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How Calum reacts when seeing you in his clothes?

ohmygoodness okay so i feel like it would just make him smile that really adorable smile he has where his eyes get all squinty and crinkly around the corners??? like everyone says that he’d be super turned on and stuff (and i mean he would but only like slightly) but I feel like he’d be more proud and just all around happy because liek wow how did he manage to get this perfect girl to decide he was worth sticking around for?  and so he’d come up to you where you were cooking in the kitchen and wrap his very amazing arms around your shoulders and kiss your cheek and the two of you would just kinda stay like that while you finished cooking breakfast or whatever jfc i want this so bad

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Fallout 4 and characters’ sex

I have to talk about the whole sex/sexuality thing in Fallout 4′s character creation. There will probably be both sj vibes and anti-sj vibes here lol, but hopefully you guys know I’m not an asshole about things like this. Just… hear me out completely before judging.

I gotta admit, I’m finding myself really hoping you can switch the genders of both people in the Fallout 4 character creation. 

I’m usually the person saying that not every game needs to have options that are just like you, because storytelling and the personalities of the characters themselves should be what matters most. It’s okay to play as characters that aren’t just like you - video games are ‘pretend’ after all.

I think the reason it ever-so-slightly bothers me in this case, though, is because a game like this doesn’t usually force a sexuality on your character.

In a game where you make your character, and things are so customizable, shouldn’t sexuality be customizable too? Shouldn’t you be able to have both people in that house be men or women if you want them to be?

When it comes to roleplay games, generally you can do and be anyone you want. I feel like, if you are indeed shoehorned into a man-woman relationship, it takes a little bit away from the sense of freedom that I’ve come to expect with RPGs.

So, I would appreciate diverse orientation options, right from the get-go, right from character creation. Your partner and kid will most likely play a role in your character’s journey - even if they are dead, there’s so much that can be said and implied still. So again, that could take away the sense of freedom that creating and customizing your own RPG character is supposed to have.

That said, I do stand by what I have said in the past. No matter what comes of the character options, I fully intend to enjoy the hell out of this game. It is a 50s aesthetic, and let’s be honest, you didn’t see two people of the same gender having a family together in a middle-class house in the 50s. (General ‘you’ since most of us weren’t alive back then lol.)

Plus, regardless of sexual orientation I can still identify with a character by empathizing with their situation. If the story makes me feel emotions, that isn’t going to be hindered by the gender of the characters.

I can understand, either way this goes, honestly. Because, like…

On one hand, only having the hetero option could take away from some people’s immersion and freedom.

On the other hand, disrupting the feel of a traditional family home in the 50s might break the suspension of disbelief for some people.

Either way, I’m sure if there are flirty/romantic text options (etc.) in the main part of the game, they won’t discriminate, just as past Fallout games haven’t. I’m not upset, I’m not concerned. It’s just a preference. If absent, I would shrug and say “okay.” I wouldn’t see it as erasure, I would see it as aiming to have believability in a (very short) part of the game that takes place in a world quite a bit different than the one we know.

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Okay, I see that you are muslim, and so maybe you can give me a firsthand for this. What should I be tagging during ramadan? Bc I have seen a lot of "if you tag it nsfr it's disrespectful" and "please tag these things" sso??

hi friend! i wanna preface my answer to say that i don’t speak for everyone, but  this whole ““controversy”“ is probably one of the most unnecessary things ever bc ppl shouldn’t even be arguing over such petty things during Ramadan (or any other time tbh, but such is the tumblr culture unfortunately). also this answer got rlly long-winded and i’m breaking my rule about having opinions on the internet, but bear with me (:

nudity/porn are the only things, at least to my knowledge, that can break one’s fast if viewed on purpose. it’s fine if it’s seen accidentally, so as long as you’re tagging all nsfw accordingly there shouldn’t be any problem there. as for tagging food/swearing/pda/etc. i think that’s all personal preference- i don’t mind seeing food (bc one i love food posts, and two i’m around it irl anyways), and just viewing any of these things will not break the fast. however, i know for some people they don’t want to see these for personal reasons, and that’s perfectly ok! 

