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Okay but here’s the thing

I have this task for some Norwegian class to find a poem that i like, and then read it to the class

and i just found the best poem ever written


Dear, babycarrot - Henrik Ibsen 1942




lives in the shadow of the carrot



That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)


kenta cried while watching the trainees with their families (个_个)

My body won’t let me got to sleep until i sketched this out. 

For @saltandlimes damn straight that stuff got crying! Just a lil doodle for her kalluzeb fic ;v;…ohh the feeling and Zeb is so caring ;A;! (That line… that LINEEEEE)

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Everybody (Voltron's Back!)
Everybody (Voltron's Back!)

yes this is exactly what you think it is. i spent like 10 minutes on this lmao but join me in the hYPE THE HYPE IS REAL


Here’s my take on the Meet The Artist challenge.. meme… thing!

It’s incredibly messy, but hey so am I. I also put way more detail in this than I normally do. Particularly on my pins and my wallet.


I’m assuming we pronounce “Charoix” as “char” (shar) and “oix” (ow) so all in all “shar-ow” which sounds like “shallow” which is pretty accurate cuz that’s what Croix is and that’s probably why Chariot left her lmao

what is the point of wlf not showing all the art on the homestuck calendar on the store page.. like not that im gonna buy it because shipping prices to the uk are ridiculous, but i wanna see all the art and if i was buying it i’d want to before buying especially

The Rescue

Prompt: (anon: the egos protecting each other from a common foe ??) Here you go, oh so patient and kind anon. It’s finally here. 

Genre: Angst (yet again)

Word Count:  6519 (adlsjafalhlksad save me)

Warnings: Major (!!) blood mention, violence, cursing, maniacal behavior/characters, kidnapping, stalking, threatening, demonic behavior, attempted underage and consensual seduction, and graphic descriptions of injuries. (I apologize greatly. If there are any more warnings you would like me to add, please let me know!)

(PLEASE AVOID THE TAGS/VERY BOTTOM OF THE POST IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS! Also, I will be tagging @intplier, @markired, and @bandycapped because I adore them all and would love their feedback.)

A/N: Wow. It’s here. Officially the longest Ego fanfic I’ve ever written. This took me days and, to the anon who sent in the prompt, I’m so sorry. Also, this gets it’s own post because it’s long, detailed, and I felt like. I’m sorry again. PLEASE read the warnings! This fic is dark and can be triggering to some!


(I encourage you to check the tags after reading)

Mark plastered a smile on as the final day at Pax East came to a blissful end.

He loved his fans, he really, truly did, but sometimes they could be a bit… much.

The majority of his fans, thankfully, were calm-minded and considerate, not pushing boundering and, if they happened to, always being apologetic. Mark was incredibly grateful for that. However, there were some, only a rare few, that could be ‘extreme.’

Mark’s mind swirled with images of a dark-haired girl attempting to kiss him. When he nervously denied, she became furious, screaming about how his loveable girlfriend, Amy, was ‘a horrible person’ and was ‘keeping them apart.’ She had even claimed that her name, Aless, ‘sounded better’ than Amy’s.

She eventually had been dragged away by security, kicking and screaming, unfortunately drawing a bit of a crowd, but it was still a scary experience.

However, it was finally the end of the day. Mark could go back to his hotel room and finally relax.

When he got there, however, he noticed that his room door was slightly cracked open. Not thinking much of it - perhaps it was just the hotel cleaning service - he went downstairs to the lobby, not wanting to disturb them. He ordered himself a nice sandwich for dinner from the hotel restaurant before heading back up to his room, finally ready to settle in for a long day.

When he got back, he smiled tiredly to himself, thankful for the kind hotel workers. The door was now closed and he presumed the room had been cleaned.

The room said otherwise, though. The beds were just as much of a mess as he had left them, the bathroom towels were still in a damp pile in on the counter, and his room was just as he had left it.

Suspicious, he checked over his things, making sure nothing was taken. After finding everything in tact, he shrugged it off as something he had imagined as a result of his exhaustion. Or perhaps he had just forgotten to shut the down completely when he left. Maybe one of his friends stopped by and forgot to close it. It could’ve been a multitude of things.

Sighing, he stripped down to his boxers and finally fell into bed, asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


The next day, Mark woke up feeling much more energized, if still a bit haunted by memories of the rabid fan. However, he shrugged off his negative thoughts, happy to be heading home later that evening.

