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Have you noticed that Phil hardly ever shares about himself, I mean truly share, like, he tells a lot of childhood stories and his embarrassment stories about his awkwardness and stuff, but it's kinda like a sharing without sharing kind of deal. If you have noticed, what do you think of it?

I’ve noticed but honestly I don’t really think it matters all too much. Phil is the type of guy who’s all around quiet and secretive and I can understand how he wouldn’t be comfortable sharing aspects of his personal life with random people on the internet. He probably wants some things that are just kept to himself and that’s okay. His youtube channel is more aimed towards funny anecdotes and not really aimed at all towards personal life like dan’s is, and i think that is totally okay and i respect that a lot about him

Sakamaki Household: I don't even know
  • Shu:*exists
  • Reiji:this lazyass motherfucking son of a bitch deplorable good for nothing piece of-
  • Ayato:boobs?
  • Laito:boobs.
  • Kanato:okay can you SEriOUSLy nOT
  • Subaru:...
  • Subaru:*punches 666 walls

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I love it when your tags on reblogs are like: #undertale #toriel first very calm and then #OOOOHHH MYYY GOOOOOOODDD #AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH freaking out XD i just lol

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Thank you!! I very much pride myself on my silly little tags :D I like to tag some things normally (as you’ve mentioned) for easy picking if say, someone wanted to find something I’d tagged! I’d also like to think if the artists ever see my reblogs they might really enjoy the tags too :3c

Okay…. I’m ready to tell you guys something awesome!!!

I got… A CAR!!! :D


It looks kind of like this except for older:

I would take a photo of it if it wasn’t really dark outside right now. :)

But yeah, I never drive… ever… but for this school year I gotta start, so there we go! There’s the car! It’s actually here and I’m really happy with it!

I can’t wait to stick my little dancing groot buddy in the front window and hang a GIR air freshner from Hot Topic in it. XD


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A nice long excerpt from The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, my upcoming story based on Peter Pan:

“You can fly,” Pan promised. “You just need to think of a happy thought. Think of any happy thought, any happy memory.”

Peter searched his brains as a librarian searches the shelves.

“One happy memory,” said Pan.

He was trying but the shelves were empty.

“Oh,” he said at last. “There was that time I had to take this really disgusting medicine for a month and the doctors told me that I didn’t have to take it anymore. Does that count?”

There was a pause in which the only sound that could be heard was the wind rushing by.

“Yeah,” Pan said finally, “That counts.”

“So Peter Pan lies, huh?” When he didn’t answer, Peter continued, “It’s okay. I know it doesn’t count. It’s funny; I don’t really have any happy memories. Not proper ones, at least.”

“That’s not funny,” said Pan. “What about a happy thought?”

“Well, there is one,” he said, “Only it keeps slipping away from me.”

He trailed off and realized that Pan was barely gliding at all. Peter’s grip slackened as he stared down at the island. The view was breathtaking.

“It keeps slipping away?” Pan asked. “Well then, we’re going to have to catch it.”

Before Peter knew what was happening, he was flying at lightning speed. He let out a scream and threw his arms back around Pan’s neck. The impish boy merely laughed and flew even faster. Peter’s stomach did ten somersaults at once, a feeling that surprised and pleased him.

Pan dove towards the sea and let the waves wash over them. Peter swallowed a great deal of the water but didn’t complain. The foam tickled his cheeks. They soared into a lagoon whereupon he spotted several mermaids. Peter mimicked their movements, diving in and out of the water. Peter let out a bubble of laughter.

"We’re getting there,” said Pan.

“Getting where?”

Pan answered by soaring towards the sun. Peter’s scream was caught in his throat as he watched the island shrink away into nothingness. And then, it was coming back, larger than ever. He had never felt such a strange, such a terrifying, such a wonderful feeling.

Pan broke out of the dive at the last minute, flying into a meadow. Peter squinted. Tiny balls of light were dancing around the flowers. It was quite beautiful. At least, it would have been, had Pan not been so carelessly crashing into all of them. The flowers were uprooted, the lights scattering. Clouds of pollen and fairy dust rose into the air. Peter reached out and took a handful before letting the breeze carry it away.

The sky was golden now, and filled with dozens of those strange lights. One of them zoomed over.

“Pan, you silly ass*!”

Peter gave a start.

“Tink,” said Pan calmly, “Meet Peter. Peter, Tinker Bell.”

The light circled Pan’s head, a shrill voice emitting from it: “And just why did you destroy our meadow?”

“We’re chasing after Peter’s happy thought,” he said. 

“You’re what?”

And suddenly, everything was upside down. Peter’s stomach and heart crashed into his brain. The ground was the sky. The sky was the ground. And Peter was laughing, harder than he ever had before.

“Ah,” Pan said, “We found it.”

*This is the only example of ‘swearing’ in the entire book. To be fair, it’s what Tink calls Pan in the original book.

i super-cleaned my room so the kittens could stay in here safely and oh goodness. i set up their litterbox and food and everything so they sleep in here at night and during the day when our older cat doesn’t wanna see them. i made a little staircase out of books so they could get on the bottom bunk of my bed easily and they LOVE it it’s so cute… about fifteen minutes ago aslan just walked right on up and onto my bed and then on my chest and he’s currently asleep under my chin….. seph followed him and now she’s sleeping/purring curled into my side and i’m like Wow….. truly, just being around kittens like this is very therapeutic

okay @ the matthews family there’s a differenc between sarcasm/fun and being rude

me @ a friend: you look SO ugly in that really pretty dress u bought last night

the friend: haha I KNOW RIGHT ;)

since when is calling someone a fucking waif/orphan ‘funny’ that REALLY isn’t okay

okay so I was playing Overwatch with @about-7-bees and @prpldragon and we got put in a skirmish at Gibraltar for a bit and there were five Winstons just chilling in the middle of the map

we attacked them at first but they didn’t do anything all they did was throw down barriers and use the peanut butter emote so we said hello and chilled with them for a while before suddenly like some preplanned code one of them spoke and they slaughtered us instantly before all five of them disconnected from the skirmish and one of them even sent us each friend requests

that… sure did happen alright

low key promo and shout out to @desbearer for being super cool and having the best tags 



Okay that was a really FUNNY day at Japan Expo ! xD we were as Miguel and Tulio from the road to eldorado ~ we meet a lot of people and subscribers of our channel *^* that was so cool ! All these lovely people ~

So it was planned, we go for just one day but… We will go another day for sure :“D
( oh ! And we also filmed something for the +10.000 subs of our channel… Just wait for it :"D it’s… Special ~ )