personally, i think nsfr is a good catch-all for things people may not want to see/be seen with on their dashes. i think the best thing is to tag everything as it is, that way people know exactly what is being blocked and can view it if they choose. i also think that the tag was originally made with good intentions and has been used for a couple years already, so i’m not sure why people are getting up in arms about it now. live and let live, it’s not the worst thing in the world that people are trying to be inclusive, especially in a time where good intentions seem to be scarce ;n;

TL;DR  tag everything as you normally would (nsfw, nudity, food for ts, whatever) and use the nsfr tag at the end if you want. it’s not hurting anyone, and in the end it’s up to the individual to choose what to blacklist!

anyways this has gotten long enough, RAMADAN KAREEM AND HAPPY BLOGGING!!


49. Hope (One Word Prompt)

All you could do was hope that he was okay. You knew how dangerous his job was but the battle with Ultron was by far the worst they had fought yet. You were sat in the tower with Pepper, waiting for everyone to come back.

“Don’t worry too much. They’ll be back soon”, she says.

You smile slightly, “I know. I just can’t help but worry.”

“Well, don’t”, says a voice from behind you. you turn around to find Clint standing there.

You run up to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, “You’re okay”.

Pepper chuckles, “I told you, he was going to be fine.”

Clint wraps his arms around your waist, “She’s right, you know. I’m always going to come back to you.” You pull away a little, looking at the face you longed to see for so long. 

“I’m just glad you’re back.”

You’re Bisexual And Scared To Tell Him (Calum/4)

Request: Can you do one where you’re bi and absolutely scared to tell them? and like an ex comes up or a girl hits on you and you freak out :)

I changed the request slightly for this one (and Luke’s) if that’s okay :)


“I know you’re nervous about meeting my parents today Cal, but you’ll do absolutely fine.” You assure

“I just don’t want to fuck it up. I love you and I want them to see that, but you know what I’m like. I’ll probably say something stupid and mess it up. I always do” He shrugs

“You never do! Okay, so sometimes you lack awareness, but you normally save yourself pretty quickly. Just don’t panic, okay?” You say, hugging him.

“Thanks.” He mumbles

“Right well, are you ready?” You ask him

He takes a deep breath, “Yeah. Okay. Let’s go.”

You both step out of your car and approach the door to your family home. You don’t have to knock, so you just walk right in. You lead Calum straight into the living room, where you know your dad will be sitting watching the TV.

“Hey Dad!” You smile

He smiles back and stands up to greet you, “Hey, pumpkin, are you okay?”

You nod, “Yeah! Erm, Dad, this is Calum!”

Your dad smiles and goes straight over to him.

“Hi Calum, it’s nice to meet you. We’ve heard so much about you!” He says as they shake hands “Call me Paul, by the way”

“Nice to meet you too Paul” Calum says formally

“Where’s mum?” You ask your dad

“She’s upstairs, sorting the washing out. I’ll go shout on her” Your dad smiles “Excuse me”

He heads towards the bottom of the stairs and calls for your mum, who says she’ll be down in a minute.

“You’re doing fine” You whisper to Calum

“So, err, Calum, I hear you’re into soccer, right?” Your dad asks him

“Yeah, yeah. I love it. I, err, trained in Brazil a few years ago” Calum answers

“Oh you did?” Your dad smiles “That’s incredible. There’s actually a game on TV right now, so I thought we could pop that on, unless (Y/N) has any objections”

“I’ve got no objections to that whatsoever. Put it on!” You encourage, glad that your dad is trying to take an interest in something Calum is interested in, even though your dad doesn’t know anything about soccer.

As the two of them sit down to watch the game, your mum comes bouncing into the room.