The day went as planned. Mark ate lunch - after having skipped breakfast due to waking up late - and then met up with some of his friends. They laughed and chatted, and the fan from the day before had completely left his mind by the time his began getting ready for his flight.

After saying goodbye to his friends and giving out a few extra hugs, Mark headed up to his room and began packing. He looked at his phone nervously - he was running a quite a bit behind. Hurriedly, he shoved his things into his bags, barely double-checking the room before he left for the airport.

However, in his haste, Mark failed to notice the piece of paper missing from his luggage. It wasn’t much, just a slip that Mark had written his flight number and details on in case he forgot.

He didn’t know that such a small piece of paper could cause so much chaos.


The flight was long and dull, as flights usually are, and Mark was immensely relieved when his feet finally touched solid ground.

So relieved, in fact, that he didn’t notice the figure that had been following him through the airport. Or the fact that the same figure got in a cab the same time that he did. Or the fact that the figure directed the cab driver to follow him all the way back to his house.


Mark’s house was chaos when he returned.

He had instructed Amy and Tyler to stay behind to watch over the Egos, not wanting any of them to cause any permanent damage - or worse, get loose.

However, this resulted in the pair allowing the Egos, with Mark’s permission, to stay at the YouTuber’s house for easier “Ego-sitting.” So, when Mark got home, the house was…. different, to say the least.

Wilford laid dramatically on the table, twirling his gun and loudly singing pop songs from the 2000s. Silver was nearby, seemingly entranced by either the awful singing or the twirling gun. Mark wasn’t quite sure which one it was. Yandere was also nearby. Mark could clearly tell which one he was entranced by, his eyes following the gun sharply.

The Host and Dr. Iplier were quietly conversing in the corner farthest from the loud Ego, attempting to block out the noise. Chica stood near the Host, sniffing his hand quietly. However, when she noticed Mark’s appearance, she immediately jumped up and greeted her owner happily.

“Hey, Chica-bica,” Mark cooed fondly as Chica rolled over as he lathered her in attention, “Who’s a good girl? You are! Yes, yes, you’re a very good girl. Plenty of belly pats for the good girl.” This continued on for many moments before Chica trotted off once more, leaving Mark to examine the rest of the house.

The black wisps of miasma coming from under the bathroom door gave a clear indication of where Darkiplier was hiding out, clearly irritated and wanting to get away from the noise.

Amy and Tyler were with Ed, attempting to talk him out of trying to sell Chica on the Ebay. The thought horrified Mark, but he knew he could trust his friends to prevent that from happening.

In the kitchen, Bim had set up multiple plant boxes, pots, and terrariums. He was speaking to King, who had his signature crown on top of his head, holding a jar of peanut butter. Mark winced as he dug a saliva-slicked finger into the jar to continue forming his ‘beard.’   

The Googles stood off to the side, eyes glowing, scanning the house and guarding for intruders. Suddenly, a random coffee pot was throw - Mark didn’t know by who - and hit Oliver on the side of the head, effectively causing him to glitch. His eyes flickered and he seemed to be frozen with a shocked look on his face, his hand outreached, mid-air. The other Googles glared in the direction of the thrown coffee pot.

Overall, the house was just pure chaos.

“Everyone, go home!” Mark yelled above the noise, frustrated with both the mess and the noise. The sound made Chica flinch a bit, along with the Host, and he felt guilt shoot through him, but at least it got his point across.

Wilford’s singing quieted down to a low mumble but continued, much to the distaste of everyone. Dark’s ringing aura rose in anger, but then fell to a slightly more manageable tone. Bim and King froze their conversation, and Mark couldn’t help but think that King looked a bit like a deer in headlights.

Silver suddenly snapped out of his trance and began playing with the fingers on his gloves and Yandere ignored Mark completely, still staring at the gun in Wilford’s hands. The Doctor and the Host stopped talking, looking mildly relieved, if a bit shocked by the sudden noise..

Happy with gathering all, well, most, of the Egos’ attention, Mark spoke again.

“I’m home, I’m back. I want my house again. Please, just…. go back to the office.”

The Egos mumbled and groaned quietly, apart from Wilford, who sighed dramatically, but they all began to leave. Dark was the first one gone, his ringing blessedly vacant from the vicinity.

