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ALRIGHT YOU ASKED FOR PRICEFIELD I GIVE YOU PRICEFIELD •Younger, teenage Chloe and Max going to the beach and Max kinda sorta staring at her butt •Chloe and Max having a sleepover when they were younger and tHeY cOmE oUt ThAt ThEyRe HeLlA gAy oR bI oR pAn oR wHatEvs •midnight. car ride. conversations. •attempting to make cookies but it's anything but •CHLOE FINDS KITTENS AND SHES ALL LIKE "MAX MAX MAX" AND SHES SO EXCITED

okay i started working on the young version of max and chloe kinda coming out last night and it’s gunna be in the next chapter of my pricefield fic, should be up later today or by latest tomorrow :)