“Hi everyone” She beams

“Hi mum” You smile back “Mum, this is Calum. Calum this is my Mum, Irene”

Calum stands up to greet her, but as he does your mum speaks up.

“Oh so it really is a guy this time!” She calls

Your eyes widen and she instantly realises her mistake. The last person you brought home to meet your parents was a girl - your ex-girlfriend. Except Calum doesn’t know this because you always thought he wouldn’t understand bisexuality. You weren’t utterly convinced he believed it was actually a thing.

“E-e-erm, yeah” He stutters, as he hugs your mum.

“Sorry” Your mum mouths over his shoulder.


“Thanks guys, see you next time” Calum calls to your parents as you leave the house

You got into the car, started it up, and drove off.

“Erm, (Y/N)?” Calum questions


“What did your mum mean when she said that I was actually a guy this time?” He asks

You sigh, “I was going to tell you soon, when I was sure it was the right time.”

“Okay. Well what is it?”

“Calum, I’m bisexual” You state

“O-okay” He replies “That’s cool”

“You don’t really think that” you object

“No, I do. I just - I’m in shock. Like you never told me and I never…I never would have guessed-”

“You can’t judge someone’s sexuality by how they act Calum, because you could be wrong” You interrupt

“No, I know. It’s just you’ve never told me anything about your exes - not male or female, and it’s not as if you’ve ever checked a girl out or something” He explains “So, why didn’t you tell me?”

You shrug, “Well, I just thought you were one of those people who didn’t believe in bisexuality”

You see him furrow his eyebrows out of the corner of your eye, “What the fuck are you talking about? Who? What? I don’t get it”

“Get what?” You snap; you really want clarification right now.

“I don’t get how you can not believe in bisexuality. It’s a sexuality, the same as being straight or homosexual is. People who don’t believe it are fucking stupid and could do with a reality check” He tuts

You smile to yourself, “So maybes I got you all wrong, Calum. I’m sorry for misjudging and underestimating you. And I’m sorry for not telling you sooner”

He shrugs, “Aah it doesn’t matter. I know now. Just know that I love you all the same an that nothing could ever change that fact”

“Thanks Calum” You smile

“No problem, princess”


Ashton // Michael // Luke

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Netflix and Cuddles

Josh Dun/Reader

“Hey,” I said as I heard someone on the other end of the phone pick up.
“Hey, Y/N,” I heard my best friend Josh say, he sounded slightly less enthusiastic than usual.
“You okay?” I asked, trying to hold back my own sniffles.
“She broke up with me, Y/N,” he said meekly.
“You gotta be shitting me,” I was surprised. I had called him to tell him about how my boyfriend and I had just broken up. I had done the dumping, but it was still hard. Josh needed me know though, so I had to suck up my tears and be his shoulder to cry on. No need to make it about me. “I’m coming over. Netflix and ice cream,” I commanded.
“You better be bringing the ice cream,” he joked through a sniffle.
“Gotcha,” I said as I hung up the phone.