The Host and the Doctor were the second and third to leave, quickly followed by Bim and King, who were still looking a bit shocked by Mark’s outburst. The Googles followed immediately, carrying the still-frozen Oliver between the three of them. They all looked more than mildly irritated but disappeared in a flash of blue, red, yellow, and green.

Ed was eventually persuaded to leave by Amy and Tyler with the bribe of a new cowboy hat. Yandere snuck out sometime during the persuasion process, as did Silver, and, eventually the only Ego left was Wilford.

Mark sighed; he was too goddamn tired for this.

“Wil, you need to leave,” He said firmly, backed up by Amy and Tyler’s nods of agreement.

“But why,” Wilford responded, whining and drawing out the ‘y.’ He had moved from his previous position into a sitting one, letting his feet dangle over the edge of the table and brush the floor.

“Because I’m exhausted, I’m sure Amy and Tyler are too,” Mark paused, thinking of a new tactic, “And you still have Dark to go mess with.”

Wilford’s face lit up with excitement and Mark smiled. It was a bit cruel, but it worked.

“Yes, yes, I do! But what should I do?” Wilford asked himself and Mark could almost see the light bulb appear above his head, “Oh, I know! I can prank him!” Wilford laughed crazily as he faded away, mumbling something about chainsaws and strawberry jelly.

“Finally,” Mark sighed when Wilford had completely disappeared. He turned and fell face-first onto his couch, groaning.

Amy and Tyler laughed before leaving, allowing him to get to bed. Mark quickly did such, barely having the energy to tear off his shoes and shirt before he fell into bed, drifting into a dreamless sleep.


Mark awoke to the sound of distant yelling, a crash that sounded vaguely like something falling, and then eerie silence.

Grumbling to himself, Mark got out of bed, throwing on some flannel pajama pants and a simple white t-shirt before heading to the kitchen. He tiredly ran a hand over his face while he made a cup of coffee.

Goddamn jet lag, Mark thought to himself. Despite getting a full nine hours of sleep, he still felt sluggish and tired. He also smelt faintly of the stale air of the plane he took home.

Sighing, Mark finished up his coffee and hopped into the shower.

While the water ran over him, he faintly heard something that sounded like footsteps. His mind flashed back to the yelling from earlier and suspicion grew within him.

After getting dressed, Mark searched around his house, looking for an intruder. When he found none, he attempted to shrug it off. However, something lingered in the back of his mind.

Mark thought back to the crazy fan at the meet-up. He thought of the crazed look in her eyes as she was dragged away. He thought about the way her hair grew tangled and frizzy as she thrashed in the security man’s arms. He thought of the way she reached out for him expectantly before her arms were pinned, as if she thought he would return the gesture.

Mark thought about the stories he had read about crazed fans coming to the celebrities’ houses. The stories about the fans harassing their idol and their loved ones, claiming it was out of adoration and love.

He suppressed a shiver.

Shaking off the thought, Mark continued with his day tiredly, recording a little update video for his channel.

In it, he joked about the crazed fan, leaving out some of the details and just claiming she was a bit ‘over-enthused.’ He laughed off the situation and continued describing his time at Pax, mentioning his friends and missing Chica and Amy. Trying to look on the bright side of the long flight back, he also told the story of the bitter flight attendant and the tired old man that was sat next to him.

Throughout all of this, Mark didn’t notice the figure creeping up behind him.

He didn’t notice the way their eyes gleamed with malice, matching the gleam of the knife in their hands. He didn’t notice their dark hair falling over their face or the way they glared at the mention of his girlfriend.

He didn’t notice until it was too late.


The Egos got a call the next morning.

Amy was frantic, panicking over the phone to Dr. Iplier, the only Ego who could speak calmly with her in a time of distress. She spoke quickly, saying that she had went over to Mark’s house that morning and he was gone.

Normally, that wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but then she spotted the blood, the obvious sign of a struggle, and the note.

‘He’s mine now. Forever.

He’ll be happier with me than you. I can make him happy.

If you call the police, he dies.


Panicked and unsure what else to do, Amy had called the Ego’s house, pleading for them to help her find and rescue Mark.

The Doctor turned to Wilford, who was standing by twirling his knife, and explained the situation. Delighted, Wilford quickly forced all of the Egos to accept the new mission, claiming it would be ‘so much fun.’

