his father, and does gabriel cancel them as often as he cancels doing anything else with adrien? is adrien less lonely now he has plagg? have things changed for him at the animal shelter he volunteers at since he’s become some percentage of cat? what was his first day of school like, when he finally met regular kids just like him? did he become friends with nino slowly and shyly or just immediately latch to him as True Best Bros? does he realise marinette likes him but not reciprocate because he thinks she only likes what she’s seen in magazines, just like everyone else? is that why he’s so set on ladybug; because her opinion of him isn’t clouded by all the glitzy photoshoots and advertising and teen blogging sites? WHAT ARE HIS DIETARY PLANS IS HE EATING ENOUGH BECAUSE IT DOESN’T SEEM LIKE HE IS

i mean, shit, there’s just so much to know about him, and yet most of the character-building right now is focused on marinette when adrien is supposed to be (just about, since he is the deuteragonist) equally represented in the show! like i said, i know a lot of this will probably come, but it’s a hard wait when it’s so interesting and all we’re getting thrown at us is either more marinette filler or more shipping development.

but man, in terms of felix and the twin AU, things would be a little different for adrien since he has someone there to tell him when things are unfair - with such a skewed personal life he doesn’t seem to be a good judge himself of when it’s okay to speak out or fight back, and i think that’s why he puts up with so much from gabriel in canon. i like to think if adrien’s really slamming himself into the ground with too much work and emotional stress felix would take some stuff over for him - they are identical twins, after all; a little hairspray and some wash-in tan and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference save for adrien suddenly being much stricter about boundaries and limits.

A Date Like No Other: Part Two

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Author’s Note: This is just a filler chapter. It’s really boring in my opinion, but I have a few things in stored for you guys if you are interested.

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: none

Previous Part: here

The view out of your hotel window was picture worthy as the sun was held high in the bright, blue sky. A warm breeze blew throughout the city, making the trees dance with the wind. New York City’s skyline was not peaceful but welcoming, as the sounds of millions of people’s lives accompanied the view.

Releasing a content sigh, you snuggled further into the chair you sat in as you watched the New York skyline. You were trying to get your mind off of time, as time ticked by slowly. Chris was supposed to pick you up at 2pm and it was 1:54pm. You were anxiously ready, hands gripping the strap of your purse.

Something about people watching always calmed down your nerves. You saw so many people go different ways with their own intentions. Each one of them had their own stories, their own goals, their own intentions, their own lives. You played with your scarf again, before smoothing down your cardigan.

Your nerves were getting the better of you. This was your second ‘date’ with Chris, and you didn’t want to mess it up. You knew that so many would kill for this opportunity, and you didn’t have alcohol running through your veins to help guide you. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t realize that time was passing by. Your heart jumped when you heard a knock at your door.

Keep reading