Twenty minutes later I was letting myself in through Josh’s front door. I made my way to his living room to see two spoons laid out and a bunch of blankets. In the midst of it all, Josh was laid back, scrolling through Netflix titles.
“Did you bring it?” he asked, without looking up.
“Did you expect me not to?” I ask as I go into the kitchen to put the extra tub in the freezer. I walked back into the living room, plopping down right next to Josh. I popped open the lid to the ice cream, handing Josh a spoon and taking my own bite from the tub, “So, what happened?”
“I don’t even know. She was talking about how I wasn’t always completely committed to our relationship. She- she said I had a thing for you,” he took a very large bite of ice cream, wincing as it overwhelmed his mouth.
“Well, do you?” I nervously bit my lip.
“You have a boyfriend,” he evaded the question, continuing to flip through movies.
“No, I don’t,” I whispered.
“What happened to you and-”
“I broke it off,” I didn’t want to so much as hear his name.
“Why?” Josh asked, pulling me into his side.
“It was one of those cases where the guy was a grade a asshole right when it seemed like we were too deep in the relationship.”
“Well I’m glad you were able to get out,” he said, pulling me into a tight side embrace.
“Thanks, and I’m sorry she left you. Anyone would be lucky to have you,” I blushed once I realized what I had told Josh. Josh and I had been friends for what feels like forever. I definitely did not want to ruin that. But at the same time, I meant it. I never meant to fall for him, if fall were to be the appropriate word.
“Seriously? Even you?“ he glanced up at me.
“I mean, well. Yeah,” I bit my lip, glancing up at him. I quickly looked away. There was no way he felt the same.
“Hey. Y/N. He was stupid to treat you that way. You- you’re a princess, and you deserve to be treated as such. Goddammit, you deserve better. Y/N, I love you, and I-”
I cut him off, gently grabbing the sides of his face. “Josh, just shut up and kiss me,” I blushed, pulling him towards me. His lips met mine, desperately moving in time to my own. His hand moved to cradle the back of my head, bringing us even closer. Slowly, and reluctantly, we pulled apart. “Wow,” I whispered. Josh smiled one of his adorable smiles where the corners of his eyes crinkled. “So. Weren’t we supposed to be watching some Netflix?”
“Oh, yeah!” Josh reached for the remote.
“Wait! Two over, I wanna watch that one.”
“A rom com?”
“Please!” I begged, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. Josh sighed before clicking on the movie. “You’re my favorite,” I said curling up and hugging his side tightly.
“Your favorite what?” Josh asked with a slightly raised.
“Everything,” I sighed. He just laughed at me and pressed a kiss to my forehead.
“I love you,” he whispered.
“I know,” I told him, making him scoff, “and I love you too.” Josh leaned down as I leaned up to meet his lips again.

Let’s Go Running (Sam x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Sam Wilson

Word Count: 230

Drabble Friday: Sam Wilson x falcon where they go running and he tries to keep up but reader’s too fast

Sorry it’s late, enjoy <3

You pushed your leg up against a tree to stretch the muscle, then you mirrored the action with your other leg. “If I go to fast just say”, Sam said, “I’ll slow down for you”.

You smirked to yourself, “Okay Sam”. “Let’s go then” Sam shouted as he dashed off. You ran beside him but you slowed down slightly. You wanted to see how fast he was before you overtook him. You could hear footsteps approaching behind you. You turned your head slightly and saw Captain America sprint by.

“On your left!” he called as he past Sam, Sam grumbled and pushed himself harder. You see he was starting to grow tired so you took the opportunity. You were next to him before you said it, “On your left!”.

You sprinted away and you hear Sam shout after you, “C’mon not you too!”. You looked back at him to grin, “Tell me if you want me to slow down”. Sam caught up to you, he was out of breath.

You started to run faster and Sam dropped behind. You carried on running and ignored his protests, you thought he was still following you but as came back to the start, you saw sam slumped against the tree.

You dropped down next to him, “Are you okay?”. Sam looked at you, “I think I need to find a new running partner”

yes taylor did a good thing but she is not god, she has also pissed off a lot of people by doing a lot of bad things so stop saying she should be the president or that she’s perfect okay she is a singer/songwriter not your mom or the second coming just another person like you or me, only slightly better looking

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Hi I wanted to ask if you believe that not wanting to date trans people makes you transphobic? I saw a post that said this and I'm having a hard time understanding why? I mean I guess I kinda understand because as a bisexual it is slightly hurtful when lesbians say that they can't date bi people because they still like dick or whatever, but in the end you really can't help it if you can't stand dating certain people so I'm okay with that as long as they don't actively discriminate against me?

there is a difference between not wanting to date a trans person bc they’re trans and your sexual preference

so if you don’t date them BC they’re trans, that’s transphobia

but if you don’t date a boy who has female genetalia bc you don’t like female genetalia, that’s different

that’s why I’m pan; I don’t give a shit

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reigisa 5 (omg all those prompts where too good to pick one)

oh no this one may be a little sad… okay prepare urself. jk im not good at writing sad things but i tried.