Dr. Iplier passed the phone on to the Host, who reassured Amy that they would be there soon to help find Mark. Eventually, she calmed down and the call was ended and the Egos were left to get ready.

Wilford quickly gathered all of the Egos in the meeting room. He convinced most of the Egos to agree to help, (with the exception of Yandere, who claimed he was too busy with ‘senpai’) but Dark was resistant.

“We don’t all need to go, Wilford. You can handle a human,” Dark said in response to Wilford’s persistence of him going.

“It’ll be a bonding experience, Darky!” Wilford whined, “Besides, I’m sure Mark will have to repay you somehow. Perhaps a new video~” He sang the last words teasingly and Dark grumbled and his aura whipped around him, but he reluctantly agreed.

Soon, all of the Egos found themselves at the famous Markiplier’s house once again.

“Wow, twice in two days. A new record,” Wilford called loudly.

Dark sent his hellhounds off to find Mark’s location as the Doctor and Amy attempted to tell Wilford that, no, he could not tickle Mark’s kidnapper.

The hellhounds returned and the Egos stuffed themselves into two separate cars, Amy driving one and Bim driving the other. They followed behind the hellhounds, who eventually lead them to an abandoned building right outside of town.  

A tad disappointed in this mysterious kidnapper, Wilford mumbled, “Well this is cliche.” The other people, and figments, in the car pointedly ignored him.

They all filed out of the car and began walking towards the door when they were interrupted by the Host.

“The Host senses more than two people inside of that building. Somehow, the kidnapper has acquired guards to help hold Mark hostage. The Host does not suggest the Egos go in without a plan,” The Host narrated calmly, and the Egos immediately began talking over one another, shooting off ideas.

After the talking had rose to yelling, Amy shouted above it all.

“Enough! We’ll go in there and try to take down these ‘guards,’ or whoever they are first. Then we’ll try to find Mark, and the people who captured him. We all need to work together, though,” Amy looked around at the group, “Capisce?”

The Egos nodded, and then they all began to walk towards the dim building, each feeling varying amounts of anxiety.


Wilford and Silver took down the first guard, standing next to each other. Silver rushed forward, capturing the guard in his arms and allowing Wilford to knock him hard on the side of the head, causing him to go limp, unconscious.

Amy stepped forward cautiously, examining the guard’s face. It was young, soft, and dotted with faint freckles. His build was masculine, small, and lanky. He seemed to be around fifteen years old.

It was a child.

“Guys, it’s just a kid,” Amy said shakily. Was Mark’s kidnapper really forcing kids to help guard him? Did they even know what they were doing? Who they were guarding?

Bim nodded sadly, “Yeah, it is. The next one we see, be more gentle with. They might all be kids,” He looked at Wilford subtly.

Dark conjured up some handcuffs and restrained the kid, allowing the Doctor to step forward and drag him into a quiet place behind a bush to be fetched, memory wiped, and returned to his family later.


Bim and Amy worked together on the next guard. Bim distracted them by making clicking noises as Amy snuck up behind them, pinning them down.

When she made eye contact with the person, they looked terrified.

This girl was younger, with short hair and a pale complexion. Her hazel eyes were filled with fear and Amy felt immense guilt flood her body.

Sitting up, she stopped the girl from sprinting away, grabbing her wrist and pulling her to sit down in front of Amy.

“We’re not going to hurt you, okay?” At the girl’s doubt-filled expression, Amy continued, “We just wanna ask you some questions, is that okay?” The girl nodded hesitantly.

“What’s your name?” She asked gently, not wanting to scare the kid more.

She swallowed anxiously before answering, “S-Sam.”

“That’s a lovely name, Sam,” Amy smiled gently, “Now, can you tell us why you’re here?” Amy questioned with a soft voice.

“Um, s-she put m-me up to this. I d-don’t know why. S-she said she’d k-kill my family if I d-didn’t agree,” Sam stuttered anxiously, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Who is she?”

“I d-don’t know her name,” Sam said, her eyes darting around the room, “B-but she said she n-needed me to guard him. I d-don’t know who h-he is though,” Sam whimpered slightly, “I’m sorry.”

Amy rubbed Sam’s back comfortingly, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Thank you,” She stood, gesturing for Sam to do the same, “Do you know how to get home from here?”

“N-no,” Sam whispered.

Amy looked around at the Egos, who were backed into the shadows, not wanting to interrupt. “Well, we need to find someone we think is here. I need you to wait out here for us, can you do that?” Sam nodded.

