There’s some loud discussion in the wood section and I find three girls and a very confused dad. One is handling a dowel rod, saying that its too thin in her hands and there’s no bigger ones. So I offer my services.

“What are you making?”

“A spear,” says one sheepishly. 

“Well, we have some leather that would give you a firmer grip without getting a bigger piece.”

“How about I… show you what we’re making.”

So she brings up a diagram on her phone. And I make a face. 

I pause. 

“Okay. Which one of you is cosplaying Pearl?”

Pearl cosplayer jumps up. 

“Come this way.” I take her to the leather, which we have in a light turquoise. They’re all excited and curious. “And Amethyst?” Amethyst cosplayer perks up. “Ga-” Garnet cosplayer is immediately in front of me. “Follow me to the stick-on jewels.” 

So while they’re all excited and curious, I tell them that I’m working on a Rose cosplay and they all pop up and give me a group hug. They started calling me Rose for the whole time while I was leading them around to the magical world of hot glue and poster board.

And that’s how I got hugged by three complete strangers.

Nerds in the wild. 


When I was growing up, I really loved Luke and looked to him as an aspirational character.  Like I definitely wanted to Steal That Look in RotJ.  Loved how he grew and became (in my tiny eyes) a stone cold badass. 

So I’m kind of nerdy and thrilled that now I’m seeing so much Luke love around, and headcanons, and I’m really excited for him in the new movies.  Those weary old eyes really stabbed me heart.  AND SO

Realized I just drew my usual Sad Boys so I threw in a dweeby poncho shot


1 year later and i still love cosplaying this nerd



Hello everyone! So I’ve been waiting to do this for a really long time, and now its finally happening!

Okay, so rules are simple:

You must be following me (I will check)

Only reblogs count(You can like to save)

 (I’ll be picking the winner through a random generator)

This will end on May 16th, I’ll pick the winner that day and contact them that day as well.

Giveaway includes:

  • Kirito Plushie
  • The first of the Sword Art Online light novels
  • Asuna’s sword key chain
  • Yui’s heart necklace
  • Swords cosplay necklace

So good luck guys! 



Crystal Gems (minus Garnet because I lack wigs) + Lapis in various outfits

I’ve started doing shit like this, the hiatus needs to end already


Dear Levi-heichou,

I hope your trip into Stohess is going well, despite the circumstances. I know the people there tend to irritate you, but try not to let it stress you out too much. I tried the tea Hanji-san gave us, and it’s fantastic. I’m only a little sad that we couldn’t drink it together. Say hello to Erwin-danchou for me. I hope whatever he intends to accomplish there succeeds, as I trust it will benefit the Survey Corps, and all of humanity. 

Until our next tea time, travel safely!

-Petra Ral


A most wonderful Hanji cosplayer ( nipple-tits ) gave me and my heichou ( didyoumotherfuckingmissme ) some incredibly delicious Canadian black loose leaf tea at Katsucon, which we split so we each could take some home. Since I live so far away from you all I wanted to do a gifset so it could be like we were drinking the tea together~ <3 uvu I miss you all already!



Another year.. Another fun weekend at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

I will be there from Thursday-Sunday. Ill be cosplaying and also wearing my two fursuits seen above. Both are Named “Slushie” :D.

Please! Feel free to come up to me <3. I adore all of you and your amazing Cosplays! I would love to have pictures with you guys. I promise I wont bite ;u;. I love meeting everyone!

I will try to avoid approaching anyone on my own unless you signal that its okay, I know some people are afraid of costumes like this. Which I can understand! Im terrified of Dolls so those animegao kigurumi things kinda scare the skittles out of me.

So you know!

I squeak! I have squeakers in my hands and the grey suit has squeakers in its tail as well :). Please have fun squeaking it! Your laughs and smiles make me happy!

I can also say phrases such as “I love you!” or “oooo Thats cool!” in a squeaking tone. I can say other phrases too but.. YEAH. HOOZAH FOR SQUEAKERS!

I will post more later with my cosplays too :). As far as I know Ill be cosplaying Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke. Nagisa and Rave version makoto from Free! and MAYBE Levi from attack on titan.

Thanks guys!

Please tell me if you will be going to the con! I really REALLY want to meet lots of folks! Youre all so great!

I’m Gonna Show You Crazy

|| Closed rp with worth-ahundredsoldiers ||

Levi had put the finishing touches on his makeup and looked up at himself in the mirror, grinning and tugging slightly on his jacket. He had picked up his convention badge yesterday morning when he had arrived in San Diego. San Diego Comic Con was supposed to be huge this year. Well, it was huge every year but this year Levi had been an invited guest to cosplay at this convention, something he’d always wanted to have happen.

He headed the convention center, getting stopped occasionally for pictures and selfies, which he didn’t mind at all. Many people recognized him and complimented him on his cosplay. So far, the day was turning out great.


Okay, so.

Hm, I kind of finished my kid!Trip cosplay >< I realized I forgot to put the numbers on the collars, but I’ll fix that before the con. The wig isn’t styled either, but I don’t have the material for, so it’ll have to do for the con… 

Ah, I’m still not good at taking pics, excuse the crappy background too. I hope to take better pictures at Japan Expo, where I’ll normally be in cosplay during the four days.

My thought process right about now
  • Logical brain:You're going to the Disneyland Halloween party with a group. They already have a theme. You can definitely find a costume to work with the theme.
  • Dork brain:Cosplay as Locus! Take Locus at Disneyland pictures! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO
  • Logical brain:...okay she's got a point.
  • Me:Well, fuck.

Come on Bunny, how can I ruin Easter the day after Easter? 

Ohohoh, don’t you give me that look. I didn’t do anything this year. I was a perfect Saint.

Well… maybe not a perfect Saint…

Chill out Kangaroo! Same time next year?