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Why do u always do that thing where u put ur leg up on the counter in 80% of ur selfie sets

Omfg, okay well first i did in like one or two to show off the shoes cause they where imortant / cool to the cosplay. And than i just decided to keep doing. And damn you arent wrong its like 80% maybe more i do that pose lol. Actually its so funny cause some of my friends call it my ‘signature’ pose and ive had a few people/friends submit me photos of them saying and are doing “my pose”

side note: its fun to do.

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um ok if this could be answered asap that would be really great!! so theres a con coming up - but its mostly based around... well, comics. (pretty obv what it is.) would it be alright if i cosplayed something NOT a comic?? im kind of anime trash (cosplaying nanami chiaki from sdr2!), and im paranoid that someone will yell / harass me and im nervous!!

Yeah dude holy shit it is A okay and if anyone tries to harass you fuckin walk away theyre trash for bein assholes

I’m such a terrible procrastinator. I have so much left to do to get ready for Dragon Con. And I know its like 50 days away but… I know myself and I’ll put it off and be stressed last minute. And yet I’m still doing it. I blame Dragon Age. Also I blow through glue. It is ridiculous how often I am buying glue. Whyyy? Okay… I’m rambling. Because… Well I dunno. Hell.

Sidenote.. I know I don’t need them for any future Cosplays… But I really want some wolf-y contacts. Because I can wear contacts now. So why not abuse it? I need all the colors and styles. Bc I’m an addict to changing my appearance. I think that’s why I like cosplay.

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❂ hey clare, miss me? Stucky, cuz my Bucky cosplay made me do it also: ☺ you know my face. luv ya

lol I predicted it would happen. are you getting into character?

I fancast you as: i really want to say Charlie, after a long while of thinking it through. though you really fit well into whatever character youre cosplaying.

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COMMENT: its been a while since i took a look at your theme, looking good! still love your url and icon :3

Okay so basically I have a lump on my foot. I’ve had x rays, cat scans, and mris and the doctors dont quite know what it is. So its being removed via scalpel, so yea thats what’s going on in my world tomorow ;-;. Pray for me or whatever you believe becuase im scared as hell and yea. Its tomorow and ill probobly be to out of it to blog much of anything.Get well sopns and nice messages are also greatly encouraged (im not trying to sound like an attention whore).But on the bright side, soon ill be revealing my latest cosplay for the dover comic con :)))). Ill reveal it when its done…

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okay I just wanted to say I really like your ruby rose cosplay its v well done, I was kind of a bit disheartened because I hadn't seen any other chubby people (really sorry if that offends you) doing crossplay, but you did it so well that I'm genuinely impressed and am motivated again ^^ thanks

Not a problem. I appreciate the compliment. And I’m not offended with your words. I know you don’t mean any harm. It’s a very small percentage seeing guys doing females, yet alone heavier set guys crossplaying. I wanted to touch a barrier that not too many often see. Plus, I don’t want to miss the fun doing it too!