“We’ll be back soon, Oliver here can stay with you, is that okay?” Sam nodded again, shooting an odd look towards the Egos. Before she could ask, Google Oliver stepped forward, gently leading Sam away to the outside of the building.

Amy sighed as they left and the group continued on.


The next guard, the Host and Dr. Iplier pinned down.

The Host narrated quietly from the corner, manipulating reality to help Dr. Iplier.“The person suddenly realizes that their shoe is untied, reaching down to tie it once again, they are ambushed by the Doctor, who pins their arms behind their back.”

The Doctor did just that, and once again, Amy steps forward, gently asking the girl, Marissa, the same questions she asked Sam. When she got the same answers, she sighed and sent her in the direction of the exit, where Oliver was waiting with Sam.

Amy rubbed her temples tiredly; she had a feeling that this would be a long trip.


King and Ed took down the next guard, King sending a couple squirrels to nibble on the person’s ears, causing them to become distracted so that Ed could wrestle them down.

The kid fought against it this time, wriggling and trying to escape until they eventually gave up. When they were let up to talk to Amy, they ran off immediately, escaping from the building.

Amy sighed sadly, but let them go.


The Googles pinned down the next guard, a young boy, efficiently and quickly. They cornered him in a no-nonsense style and Google Green stepped forward, effectively locking his hands around the boy’s wrists in an iron grip.

“Hey, I’m Amy,” Amy said, looking into the boy’s brown eyes and gesturing vaguely for the Googles to let him go, “We’re here to save everyone here and get my friend back.” Amy did not mention Mark being more than a friend, figuring it would seem more innocent to do so.

“A-are you Markiplier’s girlfriend?” The boy asked shyly, a shocked expression on his face.

Amy froze. She hadn’t expected anyone to recognize her, although it made sense. A whole bunch of teenagers in one place? One was bound to know her famous boyfriend.

“Uh, yeah, yeah I am. What’s your name?” Amy asked, motioning silently for the Egos to leave the boy’s field of vision. The last thing she needed was questions about why there were copies of her YouTuber boyfriend beside her.

“Oh, um, m-my name’s Calum,” The boy responded hesitantly.

“Well, Calum…” Amy trailed off, unsure. Usually, this is where she would tell the boy to go to where Oliver was waiting, but she couldn’t exactly do that this time, “Do you know why you’re here?”

“U-uh,” Calum stuttered nervously, obviously scared, “Well this girl t-told me she would, um, kill my brother if I didn’t help her, and, like, I couldn’t let that happen… So here I am?” Calum’s voice rose at the end of the sentence, as if he were ending with a question rather that a statement.

Amy paused, mulling over Calum’s words. The other kids had always said their parents were threatened, not their siblings.

“What about your parents? Did she threaten them?” Amy asked gently.

“N-no. They’re kind of, um, dead.” Calum said dully with unintended bluntness.

Amy pulled back slightly, shocked, “Oh, I-I’m really sorry. I didn’t know,” Changing the subject, she continued, “Do you have anywhere to go?”

“Not really,” Calum responded, looking solemn, “I was living with my grandma but she kinda, uh, kicked me out a couple weeks ago.”

“Do you have any other family to stay with?” Amy was feeling dread and sadness creep into her stomach, certain she already knew the answer. What were they going to do?

“N-no. My brother moved a few months ago and he’s the only other family I have.”

Amy thought for a moment before responding hesitantly, “Well, Calum, we’re going to help you, but we have to help my friend first, okay?” Calum nodded silently, “Can you wait for us here?”

Calum hesitated, but nodded, moving to sit over by the wall, obviously tired from being on his feet for hours, ‘guarding’ Mark.

“We’ll be back soon,” Amy promised, before heading down the next hallway to find the other kids.


“There is one left,” Google Red reported, scanning the building for people. He detected three people, apart from the group, indicated by red blobs on the screen on his chest. It was a heat-detecting system, so it showed the warmth of human bodies. Two of the shapes, presumably Mark and the kidnapper, were in a room at the back of the building.

Dark was the one who handled the last kid. Amy tried to stop him when they approached the red figure on the map, but he slyly slid towards the child, an older teenage girl.

