@cardamoms replied to your post “y’……………all…i cannot belieb….how fucked up i am about gay hockey……………”

this is the most relatable post on this entire hell site

the amount of times where i have to take. a. minute. to recover from thinking about jack and bitty’s phenomenal and pure love™ is literally obscene. i have fallen down the rabbit hole how did i get here what have any of us done to deserve such beautiful content.


haehyukry family  ಥ‿ಥ

okay but imagine well-known established producer and artist liam that has a huge fanbase and has gotten countless awards and praise also works with other artists, as well as producing his own albums and he tours and all that good shit so eventually he gets a short break and it’s around his birthday time so niall and harry, his best friends, take him out to party and niall tells liam about some show that he wants to go to because apparently the singer is very impressionable and that his music style would interest liam who’s like ‘okay whatever’ because he’s feeling blissful so him and niall go to the show two nights later and this is where zayn comes into the picture, zayn is this up and coming artist who’s still very lowkey and has only made a few appearances on some well-known artists’ records, he’s doing a show in LA where niall takes liam because he thinks liam would like this guy, they get bombarded at the venue tho bc obviously people recognise liam and niall (who’s a professional athlete and designer) the manager of the venue is like ‘you have got to take the vip section’ which they accept because otherwise they’d be run over by the small hoard of fans, the show starts almost an hour later and holy shit liam is already entranced by zayn, not only is his voice and music fucking brilliant but he’s got the looks that could kill, liam meets w zayn after the show and zayn is honest to god surprised bc Liam BLOODY Payne is at his show asking zayn to work w him, so liam and zayn become v close after half a year passes by, stirring up rumours about them possibly dating after zayn was caught leaving/arriving at liam’s apartments in LA, NYC, London, etc., they eventually go public about their relationship but after a year passes by n the two split up because zayn’s career is on the rise and it’s just not the right time for a relationship so they split up with the world crying about the couple’s breakup (trended on twitter), anyways 3 years pass by with liam trying to date other ppl and writing heart-aching songs about lost love and zayn writing obv love songs about liam, but liam is absolutely in shock when he finds out zayn is engaged to some woman he’s never heard of and he eventually deals with it by continuing to a write record-breaking album which awards him with grammys, etc., more than half a year passes after the engagement was announced, zayn dropped news about the engagement breaking, liam calls zayn to let him know that he’s still here for zayn and he’ll support him through anything when zayn tells liam that he couldn’t get married to anyone else because he couldn’t get over liam, they get back together with everyone questioning whether they were just collaborating on an album (which they were) or if they were dating again, liam posting pics of zayn on his insta, zayn videotaping liam dancing for his sc story, and liam commenting with cute emojis on zayn’s selfies calling him ‘baby boy’ and ‘love’, relationship is officially confirmed 7 months after with zayn and liam exiting a restaurant in London, who zayn’s friend louis owns, (paps got tipped off about their dinner), zayn and liam are wearing matching cartier too which causes twitter to break with #cartierziam then a week later their collab album drops secretly on soundcloud under the name The Quiet Ones

Another one of me AGAIN.
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///sweats nervously don’t look at me ofc i didn’t. re-read hotblood! twenty times tonight. before drawing this. that is an absurd accusation .. .


160829 Myeongdong Tourist Police Station -  I asked Hae “ls ur hand okay?” he said 네 이제 괜찮습니다ㅎㅎ / yeah it’s alright ~ Hae looks like he lost weight >< Hae told me “Don’t forget to eat lunch after this ^^” but it’s you who should eat more ㅠㅜ When Hae gave me tour pamphlet, my friend asked what’s this? then hae showed us one page and said “umm.. this is.. subway line map…” lolol

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the chacha slide is the best song ever because

  1. it is fun at the expense of nobody
  2. no objectification of women
  3. it tells u how to dance to it so if ur bad at dancing its okay
  4. ?????
  5. everybody clap ur hands

i stayed up reading most of the memorandum opinion on the lawsuit against the army corps of engineers/dapl 

and its like  “well technically the pipeline doesnt go through reservation land and technically all the burial and other sacred sites are far enough away from the crude oil”

like lmao okay judge boasberg

can someone go pour oil near enough but “not technically on” his dead mother’s grave 

same thing right