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ANGST HALLOWEEN PLOT: Jughead Jones died on October 31st, 2017. Leaving his girlfriend Betty Cooper shattered. But every Halloween on the anniversary of his death he returns to see her. Betty knows eventually she must move on, but she simply can't. Jughead Jones was her soulmate. The love of her life, and as long as he keeps visiting her, she'll just have to wait to be with him in the afterlife.

Thanks for the prompt, love! As it suggests there’s some major character death in this one, but also ghosts - and bittersweetness, I couldn’t leave you without a resolved ending. 

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On that night, when the veil is at its thinnest, he finds his way home.


She sees it in the way the neon light from Pop’s reflects in the puddle at her feet, turning it a vibrant shade of red. It ripples on the autumn winds, sending out concentric circles towards her toes.


“Juggie, please! Please, don’t go out there,” Betty whispered frantically, eyes wide and shining in the white lights the emergency generator had turned on when it kicked into action. The desperation she felt in that moment, willing him to stay still beside her, crouched under the table of their booth at Pop’s, was so strong she could feel it manifesting in her throat, a lump lodging itself in her airways and cutting off her oxygen supply. 

The apples of his cheeks were burning beneath her clammy palms, flush with exertion and anger. She grasped at his face, a little too hard she thought, her nails leaving white trails in his skin that disappear as fast as she could make them.

“It’s gonna be alright, Betts. I’ll be right back, okay? Right back,” he soothed, smoothing her hair back, sweaty fly-aways getting tangled between his barely trembling fingers.

“No. No, no,” she whimpered, eyes sliding shut as the tears falling down her cheeks decided his fate before it had even played out. Jughead pressed a linger kiss to her forehead, cupping the back of her neck delicately to hold her against his lips.

“I’ll be back. Stay here, don’t move – I love you.” With that he was gone.

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Mark are you okay

I mean with the way he stood at the beginning

And the filming format

And the subtle red and blue tones in the van montage

Mark you’re okay right





For anyone struggling right now because they haven’t met Taylor: I know this is hard, I really understand. I went into a major depression a couple of days ago because of it. THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER BEEN NOTICED BY TAY. I don’t say that to complain or whine, but to tell you I understand how you feel. It is okay to feel sad and disappointed right now. It’s also totally okay to feel happy and excited for others. It’s okay to feel a mix of the two. 

Like so many others I am here for you if you need someone to confide in or a hand to hold.

I am also here to celebrate all the magic that is happening this era.

All my love, Hallie

  • Darwin: Okay, Rob is right over there.
  • Gumball: Tobias, hand me a flashbang.
  • Tobias: Ohhh right, um... about that.
  • [Cut to Rob walking away.]
  • Darwin: (voice only) Hurry up, he's getting away!
  • Tobias: I don't have any.
  • Gumball: I told you to grab them!
  • Tobias: Yeah, I wasn't really listening.
  • Gumball: What?!
  • Carmen: World's. Worst. Manager.
  • Gumball: Let's not argue semantics, Carmen!
  • Tobias: That's not what that word means.
  • Darwin: Does anybody have a fucking grenade?!
  • Leslie: I gave mine to Joe.
  • Darwin: You what?!
  • [Joe tosses a frag grenade right in front of himself]
  • Banana Joe: Fire in the hole.
  • [The grenade explodes, causing static to emerge from the soldiers' helmet cams]
  • All: (yelling indistinctly)

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the mcrimmon family and ainsley or sianin being frightened by a movie?


A shrieking sob interrupted Rose as she rinsed Sianin’s hair of shampoo. With her heart hammering in her throat, she grabbed Sianin out of the tub and wrapped her absently in a towel as she sprinted to the noise.

James came running from the kitchen and they both continued into the living room. Ainsley was sitting on the couch in a ball with her face buried in her knees as her hands covered her ears.

“Oh, shit,” James whispered, his face going pale. He picked up the television remote and abruptly turned off the TV, but not before Rose saw that The Shining had been playing. “Ainsley, darling, it’s okay. It’s all right. You’re okay. Come here. Daddy’s here. Daddy’s got you. You’re okay.”

Ainsley wailed but allowed James to pull her into his arms. She buried her face into his neck and Rose’s heart broke when she saw how much her daughter was shaking.

“I’m sorry,” James whispered, slowly rotating his torso back and forth to rock their almost-four-year-old. “I’m so sorry. Daddy should have queued up the film before getting the ice cream.”

Rose suddenly realized what had happened. Ainsley must have taken it upon herself to figure out how to get into Netflix, but had either chosen the wrong film, or turned the television to a channel that was playing the horror film.

A surge of anger burst through Rose, even though she knew it wasn’t James’s fault. But seeing how distressed Ainsley was made Rose want to be angry with someone, and James was the most available target.

But she knew he probably already hated himself for it.

“Everything’s okay, Ainsley,” he murmured, and Rose was pleased that Ainsley was just sniffling instead of sobbing. “I promise, everything’s okay. You’re fine, darling. That movie was really, really scary, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Ainsley whimpered. “I don’t like movies anymore!”