He approached her swiftly, silently, and maliciously. He ran his fingers across the side of her face, and Amy stood, shocked, at the sight of the girl’s glazed over eyes. Dark’s eyes had gone black, the sclera and iris of his eyes switching to a demonic black. Dark continued to run his fingers down the girl’s neck, then to trace her collarbones, then running over her shoulders, down her arms. Down, down, down…

“Dark,” Amy said forcefully, or, as forcefully as she could while she shook slightly, but the Ego didn’t pause, “Stop!” Still, he continued.

“Darky-boy, I get that she’s a pretty little virgin and all, but we’ve got a job to do~” Wilford said, his speech thick and teasing, yet there was an underlying tone of malice in his voice.

Dark finally stopped, handing the girl to Amy. The black from his eyes faded, but the irises were now a deep blood red. Amy could see the anger in them and she suppressed a shiver.

Looking back at the girl, Amy saw that her eyes remained glazed over, and she looked up at Dark suspiciously.

Dark sighed, irritated. “She’s incapacitated for the time being. It will pass, and she’ll return to a conscious state with no memories of it,” Amy stayed silent, and Dark huffed, “Just send her to Oliver.”

Amy was still a bit doubtful, but she nodded, sending Google Red to go deliver her to Oliver.

The room was eerily silent. The tension in the air was thick as they waited, thought, and worried. When Google Red came back, it was time.

It was time to save Mark.


Google Blue lead the way to the back of the building, a small office where two remaining sources of heat stayed. They hadn’t moved in the time that the group had been there, just staying inside of the small room. Waiting, watching.

Amy took a deep breath, and, feeling the warmth of the Egos behind her, pushed open the doors.

There sat the one and only Mark Fischbach, unconsciously, bruised, and bleeding from a gash on his head. Blood was splattered across his tattered t-shirt and dirty jeans. Amy held in a gasp, feeling herself start to shake even more. However, she shook her head slightly and pushed forward.

Next to him was another figure; a young girl. Amy started at her in horror. A little girl had done all of… this? The girl twitched and jerked, her muscles seizing up, and Amy sensed something very, very wrong with the scene in front of her.

Then, she noticed the body curled up in the corner of the room.

She looked closer, peering at the dark hoodie stained with blood, the pale skin, the brown hair dyed green.

“Jack?” Amy whispered to herself in horror. Jack was… Amy looked, he was still breathing, if only barely. She let out a quiet sigh of relief. He was still alive.

The girl looked up at the sound, her head jerking and her neck twitched, tendon popping out distinctly. There was something oddly familiar about the movement, and Amy heard Dark let out a quiet growl from behind her.

“What do we have here? Guests?” The girl asked sarcastically, her voice glitching in and out, too deep for an average teenage girl. Her form twitched and flashed, and silhouettes of her body in different gruesome poses glitched behind her.

“Well, if it isn’t Antisepticeye,” Dark responded mockingly, and Amy looked behind her and saw Dark’s form shift and glitch, showing his internal anger. His aura rung through the room, and Amy saw even Jack stir slightly, his eyebrows furrowing in discomfort at the deafening noise.

Amy started at his words, stumbling back a step. Anti? Is that why there was only two people on the map? Is Anti even… human? That thought brought up a whole new set of questions, but Amy put them off to the side for another day.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amy saw Bim take a couple steps back, along with King and Silver. The Doctor moved with faux bravery to stand slightly in front of the Host, who was looking more panicked by the second but still standing strong.

“Darky! How nice to see you! I see you’ve brought your friends, how lovely!” Anti shouted, his voice glitching even more. The girl’s eyes turned a solid black and, for the first time, Amy noticed blood staining her hands, along with the hasty gash shown on her neck.

It looked strikingly similar to a gruesome, bloody smile.

Dark followed Amy’s eyes, catching sight of the gash. “Still, with the neck-slitting? Didn’t you do that with Sean? How unoriginal of you, Glitch.” Dark sneered, and Amy saw Anti’s eyes flash with anger before he brushed it off and laughed maniacally.

“Unoriginal? You’re one to speak, Edgelord,” Dark’s eye twitched at the nickname, “Still, with the eyeliner? How unoriginal of you,” Anti mocked, repeating Dark’s words from before.

Dark’s form shifted, revealing an outline of his screaming figure, the red overtaking the blue of his shell, before coming back together as he regained his control. However, even after containing his rage, Dark stayed silent.