Prompt:  Things you didn’t say at all. 
Pairing: Reigisa

He wrapped his arms snugly across his knees, chin buried so deep into his chest that his breath whispered upwards and ruffled his bangs. The boy dug one of his nails slightly into his calf before releasing, realizing that it was probably really dumb to just sit there.

But what had he expected, really? In reality, there was nothing to be upset about. Graduation had gone seamlessly, albeit the bittersweet tears which stained his cheeks, and Rei had said all these heartfelt words of congratulations but…. it was what he didn’t say.

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But seriously. If i hear one more thing about tayvin being a beard for kaylor...

WHAT. IS GOING ON. LIKE WHAT? SERIOUSLY. STOP THIS NONSENSE! ITS GETTING TO THE POINT OF CRAZY STATUS 1. Josh and Karlie have been dating for 3 or 4 years taylor and karlie only met 2 ish years ago. So tell me how that could be fake!? And 2. Why oh why cant you just be happy for taylor and calvin? WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH THAT! Like some of the stuff i see on here is next level crazy!? why must people be like this? Like okay have your ship but STOP with this whole “none of its real. Its all a facade. ” stuff… and now your hating her because she liked something saying that IT CREEPS HER OUT. OH IM SORRY BUT IF YOU THINK THATS PROBLEMATIC YOUR SLIGHTLY PROBLEMATIC BECAUSE IF I WAS TAYLOR AND KARLIE IT WOULD CREEP ME OUT TOO! WHY WOULD ANYONE ESPECIALLY 2 PEOPLE AS DOWN TO EARTH AND REAL AS KARLIE AND TAYLOR FAKE THEIR LIVES JUST TO BE TOGETHER!? I MEAN REALLY… THATS ABOUT THE MOST ABUSRD THING IVE EVER HEARD. Why cant you see they are just the most amazing friends who have a sister like bond! and that Taylor has found someone WHO CHANGED HER MIND. Which i believe is a powerful thing in itself! I mean everyone is entitled to their opinions but it doesnt mean you have a right to push it in everyones faces?

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For the anon asking about wearing a binder in the water: I've worn mine swimming in a chlorine pool before, no harm done to the binder - just let it air dry like you would when washing it. I have an underworks binder, not sure if that makes a difference for materials? I will say it slightly loosened while in the water, so the binding wasn't as tight, at least for me, but that was okay because I could swim comfortably. Not sure about like beach for salt water though.

3. loss (ashton)

he took it so hard.

getting that call in the middle of the night saying that his closest grandfather had passed; you could almost see his heart break.

it happened during the tour. you two were sleeping soundly in the hotel room you guys had for the night. ashton had his arms protectively around you when his phone started to buzz on the side of the table.

he opened his eyes and rubbed them with the heels of his palms. he leaned over you to the table and picked up his phone. the caller id said that it was his mother, so he was slightly confused.

“hi, mom. is everything okay?” he asked as he sat up to sit on the edge of the bed. “ashton. your grandfather passed,” she said in a sad tone. ashton’s face fell in the dark of the room. his eyes began to burn with tears. “i’m sorry, ash. we all knew how close you two were,” his mother said. “when is the funeral?” he asked. “in a couple months.” “okay. i’m gonna tell the guys and fly home so i can be there,” he said in a monotone voice.

“goodnight, ashton. i love you,” his mother told him. “i love you, too.” he sat his phone back on the table and rubbed his face with his hands. he looked up and felt the tears falling onto his thighs. he sobbed quietly in the dark and you turned to him and rubbed the bottom of his back.

