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@shrimpeater69 I like to think that when Dorian rants about something that is bothering him late at night, Cullen is always there to lend him his shoulder…and lips to smooch to make him feel better ;) Hope you like it!



His reaction to “Hey Deaaaan” makes me want to throw myself into the sun. Could he possibly be thinking of a certain similar looking fellow who normally says “Hello Dean”? Yeah don’t mind me - I’ll just be over here in the corner crying.


“Hang on!”

I love this moment so much. I love that Hiccup doesn’t even hesitate to jump. There is no guarantee that he’ll reach Toothless in time. It’s dangerous and reckless, but he still does it anyway. Like he just risked his life to bring Toothless back from the Bewilderbeast’s control, and here he goes again. Because the thought of not rescuing Toothless isn’t even an option. And this is all him. This isn’t his Night Fury making him look cool or saving him or doing half the work. No. Toothless is absolutely helpless here and it’s all on Hiccup to make the save. He’s not the fifteen year old kid playing dragon rider anymore.

One year ago today, @anexcessofeverything and I had decided to go to a Sherlock tea held by the Baker Street Babes so that we could meet more London Sherlockians.  We definitely had no idea that in making this random decision we would end up becoming friends with @cupidford and @hotsmugstache and start off our setlock plans.  Forever grateful for y’all and this emotional adventure it put us all on together.

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robertsdingle  asked:

there are people on twitter that are trying to twist your post about this half-cocked spoiler. they're trying to make out as if you said it's okay for rob to cheat because he 'uses his body and words when he's upset' (which he does). sick of people twisting shit just to suit their own opinion.

eh that’s going to happen. thankfully i avoid the twitter fandom like the plague.

if they take that from my post that’s their prerogative but it’s certainly not what i said. the post is about double standard and not whether or not robert is justified in doing what he does. of course he’s not! i don’t believe robert is right and i don’t believe this gives him free rein to cheat.

robert’s mental health is just as important as aaron’s.