“Shh,” James soothed. “You just don’t like that particular movie. And that’s okay. Daddy doesn’t like it, either. It’s far too scary. But Disney! Disney’s great, eh? Nothing scary there! Just loads of brave and pretty princesses. But you know what?” James peppered kisses across Ainsley’s face when she peeked up at him. “None of them are as brave or as pretty as my Princess Ainsley.”

Rose breathed a sigh of relief (and saw James echo it) when Ainsley beamed at him.

“How about you come lay with me and Mummy in our bed?” James asked, giving Ainsley a tight squeeze. “We’ll watch movies all night, and we’ll eat ice cream, and have a great big cuddle.”

“Okay,” Ainsley said, resting her head against his shoulder. Her gaze wandered to Rose, and she asked, “Mummy, will you watch movies?”

“Absolutely,” she answered. She knew Ainsley would probably ask to sleep with them that night. Truthfully, she wanted to keep Ainsley with her that night just in case The Shining cropped up in her daughter’s dreams. 

But then she became aware of the cooing baby in her arms, who was still wet, naked, and slightly soapy.

“Mummy will come watch movies as soon as I finish giving Sianin a bath and putting her to bed,” Rose amended. “Why don’t you help Daddy get the ice cream, and I’ll meet you in bed soon.”

Ainsley’s mood brightened somewhat, but Rose didn’t miss the way she tightened her arms and legs around James when he went to set her on her feet.

Rose stepped up and pressed a lingering kiss to Ainsley’s hair.

“I love you so much, Ainsley,” she whispered. “I’m so sorry you got scared.”

Rose watched her husband and daughter disappear into the kitchen before she returned to the bathroom.

As she refilled the baby’s tub with warm water, she made a mental note to discuss with James about getting parental control locks on the kid-unfriendly television channels.

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Sorina’s first date headcanons

@sorinaweek‘s rule said it’s okay to submit headcanons, right? So here I am with my first headcanon for their first date!

  • After a year of a somewhat casual relationship in which none of them admit their feelings for one another, Soma finally asked Erina out on an actual date.
  • Erina was NOT having the best time picking out her outfit because Alice kept pushing dresses after dresses to try on.
  • “The right dress will decide whether you will get lucky or not, Erina! Let me handle this.”
  • They finally settled on an off-shoulder navy blue dress paired with $50,000 amethyst necklace.
  • But Soma being himself meant he picked her up on foot.
  • “Huh? Didn’t I tell you we’re only going to the nearby movie theatre?”
  • Her heels were killing her.
  • He let her pick the penguin movie, though.
  • Erina tried getting his attention by lowkey leaning herself on him through the movie.
  • But of course, he was too hooked on the screen, cackling wildly when Erina just sulked.
  • Soma finally put his hand around Erina when they rolled out of the theater, but to her, it was nothing but a casual gesture.
  • They took the Uber to Erina’s chosen restaurant since he didn’t dress that half-assed.
  • Little did she know, he actually couldn’t stop staring at her during the cab ride.
  • But it stopped when his taste bud is distracted by the filet mignon.
  • When Soma dropped Erina off at her place, she flipped out at him for not paying enough attention to her.
  • That was when he felt bad.
  • I mean cmon, Soma. How luckier could you get. It was Nakiri Freaking Erina.
  • And that was when he confessed.
  • He hugged her speechless self, which turned into a kiss… or two… or three.
  • Soma ended up spending the night at her place.
  • He really couldn’t stop staring at her in the morning, looking all disheveled in his arms that it made Erina wonder.
  • “Nah, it’s just– do you always look this cute in the morning?”
  • She blushed and smacked him in the head.
  • “If you don’t do better the next date, I’m dumping you.”
  • He knew she wouldn’t.

Okay hear me out right so Lorca said ash fights like a Klingon right and ash said he picked it up from watching them so what if after a few weeks of capture he actually starts practicing the moves he saw when it’s time to choose there pain because when we saw Michael fight a Klingon he faught in a really weird way and what if ash new that if he was to eventually break out when he found the right man that he would need to know how to fight the gaurds because they would fight in an unexpected way and I mean in that situation for 7 months I doubt he could think of anything else like that is soo cool if you think about like he used the time the Klingons used to crush their hope and changed it into a tool to help him escape and that’s another reason why Ash Tyler is my fave. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

Today I saw a lost cat poster in our neighborhood and I went OH NO! And David’s response was, “I hoped you wouldn’t notice that poster.” I went up and memorized the cat. Just in case I see them. Because there is a LOST CAT. And now I am thinking of all the lost cats and Imma go eat this whole bag of candy corn and sob on the clean laundry.