“Why the little girl bod, Anti? Seems a bit inefficient if you ask lil’ ol’ me. Which you should, because Wilford knows best,” Wilford said with a wink, obviously trying to channel the attention away from Dark, who looked seconds away from snapping Anti’s neck.

“Oh, this old thing? It’s quite efficient, actually. No one cares about her; she’s an orphan, actually. Lost her parents in a lovely car crash. Lost her friends after she got beat up by some other human at school. Wouldn’t be missed if she, say, disappeared.” Anti laughed again, and Amy flinched. He treated the girl as if she was just an object to be thrown away, and, perhaps, to him, she was.

“Why are you doing this?” Amy spoke up, trying to keep her voice from shaking. As much as she hated to admit it, Anti scared her. His chaos, his glitching voice and movements, his instability.

It was terrifying.

“Oh, you mean taking your precious little Mark and tying him up all pretty?” Anti asked it rhetorically, but Amy still found herself nodding, “It’s a kink thing.”

Amy felt anger rise in her throat; he wasn’t taking this seriously. This was more than Mark. This was everything.

“Why did you take him, Anti? Why did you use this little girl and those other kids to capture him? Why not do it yourself?” Amy taunted furiously. However, her anger was squashed when she saw Anti’s eyes flash again with anger.

It was much more intimidating when it was directed at her.

“Too many questions, pretty girl,” Anti snarled, hurling through the room, glitching dangerously, knife in hand, towards her.

Amy was frozen with fear. She couldn’t win against a glitching demon! She could barely win an arm wrestle against Mark. She wasn’t particularly weak, but Anti was no match for her and they both knew.

Through her haze of fear, Amy felt herself be knocked to the side, pushed out of harm’s way by one of the Egos. Thinking back, Dark was the only one close enough to reach her, but he had denied it being him with a snarl of ‘Why would I care about a weak human like you?’ and a slammed door.

Amy looked up and the scene before her felt unreal. The Egos were working together. The observation filled her with an odd sort of pride, but the fear and horror in her heart outweighed it.

The Googles stood, guarding the edges of the group as Wilford lunged forward, attempting to shove a knife into Anti’s chest. When he missed, Google Red rushed forward, hitting Anti hard in the jaw, causing him to stumble backwards.

Anti recovered quickly, and, before Amy could blink, had placed the palm of his hand on Google Red’s chest, effectively causing him to glitch, sizzle, and scream, before shutting down with a stream of smoke. He repeated the action with the other three Googles, who were looking increasingly more alarmed, and by the time he reached the last Google, Oliver, who’s scream was deafening, Amy was in tears.

The Host stayed in the corner mumbling rapid narrations as his contribution. He narrated as Ed avoided a stab thrown in his direction. Amy could see him panting with the effort of keeping the Egos safe as she watched him narrated and manipulate Silver in moving out of the way of a particularly vicious kick directed to his side.

Dr. Iplier tended to Mark, untying him and slowly sending a faint glowing light through his chest. As Amy peered closer, she realized her was healing him, his cuts slowly mending themselves and his bruises fading away.

Ed and Silver were in the midst of the battle, taking the defensive side after the Googles were shut down. Dark and Wilford, on the other hand, took the offensive side, as they were the strongest Egos. Amy couldn’t help but wince as she heard the sickening sound of cracked bone as Silver blocked Anti’s elbow, which would’ve come crashing down on Wilford’s spine. Silver grimaced and yelled in pain, but continued the fight with a rare sense of true bravery and selflessness. Ed grabbed Anti, throwing him down to the ground in an equally rare show of strength as he attempted to plunge a knife in Dark’s chest.

Bim was looking over Jack, accompanied by King. They stood over him, not quite sure what to do but determined to help. Bim helped Jack sit up and started working on a large gash on his side, leaking blood, while King tended to the cut around his neck.

Amy, stumbling out of her haze, lept up, and rushed over to help Dr. Iplier with Mark. She stood by helplessly as he exerted his powers, straining to heal him. She watched solemnly as he cursed angrily as he was forced to pause in his effort to heal him due to his own exhaustion. He had long ago abandoned his coat, not wanting to get it stained, and was looking strikingly similar to Mark.

Mark after a long day, Mark playing a rage-inducing game, Mark, Mark, Ma-

Amy tried to block everything out. The thoughts of Mark. The sight of him bloodied and battered. The sounds of the fight going on around them. The screams, the blood, and the sickening sound of bones being pulverized. She tried incredibly hard.