“ashton?” you asked when you heard him sniffle. “um, yeah,” he said, trying to straighten out his hoarse voice. “what’s wrong, baby?” you asked after you turned on the small lamp on the desk. you sat up on your knees behind him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

he turned so his head was in your chest and cried. “shh, it’s okay,” you whispered, smoothing back his hair. “{y/n}, my grandfather passed. i loved him so much,” he cried harder. “ashton, it’s gonna be okay. i promise,” you said quietly, but he just cried harder.

“{y/n}, you don’t have to come to the funeral. i know you don’t like sad things,” he told you as you fixed the tie around his neck. “no, i’m gonna go because i know this means a lot to you.” you smiled warily up at him and he did the same.

when they arrived at the church, ashton grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly. you sat in one of the pews; looking around you didn’t know a lot of his family.

they had the ceremony, saying the usual things and praying. “now, if you would like, you many come up and say a few words,” the pastor said. ashton went up after his mother and took a deep breath at the microphone, “my grandfather was my father figure. he was the one who would take me out and play football with me, taught me how to talk to girls. i’m definitely gonna miss him.”

he got down from the podium and took his spot next to you again. “good job, ash,” you said quietly in his ear. — next you arrived at the cemetery for the burial. ashton helped carry the casket out and you gave him small smiles whenever he’d look at you. he stood back with you when he could and watched as they lowered the casket into the ground. ashton sighed and you wrapped your arm around his waist, “it’s okay, ashton. it’ll all be okay.” — that night, you drove him to a nice restaurant to do something nice for him. you were escorted to a table, ordered drinks and food, then sat in silence. you didn’t say anything because you wanted ashton to talk first. when the food came, you ate while ashton picked at his food. “ashton. i know you’re upset but you have to eat. you haven’t eaten anything tangible in the last month,” you told him. “i’m sorry. i’m just so-upset,” he sighed. “i know, ash. but it’ll only get better,” you grabbed his hand. “and i’ll be with you the whole way through.”

okay so fun fact !!!

when you’re doing a play, it’s really important to say your last lines correctly! because those are the cue lines for the other actors!

so, like, in shakespeare, if your line is supposed to be, for example, “the fixture of her eye has motion in ‘it, as we are mock’d with art,” you COULD, hypothetically, say something else that is ALONG those lines but not exactly worded in that way, because the audience could still get the point


and therefore everyone stands there like an idiot until i figure out, oh, right, now it’s my turn to say the line that’s cued after “art” even though he did not say my cue lineeeeeeeeee

because i have 200 lines to learn and i do not have time to be 100% familiar with everyone else’s as welllllllllllll

so in sum: pls pls pls pls pls if you’re gonna summarize at LEAST get your last few words right, even just the very last one, for the love of god, please

this has been a psa


Was tagged by the damn beautiful zaynpgne​ for this six selfie thing and I ain’t taken a selfie in an age ‘cos I’m ill af rn so I just picked out some oldies…

I tag- whoever wants to do it, like I mean that, (I’m not just being lazy) if you’re a mutual or whatever and you’re feeling yourself, do it and say I tagged you and I’ll like the shit outta your cute selves okay?

So our teacher was showing her wedding dress to us off a picture on the Internet of a model and all the guys start going:
“The model is a bit too skinny but the dress is nice”
“Wow the model is hot but yeah I agree she is too skinny”
I’m just sitting here trying so fucking hard not to get up and start yelling at them like wtf. When a girl is slightly over weight y'all start saying that she could lose a bit of weight but then they see a skinny model and they criticize her too like what the hell. Let women have the body they want and don’t criticize anyone for how they look. For all you know someone may have a disorder so please stop being rude to women about their body and accept everyone for who they are okay.

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Prompto say 5 things you like about your self! (°º°)/

Prompto rubs his chin as he is in thought by the sudden question. “Five things I like about myself?” He forms a curious smile on his face. “Hm, let’s see…” Closing his eyes to think, he crosses his arms across his chest and silence occurs for a few seconds until he slightly jumps in place as he bursts into an idea that had popped into his head.