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i don’t shop fack or condone it in anyway but i feel as if fack shippers believe it because jack kinda seems like he has a thing for finn,,, im trying to be as unbiased as possible but i can kinda see where fack shippers would get the idea? again, i don’t think fack is okay or right to ship im just sayin that it seems like jack has a bit of a crush on finn. i obviously don’t want to make jack & finn uncomfortable by pointing it out but im just putting it out there. sorry for this sjdjdj

shipping real people is still wrong no matter what tho

Hey Witchblr, let’s take a minute to ground ourselves

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

If you can, create a relaxing environment for yourself. Light a candle, shift position, stretch, get in some pajamas, set yourself up to relax.

Feel your energy pool with each exhale. Let it graze the surface of your skin. Let it accumulate.

Feel the ground beneath you. Where are you? Are you sitting with your legs crossed on a grassy hill? Are you stretched out in an armchair? Are you lying in bed? Are you on a train or in a car?

Wherever you are, beneath the floor is soil. There are roots clinging to the earth, there are plants finding peace and solace beneath the ground. Picture a plant you love sprouting in the very place you sit. Is it a flower? An herb? A tree?

Take another deep breath, keep going, feel the air in your lungs.

You are surrounded by the atmosphere. A whole bunch of gases are protecting you from anything spooky that might be out in space. You are safe here. You are safe.

Remember that wherever you are, you are on the Earth. You are a part of the world. Life thrives above, beneath, and all around you. You are alive.

You are here, wherever you are. You are not in any imminent danger. Maybe you’re not okay right now, maybe you don’t feel relaxed and safe, but you are alive. Despite everything, you exist, you are here with everybody else.

Everything will be okay.

Take a few more deep breaths.

Keep going until you feel a bit better. Go get a glass of cold water, if you can. Try to grab a snack if you’re hungry. Take a shower, even. Whatever you need to do to take care of yourself.

I hope you feel at least a little better. Have a lovely day, fellow magical people.

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I'm hoping that it's Finn's hand reaching out (maybe to Rey, maybe to another person). I only watched it on my phone so I might of missed something that meant it was definitely KRs but I'm really hoping it's a big misdirect. It seems so much more in Finn's character to reach out for someone as well. It probably won't be bc they're ignoring Finn but you can hope right?

You know, I freaking can’t believe this just had me Google Kylo Ren in TLJ to have a closer look at his costume. I could think of few things I would want to do less today, but here we are.

Because you do make an interesting observation.

Here is the hand we see held out.

Black leather glove, black smooth sleeve and a non-patterned chest of the black shirt.

Okay, that would be Kylo right?

Or maybe not.

Here’s how Kylo looks just just before the cut to the outstretched hand.

And here is a larger view of his costume from EW

Please not that he has the same striped, layered sleeves as he had in TFA and his “overshirt” is a padded vest, the has vertical stitching across it.

So… even if he takes the vest off, unless he’s changed his clothes completely and now have a completely different shirt on, it can’t be him.

Finn on the other hand.

We unfortunately don’t see a lot of him, but here’s what we have

Now he doesn’t have a glove on his left hand, but while it is hard to tell with all the flash and light but he might have one on his right and we know that some First Order officers wears gloves. Funny how we apart from these very glaring shorts have nothing of Finn in FO uniform where we can see his hands. Even with the old promotional pic of him and Rose they are cut off at the chest.

Of course the code cylinders on Finn’s top vest aren’t in the picture with the hand, nor is the belt. But all Finn would have to do is take off the belt and vest - like maybe after a battle where it got torn and he don’t need it anymore anyway - and he would look exactly like the figure with the hand.

Considering all the falling, burning debris and everything, the shot with the hand and the shot with Kylo almost certainly comes from the same scene. But both of them also seems to belong in the “burning battle shots sequence” that we see Finn in. (That falling, burning debris again.)

So you know, I think you might be on to something. That the person with the hand could very well be Finn. 

Whoever it is, it sure as hell isn’t Kylo.

(Context: Our rogue’s player was AWOL without notice, so I scrambled to come up with a last-minute one-shot adventure. The idea was for the PCs to investigate a cemetery in the town that has become their unofficial base of operations due to repeated reports of figures and headstones moving around with no evidence of who or how. They encounter animated statues trying to get them out of the cemetery and engage in a short fight.)

Bard: I cast Disguise on myself. 

DM: I, uh. To look like what?

Bard: To look like a statue!

DM: *reading off the description of Disguise* I don’t think this lets you just look like a statue…

Bard: Okay…then I just try to look like someone in a bad statue costume.

DM: …okay. Time for will saves then, right? *rolls and saves* Okay, the statues are convinced you’re another statue.

Bard: Yay!

Lost in the Dark

Summary: Fairytales and fables exist for a reason. James knows too well; he’s the main character of one. 

Pairing: demon!Bucky Barnes x princess!Reader

Warnings: language, suspense [it’s not that scary tbh]

Word Count: 2.4k

A/N: Here is my submission for my hoe’s @rotisserierogers writing challenge. Sorry that it sucks; I am no good when it comes to scary things, so hopefully y’all like it? [prompt is bolded] | masterlist

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