She failed.

Eventually, Ed and Silver had been defeated. Ed had been knocked unconscious due to a particularly hard blow to the head, and Silver had passed out from blood loss. Now, it was just Dark, Wilford, and Anti.

Dark looked uncharacteristically ruffled and disorganized, but only mildly injured. His most prominent injury was a sharp cut going across his forehead, blood flowing into his eyes, causing him to angrily to wipe it away. The sleeve of his shirt was ripped and stained with blood as well, causing him to look even more out of character than usual.

On the other hand, Wilford looked destroyed. He had multiple tears in his clothing, all revealing large gashes leaking blood, and one of his suspender straps had completely be ripped to shreds. His gun had been thrown to the side after it ran out of ammunition, so all he had left was the knife gripped tightly in his left hand. His hands were coated in blood, and it was obvious that Wilford had been doing most of the hand-to-hand combat.

Anti’s eyes looked more chaotic than Amy had ever seen them. He looked bloodthirsty and, despite the injuries he had, he continued lashing out, getting messier and more vicious as he lost more blood. Blood was caked under his nails and the girl’s long hair had been chopped off halfway through the battle, after the claim that it was distracting him. His form was glitching and twitching rapidly, making it difficult for Dark or Wilford to get a solid hit on him.

It was a madhouse.

The fight continued for what seemed like hours. Wilford eventually passed out, his grip on his knife going limp as he stumbled before falling to the floor. Hurriedly, Dr. Iplier rushed forward, grabbing him and dragging him over to where Silver and Ed laid, next to Jack, recovering weakly.

Then, it was two.

It was maniacal laughter and a eerily calm face.

It was bloodthirst and anger.

It was brightness and darkness.

It was chaos and order.

It was Darkiplier and Antisepticeye.


They had very different fighting styles, Amy noticed.

Dark avoided and planned, striking only when he was certain that he would not miss. He took some brutal hits, but avoided most. His miasma whipped viciously around him, constricting Anti but not quite being able to kill him. The ringing was almost unbearable at this point. He knuckles were cracked and bloody, but, for the most part, the rest of him was not. He stayed clean and orderly, even when breaking bones and ripping skin.

Anti was chaotic and unplanned, striking whenever and wherever. He pulled viciously at his own hair when he missed, and laughed maniacally when he didn’t. He was bloodthirsty, that much was clear. He made a show of licking the blood off his hands after tearing his nails into Dark’s arm. He stayed wound up to the max, even while he was punched and kicked.

There was no real winner.

The battle ended when it was clear they were both too exhausted to fight anymore. They panted and glared and snarled. Dark’s shell was teetering on the verge of shattering and Anti was glitching to the point where he could barely be seen. They were angry, but unable to express it. They were forced into silence by their own limited energy.

They both lost something that day.


The next day was hectic.

Bim wiped the memories of the kids and he and the Googles began deliering them to their houses, always taking precautions making sure to not be caught. The only child who did not receive this treatment was Calum. He was sent to his brother’s house, after Amy explained that he could not tell a soul about what happened. The Googles made sure to track him at his brother’s house to keep an eye on him, but they sent him on his way.

Dr. Iplier spent weeks patching everyone up. He ran himself into the ground and Amy was sure he would die from the excessive caffeine intake. But, at the end of the month, all of the Egos were as good as new, even if Dark was still angry and bitter.

Jack was sent back home after the situation was explained to him. Mark laughed when the first thing he worried about was the lack of videos, but he assured him the fans would understand if he said he had been sick and unable to upload. Amy got a notification that day of Jack’s tweet stating that he had been sick. It was apologetic, sweet, and made her smile softly.

Mark was finally returned back to his home without a problem. He became more paranoid and even skipped the next year at Pax, but eventually went back to being his old self once things got settled. He still locked the door every night without fail though, and made sure to check the house before he went to bed.

One night, as Amy laid awake in bed, she thought of Anti.

She knew he was still out there, probably more angry than ever. She was sure he would be back, but not anytime soon. He had been damaged the day of the Rescue, as Amy had taken to calling it. It worried her, not knowing when he would be back.

But, as Mark rolled over in his sleep and wrapped an arm around her torso, nuzzling his face into the back of her neck, she couldn’t bring herself to care.

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