“I got it! Okay, so first things first, my hair!” He slightly messes around with his hair as he speaks, trying to not ruin its posture. “I like my hair a lot. It’s very fluffy and soft, and it somewhat gives off the feeling of increasing my charm! But sometimes, whenever I try to give it a different style, my hair doesn’t want to cooperate with me, so it’s somewhat frustrating.” Giving off a chuckle, he still seems very proud for the genetics he was born with. Although his hair may not cooperate with him sometimes, he still loves the feeling it gives off to other people around him.

“Aah, speaking of charm, how could I not love the charisma I have?” His voice transcends into a playful tone. “Getting the ladies is the most important thing a man should do, right?” He ends his sentence with an alluring wink.

He then pulls out his phone to see his reflection and checks his appearance. “But what’s the point of having such high charm level if you can’t pass without an alluring face?” Without noticing, he starts to make different facial expressions and take selfies from different angles to check if his appearance satisfied him. It was a natural habit for him to do since he loved photography. He checked the photos that he had taken, swiping back and forth on his phone screen to compare which one looked the best. “Oh, this one I look very cool in!” Only after awhile he became emerged into it did he became aware of what he was doing. “Aah, sorry!” He locks his phone and puts it back in his pocket, trying to laugh it off.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m down to two more, right? Hm…” It looked like he had run out of ideas as he was looking down when another idea had struck him, making his head lift up again.

“Oh, maybe my fashion…?” Questioning himself, he inspects his clothes that he was wearing from the front to the back to make sure he was right. “Yeah, definitely my fashion!” He slightly sighs as he ponders about it. “Man, I’m the only one here who has the right sense for fashion! No wonder the ladies don’t approach you guys!” He starts mumbling to himself, but goes back to his regular tone. “Well, Gladio passes ‘cause he’s the tall guy with huge gains… But I mean, look at this!” He shows off his jacket, his gloves, his belt, you name it. “This is what the ladies like, not some stranger-danger look. Let me know when you guys change your mind about what you wear on a daily basis! I’ll help you.”

“One more thing, huh? Oh!” He pulls out his gun and admires it. “This here is my best friend!” Showing off, he smoothly spins it on his finger. “I like how I’m really good with guns. It makes you look so badass, like those people in the mafia! I’ll show you!“ Trying to make himself look cool, he rolls down and stops in an aiming position targeting in the distance with a serious face, making it all dramatic as though as if he were in a movie scene. He then subsides back to his normal and cheerful face as he stands up very proud for what he had done. “How about that? Wasn’t it cool?! You should try it sometime!”

(Lol, so did my blog suddenly decide to become a roleplaying blog of Prompto? WHELP, I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I mean, I think I still have my roleplay abilities, I used to do it often back in Middle School when I had the time, but I haven’t decided to roleplay on Tumblr yet. I’ve seen other roleplaying blogs on Tumblr of different fandoms, and it seems really cool for myself to do, but I haven’t decided to be involved in it because I know I’ll suck at it (because I can’t draw that superb), haha. Like those cool roleplaying blogs where they use their own art is amazing, and I can’t top that. It’ll all just be text and I feel like there’s not enough variation, you know? Though, I could be those roleplaying blogs where they use those 100x100 icons of official art. I would’ve already made a side blog dedicated to roleplaying, but I don’t know, man. It’s definitely worth a try, but eh… AAAAAHHH, I don’t know anymore. Anywho, I felt I should let you know, so I apologize if this felt out of context. // Also, I sincerely apologize if this isn’t 100% Prompto style or what you had wanted him to be, I still haven’t fully experimented his entire character just yet because I’m still figuring out everything about him. I know we get the idea that he’s the mischievous sunshine playboy who’s completely like a little child, but I haven’t done roleplaying of his certain personality before. Also, it’s hard to explain, but when I roleplay a certain character, I want to be able to fully diverse myself into the character as though as if I am the character itself. I still feel incomplete knowing Prompto just from the demo, so until the day the final game gets released 27 years from now, I don’t think I’ll be able to feel 9,000% satisfied with my roleplaying of Prompto. I used this to help me, so yeah. I apologize if I’m so complicated to understand, haha.)

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Okay so this is really random but I thought it might make you slightly amused. So the last couple days we've had bad storms where I live and there have been tornado warnings and today while I was outside we had super hard winds and yet another tornado warning and my first thought was please god don't let me die in a Bill Paxton movie I would rather die in any other way than a fucking Bill Paxton movie

there is only one god and his name is bill paxton. and do you know what we say to bill paxton? get off my fucking lawn you piece of garbage.

but for real stay in the basement during the warnings if you can! stay safe!!!

This Will Be Easy, Okay?

(Mingyu Imagine)

“Wa..watelon?” Mingyu says, attempting to say ‘Watermelon’.
“No! That’s- hahaha, thats not how you say it. It’s wa-ter-mel-on.” You tell him, still slightly laughing.
You tell him to try again as he sits still looking upset and frustrated. He starts to pronounce the word again, looking very focused
“Water… melon?” “Yes! Good job, finally!” You exclaim, putting up your hand for a high five.
He high fives you back, although he is still looking slightly upset. You’ve been trying to teach him simple english and common phrases throughout these 2 weeks. He’s gotten a hang of it and could make some sentences, but still has trouble pronouncing some of the ‘complicated’ words.
“This is no fair, you don’t know how hard it is!” Mingyu complains, pouting his lips.
“What? It’s so simple, you’ll be very good soon, don’t worry.” You say, trying to soothe him.
“Oh yeah? Let’s teach you some Korean words, you’ll see.. see…” He furrows his eyebrows trying to remember the word in english.
“HOW! You’ll see how hard it is!” He says, starting to look excited, maybe a little mischievous too.

He starts with the simple words he knows in english, like “annyeong” with “Hi”, and many other phrases. It was just like your roles switched, now you were the one being frustrated, and Mingyu would be the one laughing at all your mistakes.
“Chal ji nae shu… Wait what?” You say, trying to read what he wrote. “It’s
‘Chal ji-nae-shŏ-ssŏ-yo’. Come on, it’s so simple haha.” He laughs, mocking you.
“This is too hard! Give me a simple one!” You complained.
He chuckles saying “Okay, just try again, and i’ll give you a new one.”
You groan, but decided to read the sentence again.
“Chal ji nae shŏ… ssŏ… yo!” You finally say it correctly, getting a high five from Mingyu.
“This one will be easy, okay?” Mingyu says, with a comforting smile. You smile back and let him continue with the word.
“Kiseu. Ki-su” he says slowly so you could hear.
“Ki-su. That was easy! What does it mean?” You ask, finally calmed down with that easy word.
As you were trying to think of the meaning of the word, you feel Mingyu kiss you on the cheek.
“wh-what huh?” You stutter, slightly panicking from the small surprise.
“It means kiss.” He says, giving you a big smile as he puts his arm around you.
“That wasn’t fair. And it was very cheesy.” You say, looking up to his eyes. You were still flustered from his small kiss on the cheek, but it was still something you enjoyed.
“It’s okay, because i still got to kiss youUuuuuUu!” He says, singing at the end, very loudly and obnoxiously. The tone was quite bad, making you both laugh. But you suddenly realized something.
“Wait… I never taught you 'Kiss’… How did you know what 'Kiseu’ meant in english?” You ask.
Mingyu becomes flustered and avoids eye contact as he tries to explain.
“I- i uh… I ask Hansol and Jisoo… ha ha.” he mutters awkwardly.

the end
(A/N: This is my fiRST IMAGINE, I apologize if it’s not so good. I wrote this for a friend and decided to post it here because why not. But yeah, it was my first time writing an imagine, plus my grammar is probably like -17, so my bad!!!)